Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013

Better late than never right? I hope that you had a very Happy Easter!! What a wonderful time of year....

I am so sorry to be writing late again. These last two weeks have been the busiest weeks of my life. We have barely slept, but some how I don´t feel tired. And I have never been happier. After the transfers of last week we had one day in the office and we worked the afternoon in our area and then we left at 10:30 at night in the bus for Necochea. We got to  Necochea at 3am, slept on the floor, and then we had a great normal missionary day. I worked with Elder Cano who finishes his mission in May. His companion is Elder Yarger, my old companion, and the missionary I trained, also one of my best friends. We had a good work day. We found a less active family with kids who are not members and then, they had a appointment with some converts. Roberto, Melissa, and Estefina. I could not believe the blessings that they had recieved since I was there. Roberto and Melissa have finished their house. They were reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon together. You could feel the spirit so strong. Melissa was reactivated while I was Necochea and her boyfriend Roberto came to church several times and we had a great relationship.  They are not married so he is still not baptized. But as I write this they are in Necochea getting a marriage date!! They are such a great young family. I love them so much! We got back to Bahia at 9:30 on Friday night and then we had a meeting with President for the leadership conference that we had yesterday.  We spent part of Saturday and Sunday preparing for that conference and also worked in our area. It has been raining a ton last week. It even flooded a few houses on Saturday.The streets literally were rivers. We got up early on Sunday to prepare talks. I was last and I only had three minutes so I just shared a scripture and my testimony. Nestor who received the priesthood was passing out hymn books. Bishop took him to a service protect on Sunday afternoon. Gal, there is nothing better than seeing members form relationships with new members.  It is so so important!!! On Monday we took the stats of the mission,  had a meeting with President, put up tables for the conference, and finished the presentation. Mom, when I read the email on Monday that it was time to register for BYU classes, I couldn't ´t believe it. I tried to do some of it... but my mind wouldn´t let me. Thanks for your help. I trust you!  

The leadership conference yesterday was incredible. President's message was just so awesome! To give a quick summary he talked about  Isiah 40:31 and waiting on God. Then we showed us the painting called "The Raft of Medusa" it is a French painting from the 1800's. Look it up...but it is a really interesting story. But he talked about how each of us are at a stage in the painting. There is a person on top the raft who is waving a flag and calling for help. He encouraged us to be that person no matter what stage of the mission that we are in. .

After the conference we had a true miracle....Elder Bird and I split to work with the Zone Leaders of Tandil because their bus didn't leave till this morning.  So I went with Elder Forbes and we went to the family that I told you about last week...the referals. We were able to teach them. They are AWESOME. The family Barbosa. They accepted everything. They have a baptism date for April 27th. I am so excited for them. Sister Barbosa, the Mom, has cancer, she has very little hair, but is always smiling and is a fighter. Brother Barbosa drives taxis in town close to here. They are literally looking for exactly what the gospel can offer them. They are just golden, golden, golden. I hope that we can do our part and help them all that we can. They said they will be able to come to General Conference and so your prayers so that they can make it to one of the sessions would be great. They live one block from the Bishop, who is helping us a ton right now. After the appointment we were running back to the church. (I had my phone on silent and they called me a ton during the lesson because I had the keys to the car to take other Elders to the terminal...but I knew they would figure it out and take taxis) 

I have realized that one of the great lessons that I needed to learn in my mission is... 


In every area I have been in God has put families who are just ready to accept the Gospel. It is unreal. I was thinking about the scripture that Papa talked about in D&C 112:10 and Proverbs 3:5-6.  There is a great likeness in trusting in God and being humble. 

Dad- Thanks for your great letter. You are Superman. Go get em. I gave Elder Mikesell and Elder Gravelle your email. With the rule change they can email you now. They will be great. Also, is there any other positions open anywhere? Dustin Sonderegger, another Zone Leader from Boise would love to work up at Redfish too.  He also is a BYU-I student. I highly recommend him but I also realize there is a order to all this. I just know the type of employees that you want, and these people fit the mold. I was thinking maybe he would do a great job in the Store?  Sure Love you Dad. Thank you again for you letter. The other day a missionary asked me what is the key to success is. I told him to not compare yourself to other missionaries. I told him that this is not a business, this is the biggest team sport that there is. 

Mom- Thanks so much for your help with the classes. I think I would like to take that first class for the American Studies Major. You won´t believe it but we just got a new Elder here in the office who is in charge of the ecomonics of the mission. His dad is District Judge in Idaho Falls. I have been talking to him and he gave me his infortmation to contact him when I get back. I have been thinking (but not too much :)) about maybe a law degree and I actually like the idea of maybe trying to be a judge down the road. But, hey we will see. Got to have VISION.  I love you so much Mom.....You are truly an angel...100%

Mikesell- How did your meet go? I hope that you are doing well! I love you a ton! When are your finals? Did you see the moon?

Brennen- You can still be a stud even if you can´t walk. Double knee surgery....Wow! THREE MONTH RECOVERY? Will you still be in crutches in July? We got mountains to climb! Keep your mind busy and I loved the service stuff that you are doing. That is great. You are a stud B. Keep it up. I love you. Try to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days, andPreach my Gospel too!!

Alex- Hey All-Star!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday! When are you going to send me a sock with your autograph?  Sounds like you are balling it up and doing well. How are you coming in the Book of Mormon? I sure love you buddy. Keep being a good example. Have a great Birthday...I haven´t been able to get a letter off to you yet, but you will get one, don´t worry.

Harrison- Did you color a lot of eggs? They don´t have Easter eggs here. Will you save me some? :) I love you buddy.

McCall-  Are you excited to listen to the prophet this weekend with General Conference? (Church on TV as Mom says) You look so grown up in all the pictures. I sure love you Cally. Have a great week!

Grandma Clegg - I hope that you have a very special birthday. I love you and am eternally grateful for your legacy. Thank you for being a true queen!

All my love and I hope that you enjoy conference. 

Elder Austin

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