Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hello dear Family!!

It has been a another great week here in the great mission of Bahia Blanca. It has been unusally warm, hot almost we are still waiting for the full sting of winter. It was another week of miracles...small but important.  Next Thursday and Friday, Elder Zabellos from the Seventy comes and so we are  in full preperation mode for that great blessing. I am excited. Also this weekend is transfers. So, surprise, life is busy!! :)  But I am just loving it.

This week we had some up and downs in our area. The people that we were really excited to come didn't  show, but like always Saturday night at the last hour we found a really great family that are from Chile.  They were all converted a little while ago from a Baptist church and now thier nephew is going on a mission.We had the first lesson with them.  It was awesome. It was a good first lesson, and then we went by on Sunday with a The Martinez family. It was a great lesson with members...text book. They got a good relationship formed and that is what is important for the first few weeks. Members are so important. How many times will you hear me say that...!?

Mom, your service stories have inspired me on Friday we got up at 5am in the morning and made pancakes for the Seminary kids and thier teacher. (7 people) Sorry for type errors...the keyboard is a little special again. But we dropped of the pancakes at 5:50 and left a note. We went back to the house and we did not hear anything from them. On Sunday the Dad of one of the seminary kids talked and told the whole story in church.  I was embaressed... it was something so little. Thanks for your great example of service Mom.

The ward is doing well. On Saturday we had a big service project with our new Bishop and that was great. I am ready to be a brick mason now, and am fully trained in whatever type or cement making. All the houses here are brick houses not wood houses. I dont think I have seen a single one.  We had a great dinner with Miguel and Martha and they are doing awesome.  They invited another friend and he is a good solid investigator. Nestor is also doing really well. We had a great FHE with him and some other members.  I am excited for the area, I feel like we are on the verge of explosion. I know that I can do more, we work in the office and then at the same time we are putting huge amounts of effort in trying to leave the office and get out as much as we can.

Dad- Thanks so much for you email. I will tell the Elders. They leave this weekend so I will see them. I am glad that you are doing well with the lake preperations. Tell the Ovesons hello for me. I will try to shoot them off a letter.  I sure love you Dad. Thanks for you great example.

Mom- Sounds like you have had a great week. I am happy for you. Are the cows in the fields already? I will be mailing your birthday letter soon. Hermana Parrrenos Mother is still in the hospital. She is stable but  not doing very well. Oh Mom, don't even think about sending anything for my birthday. All I want is one on one time with each of the family. I might ask for some things to give to President and Hermana Parreño... but I will keep you posted. Thank you for your thougthfulness! I love you Mom. Have a great week!!!

Mikesell - I will never forget the feeling that I had as I drove away from BYU after my Freshman year. It actually was hard because you are saying goodbye to so many people that you love. Very strong memories I have of that time. You will love being home and I am excited for you. You are so strong and can take whatever test that is thrown in you way. Nothing can stop Mikesell Clegg. Have a great week. Remember who you are, and just look over your shoulder.

Brennen. -Last week on crutches huh...? Good news indeed. I bet you are excited!
Now therapy. Have a great week Brennen!! I know that Heavenly Father has big plans for you!!

Alex- Hows it going buddy?  I am sure love you buddy!!  I hope that you have a great week and that track goes well. I have been running more. I was super sore one day because we sprinted a block then jogged a block. It killed my little walking legs.  Have a good week buddy. Love you.

Harrison - How goes the battle soldier?Are you excited for school to end? What are you learning?  How is baseball? I love you buddy!!  Have a  great week!!

McCall - I hope that you are doing well. I sure miss your voice! I love you McCall so much!  Have a great week.... little soccer player!

I really enjoyed my reading in Mormon 9 this week and in Jesus the Christ.

So, yes,  transfers are this week. President called me into his office this morning and told me that he was planning on sending me to the field to finish...but that he wants me to stay in the office til the end. He counciled me to keep working in the office and to leave even more from the office and get to the area, and to go out and visit zones, work as much as possible. That is what I want to do. So I will finish this magic in the office. It will be a 11.5 months in the office. I have learned so much from President and Hermana. I am so incredibly grateful for them. I am also excited to work in the ward. I am glad that they have put up with me so much.  So, life lesson of 11.5 months in the office. Diligence.... I am grateful for your prayers and look forward to a flat out sprint. The next few weeks will be busy and I am not sure if I will be able to write on Monday or not, but I will sure try.

I love our Savior. His love is real and changing... Have a wonderful week and I love each of you deeply. Hasta la próximo 

Elder Austin

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