Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hello there family that I love so much!

Another week in the books....

It has been a great week here in Argentina. Full of surprises!!! Before I get going and forget I am really grateful for the letters from Sister Amy and Mikesell. They were both excellent. I appreciated your letters so much! Thank you!

So on Tuesday, we always have meeting with President. Last Tuesday President got here and talked with Elder Gravelle alone. Elder Gravelle (other assistant) came out and said Elder Clegg, come here, he went into a room and he told me with the biggest smile on his face. "Elder Clegg, I just had the biggest spiritual experience ever. President just taught me a ton about leadership. I am leaving the office to go be a zone leader in Mar Del Plata" I was super exicted for him. He ends in May and I am glad that he will end in the field. He left last night (see picture) with Elder Gonzalez, the Secretary. This morning Elder Bird, from Kaysville, Utah got here as the new assistant. He is stud and I am super excited to "train" him. He graduated with Hayley Clegg and know there whole family well. Carson Bird.  I am super excited for him. I stick with Elder Cruz my current companion. It has been strange... I am now the Elder with the most time in the office. Also this change almost guarantees  that I will be ending in the field. If that is what God wants, I would enjoy it. I am excited to step it up and work with him. He has the same time that I had when I got to the office. 13 months about. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated this week. I feel them every week.

Nestor, came to Church in a new white shirt (Thanks Mom) and just loved it. He also came to the baptismal service in another ward. He is doing good and I am excited for him. The members really enjoyed him. I had a lot of great spiritual experiences in the area this week. We talked with some really great people. I love being able to feel the spirit on the mission.

Tomorrow we receive 5 Sisters and 4 Elders.  We are going to have 4 missionaries in my ward now... 2 elders and 2 sisters.. haha it will be interesting! I don`t know if I will ever eat lunch with the members again! :) We told our Bishop and he said "No, Elders what did we do wrong?" Our Bishop is a really funny guy. I love him. He was just joking and they have never had sister missionaries in the ward, but I know that as soon as they get here they will love them. It will help the ward a ton. I am excited for that. 

Other than that it has been a good week . I have learned a lot this week and I am sure I will learn even more this week. It is fun to have Elder Bird here with new energy. I am excited for him.

Dad- Thanks so much your letter and your advice. I needed that reminder. Thank so much... I am glad that you are doing well. Sounds like you had a great weekend with Grandpa, Uncle Kerry, and Alan. What a great tim!!  I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that you have a great week Dad. I love you and thank you for your testimony.

Mom- I sure love you, a ton. Thank you for your wonderful letter. I hope that you have a great week Mom. I can`t believe that McCall`s letter didn`t get there! I will start sending from another post office. Gal... Thanks for the talk on "desire". I never get tired of studying that. I love you so much Mom. Thank your for your prayers and your thoughtfulness.

Mikesell- I am so glad that you ran well in Texas!! What a neat experience for you. How was your flight? I love you sis! Look in your email!

Brennen- I am glad that you are enjoying tennis!! I love you Brother with all my heart. Keep being strong! Glad you had such a great time with skiing on Monday!

Alex-Hey All Star! How were the slops?? I love you brother!! Have a great day today...Good luck at your game tonight!

Harrison- Hey buddy!! I sure love you!!! I hope that you are doing super well.... how are the kittys?

McCall- Hey sweetie! I am so exited. You have to promise me that you will send me pictures of your baptism with Brennen! I love you McCall..... BIG KISS!

I have to rush a little right now to finish. I love you all!! I love the Savior. I love the gospel, and I love being happy. Have a great week!

Elder Austin

Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hello Clegg Clan,

Sounds like it is a beautiful Presidents Day! I am glad that you are going to get out skiing Dad, Brennen, and Alex. I am sure that will be a great experience. We have great memories in the snow on Presidents Day!
Sounds like the basketball court is cooling off a little bit and that everyone is changing mind set to spring life. The month has gone by really fast!!

McCall, sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Did you get my card?

I am doing great here. It was been a good week. The first part was a little rough. We have decided to move on from the Moran family and Nazerno and Maria. After that we realized that it was time to find again. We found some solid people, but we need to find more. The office is doing well and with the changes of last transfers we have been getting a lot more time in the area. That make me happy. The mission is also doing better. A little bit more constant with baptisms every week and we have seen some real miracles in the mission. I feel so blessed to hear all of their experiences. So things are on the up. This week is was hot and last night it got colder. I used a blanket for the first time in weeks and had to turn off the fan. Nestor is doing really well.... He will be able to come to church this week. Yesterday we taught a lesson with him and two youth in our ward. They just got back feom EFY and they are excited to help us. They are great kids...I quite enjoy them. Jon Franco and Enzo.  Miguel Angel blessed the sacrament for the second week in a row, and Martha got a calling in the Relief Society (Secretary) and Raul will be geting interviewed this week to recieve the priesthood. So that is really neat to see them grow like they are growing. Elder Cruz and I are working hard, and even though we haven't seen very many fruits in the church yet, I am just trying to change what I need to change to be a better instrument in the hands of Heavenly Father. We have a good office right now--- I really enjoy the Elders here.  Next week we get 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. So we have like a mini-transfer. The next set of Elders don´t go home until March 26 and that will be the nest transfer. We are preparing new areas  for sisters. This will be the first group to get here since the announcement was made with younger missionaries. I am excited for this week and hope that I can work at my best.

Dad- I am sure that skiing will be really fun for you with the boys. I am sure that you are going to Pomerelle and that will be a great time. I hope that you enjoy it and also snowmobiling in McCall at the end of the week. That will be a blast. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I am sure the stress of the year is starting to hit a little bit. Show time! I love you Dad, thanks for your example to me....Have a great day.

Mom- Thanks so much for the card. I really appreciated it. I actually got it on Valentines Day, perfectly!  It is really expensive to send letters here as well. When I got here it was 8 pesos, now it is 15. There is crazy inflation here right is just wild. So housing, so Glennwood seems like the place to go. Really I am more concerned about the people than the place. I know Easton and Romney are great and I would love to have them as roommates and I also would really enjoy being close to Mikesell if she is going to live there.So studying it out in my mind and my heart.... I would say it is as a go.   Thanks for taking such good care of me Mom. You are something else. I am glad that you are enjoying going to the temple each week so much. That is such a great idea. I love you Mom. You are truly an angel.

Mikesell-  I am happy for you because you are having to make so many important decisions in your life. I am sure they will help you grow and acomplish that plan that God has for you... What a blessing. I will be praying fervently for you. I know that you will do what is best. These experiences really help Mikesell... I love you so much and am so grateful for you.... Have a wonderful week ok? Big hug....Read your Pat Blessing.

Brennen the man with the best game plan- How is it going? I am sure you will love skiing today. That will be legit...I hope that you can get your surgery date all set up for your knee and go to work.... Keep strong and remember that the hardest thing is usually the best thing to do... I love you buddy, have a great week.... All my love.

Alex- Going to get a new addiction today Alex.. skiing on the slopes. I am sure that you will pick it up with ease, and knowing you, you will want to do a lot more tomorrow.... What has been your favorite part of the BofM so far? I love you  buddy. Have a great week!! Keep on keeping on...

Harrison- Sounds like you are happy and that you are enjoying life. I am sure that you will love Baseball. I am glad Mom signed you up! Did you enjoy your last game....?

McCall - I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I thought about you so much on your birthday!! I love you Call-- are you remembering our handshake?

I love you so much...... Have a great week...

This week I thought a lot about integrity. I read a article in the Ensign by Elder Tad R. Callister and that was excellent. I also taught the class in church about honesty and so it was a loaded week. I though about how I can be more honest with God and with myself. I though about something that President Defleteson taught about how everytime that we don't act on knowledge we have to do something good, that is sin. I want to get to the point in my life to act on all of the knowledge that I have, that is becoming, that really is the message of the Book of Mormon, to remember. Remembering is acting on the knowledge that we have already attained. So this week I will be focusing on that. Acting and doing what I know that I should be doing. I am still focusing on my theme word of the year, Sanctification.

Mosiah 4: 29-30

I love my Savior. This week I tried to think about Him more when I was frustrated with our investigators. I know that the Atonement is real. I want nothing more that to apply  it to my life and let it change me for the better.

Thank you for you examples. may each of your decisons this week bring you closer to the Savior.

All my love to friends, family who are near and afar.

I understand that beginners are many, "end"ers are few...

Now it is my turn to learn to be a good " ender"

Your prayers are appreciated and I feel there power every day.


Elder Austin

P.S.  Have you though of anyone who could listen to the missionaries?

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Failure will never overcome you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.
Og Mandino

Hi All!!!
Thank you for your wonderful emails...I love them so much!
It was a great week here in Bahia Blanca. I learned a great deal this week. It was a wonderful week and I feel very blessed for all of the experiences that have happened.

The conference with Elder Viñas was excellent. It went really smooth and I learned so much from him. He is a very real person and I am so grateful for his example. He simply talks the scriptures and it is amazing. Him and President Parreño are great friends from before the mission and that was neat. Our presentation went really well and it was a great experince. I am super pumped for the mission and we are focusing on real growth a great deal here in the mission.

                                        Elder Clegg, Elder Vinas, President Parreno
The afternoon after the conference we had a great afternoon. We went out to work with all of the energy in the world. We went to a family that we had contacted the day before, they were there for the appointment which was great. They told us that the day that we contacted them they were talking and thinking about how they wanted to find a religon and wanted to get closer to God. Sounds almost unreal, but it happened. We had a great first lesson with them, went by with some great members the next day and we had a set commitment with them to bring them to church with the members. He is a police man and she is a teacher 8th grade and turns out he had to work extra. So they were not able to come to the church.

Moran update- We had the BBQ with the whole family (20) in the mission house. Afterwords we shared a spritual thought with them. They didn´t come to church and the progress is slow, but there is progress. I feel a little frustrated with them...but have been asked to keep going and will do so. They are a great family but they are just having the hardest time getting it in gear. This has never happened to me in  my mission where I have taught someone for so long and seen such little progress.... The gospel always wins and luckily, if I am humble and obedient, I can be on that winning side and see some progress.Yesterday we passed buy with our Bishop to challenge the Dad to baptize his Andrea and Camila, and they were not there. I am learning alot of patience. :)

We found two great others this week. Nestor is 45 and he came to the church to do a tour, but not on Sunday because he had to work, but he will come next week.  Also our Bishops neighbor also came and we have been trying to get him to come since about Christmas. He loved it and read 60  pages of the Book of Mormon in one night. I was really excited for him, but last night when I called to thank Bishop for his help he told me that his neighbor came by and returned the Book of Mormon, because his wife threatened to leave him and got really upset because he went to church.. Today we will go by again and try to put that fire out.

This week to be honest was a week a ton of ups and then everything came crashing down. But I will not and refuse to get discouraged, it only just means that God has some huge plans for our area. I am excited.  (Ether 12:6)

Sounds like everything is going well at home. That is wonderful to hear. Thanks so much for your emails Papa and Grandma Crouch and Grandpa and Grandma Clegg. I am so grateful for you. I love you very much and am so grateful for your lives and legacy. I look forward to reading your emails tonight.

I am sad that my Christmas letter did not get there. I sent it from a different post office and maybe that is why??? Hopefully the birthday letter for McCall will get there alright.

Elder Vinas talked alot about three words that stuck out to me. Observe, Discern, and Feel. He talked about how we have to really understand what the people need to feel to change thier lives, becuase he said that normal people dont feel desire to follow God today. President talked about working with members and being dedicated. We did practices for inviting people to church and also the blessings of the harvest finding approach. It was great and I love learning and teaching with the Elders.

Dad- Thanks so much for that qoute....that will really help me. I am glad that you are enjoying the new program for teaching. I hope that you have a great week. I sure love and respect you.

Mom-  I very much enjoyed your letter... thank you so much. It sounds like you are very busy and loving life. I think that Eastons brother is looking at housing in Glennwood. I am not sure if you have talked with his Mom. I loved what you had to say about your experiences last week with Elder Holland. I am so grateful for you Mom. I love you more than air and feel you prayers.

Mikesell- Hey sis, sounds like you are doing good in P-town!! What a busy time for you!!! I sure hope that all goes well for you and that you have a wonderful week and enjoy all that is going on in your life. I sure miss you and love you. You are the very best.!!

Brennen- Gracias por su carta amigaso. Te quiero mucho. Vas  a jugar Tenis o Track esta año? Que bueno que ganaron sus ultimos partidos. Vamos Tigers. Gracias pro tu ejemplo y amor por Dios y nuestro familia. Mucho Exito este semana. Adelante Hermano.

Alex- Thanks for writing me bro. I am sure proud of you for your dedication to read the Book of Mormon everynight. You and Brennen should share what you are learning. You are the man Alex. I love you and pray for you everyday. Go attack life and JUST WIN!!

Harrison- I sure love you brother! Are you excited? You are always excited? What things are you learning in school and in church? Have you gotten McCall a present yet?
I love you Brother and have a great week!

MCCALL- QUE LO CUMPLA FELIZ. Happy Birthday McCall!!! I sure hope that you have a great day little Valentine!! When will you be baptized? 8 years old!!!!!! I love you McCall and I hope you get my letter before your birthday!!

This week after thinking about how Elder Viñas said about observing and discerning and then helping the people feel I studied in 2 Nephi 4. We can learn so much from the way that Nephi felt. He was humble, repentant, and worried for the salvation of all those around him. I really like verses 34 and 35.
John 14:17

I love you. Christ lives, this is his Gospel. The Book of Mormon is book that will change your life. It is the word of God. The Bible also. I love my life as a missionary. I just feel happy, even when things dont go like I want them to go. I am happy, because this is not my work. And it does not go according to my plans. My biggest desire is to simply be an instrument. I know that God will complete things with his promises.

All my love, best wishes and prayers for you.

Elder Austin

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wonderful Life - Feb. 3, 2013

Hello Family,

Sounds like it was a wonderful, wonderful week. Mom, I was spefically thinking and praying for you and I knew that it would be a very faith building experience for you. Being asked to speak in a meeting like that with Elder Holland there will be a sweet memory for you all of your life. I went to the sacrament room here in the church and said a special prayer for you. I love that place. That was the first time I heard President Def. talk when I got here and I have had so many spiritual experiences there. I love that room...

I am glad to hear that you all had a great active week also....

The week here in the southern sun was also a great week. In the office, good and normal. I have learned so much about adminstration and I have so much  more to learn. It is so crazy how open my eyes have been to the lives of missionaries. I feel more love for them and desire success for them.  I am truly happy when I see other missionaries recieve success. That is the best.

In my area this week it was a excellent week, we had a lot of tests. Like finding the perfect married couple on Monday, and then coming back on Tuesday after a super spiritual lesson. (as we were walking away on Monday Luis said "tomorrow at 7:30 and you better come" which is usually a good sign) but then when we showed up on Tuesday he got called in to go to the port to work and his wife tried giving us back the Book of Mormon. I would not take it and she put it on top of my books. I tried to give it back to her again, and when I saw how hard she was, I testified with a little tone in my voice, and told her we loved her and that God was really sad with what she was doing. She said, "Yeah you are right, but I have already established my life". That was tough. We had a couple experiences like that this week and I know that just means that huge blessings are going to be coming....

I am hopeful for the Moran Family. We are teaching Gustavo (Menos Activo) and his wife Andrea (not a Member) and his two kids Camila and Luataro. Camila came to church alone and is doing well the parents need a little bit of work, but they are a great family. We made them a cake and watched the Resturation with them on Saturday, that went well. Today, we have a lesson with our Elders Qouroum President and his wife, the young womens president. I am excited for that. I hope that it all goes well. Please pray for the Moran family. We have been working with them for so long now, I normally would have dropped a family after working so long with them and seeing so few results, but President and Hermana also have a relationship with them and maybe they just need more time then other families that I have taught. It is a good patience tester, a really, really good one. Martha and Miguel are doing really well. Raul also. I am enjoying Elder Cruz and we are seeing more time in the area, and life is a little easier with only two assistants, a little bit easier to balance the responsibilites. Tomorrow Elder Viñas will arrive here in Bahia Blanca and on Wednesday we have the leadership conference. Elder Yost will be in Bahia. I am super excited, our workshop is all ready and I am exicted to learn from Elder Viñas. This transfer is the one that got extented for three weeks and so it is a nine week transfer.

Dad- Thanks for you email. I really appreicate it and I am glad that you had such a good weekend. Sounds like you are doing well and I am excited for that. What a special experience that this week was. What a blessing. I loved watching Elder Holland at the MTC. I noticed how he rememberd the names of the people who were conducting the music and just little things like that. He really is a great example. Were Papa and Grandma Crouch there? I sure love you Dad. Have a great week and I hope that you can reach all you goals, drink lots of juice, and keep learing what you want to learn. :)  Love you Dad.

Mom-- What an absolutely wonderful week for you. I am just so happy for you. That is so neat...  it just makes me smile. I hope that you will be able to have a excellent week and know how much you are loved by your son in Argentina, and everyone around you, but most importanly Heavenly Father. Have a great week Mom. I love you. Thank you for your journal entry...I love them.

Mikesell- 5: 18 on your mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
WOW! That is awesome, I am going to have to start training right now so that I can keep up with you. That is so great and I am super excited for you. That was a great race and I am glad Dad and the boys could go to Boise to watch you. Thank you for your sweet emails and thank you for sharing what you learned with Elder Holland. That is a great experience. I sure love you Mikesell.

Brennen- Hey stud, I am so glad that you had that experience playing against Burley. Those experiences, even though they are painful, help you grow and get better down the road.You are such great kid Brennen. Thanks for sending me a email every week. I sure love you buddy. I hope that school is going well and that you are learing a lot. How is your young mens Quorum doing? How many boys do you have. Keep strong brother and fighting the good fight.

Alex- How you doing bud? Sounds like you are doing well in your games and really enjoying it. That is awesome. Where are you at in the Book of Mormon? Keep being a champion and doing your very best. I love you buddy.

Hey Harrison- I hope that you are happy that you had a good week  When do you finsh rec ball? I love you Harrison. Did you survive no TV week? Have a great week.

McCall- I will be sending you a birthday letter this week and I hope that it gets to you in time. How was the baptism of Allison? I love you Cally! Have a great week!

Well Family, I sure love you all. I am so grateful for you. I hope that it is a wonderful week for you all.

I love this work. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for him....

Elder Austin

D&C 84:33

D&C 84:80