Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Emails Received:
Sweet Grandma Clegg
Brian Williams the visionary  :)
Andy Lott ¨The God Father¨

And of course the faithful family


Thank you all so much!!

Well, sounds like it was a great week in the States!!!  That is very sad about King. (The family dog that go back and forth from the three houses here in Jerome- 15 years old!!)    What a special friend he was to all of us. His spirit and feeling will be greatly missed.

Is it starting to cool down there? For the first time this week we were able to leave the house without a jacket so it is getting warmer here.

Thank you each so much for each of your prayers. I had a great week. I was forced to grow very much and Heavenly Father has blessed me very much. We had four investigators in church this week. Two are a mother and daughter however the Mom can’t get baptized because she is not divorced and a whole bunch of complicated stuff. However, her daughter Trinidad is 14 years old. Jose, the stud, brought a friend with him to church. Can you believe that? He works for him... he also was drunk... but still he went to his house and picked him up to bring him to church!! What a stud!! He totally believes everything we teach - it is just getting him to understand why he needs to be baptized again!! He is Catholic. He believes in the Book of Mormon, so it is just a matter of time. I hope!!! Your prayers are very much appreciated. This branch needs worthy Priesthood holders very bad. There is only one active family in the whole branch where both parents are active. As I sit here and think about this week... it really was a week of miracles. Mostly small ones, but just enough to know this is bigger than two - twenty year old kids walking the streets of a foreign place.  Dad- we are the only missionaries here in Miramar. We are in the Mar del Plata zone, and we travel up there every Tuesday (and sometimes more) for district meeting. It is like an hour or more bus ride. The busses here are great. I have had some fun experiences trying to talk to people the last couple of trips. Last week I tried talking to the lady next to me... turns out she was a Jehovah Witness (just my luck right) ha. )  There is a funny story with that- Here in Jerome…the Jehovah Witnesses only come here when Austin was around- home from college etc. )And instead of me teaching her… I got preached to for the next hour. I couldn’t really understand everything, so hopefully I did not nod at the wrong time or something like that!! J In the end she just told me to read nothing but the Bible... and I just bore a simple testimony of the Book of Mormon. We agreed that we hope we see each other on the streets of Miramar sometime. I hope Heavenly Father understands my weakness with this language... it was a good time. I had a similar experiences yesterday (we did a two hour divisions in Mar Del) except this time it was with a hard core Born Again Evangelical.  There are a lot of religious people here. I love visiting with anyone on the bus…I just got the opportunity to sit by passionate people this week!
We found a family this week who I am excited about... that is what it is all about!! They were really nice and the spirit was definitely there during the lesson. Daniel and Sonya... add them to the prayer list!!  One little miracle... we were teaching them in their little Mercado... and a guy walked in, bought something, and then I remembered that I knew him from somewhere. I asked him if he was the brother to another less active member from the branch and he said yes.  We were there one time when he was leaving... but there was no way I could have ever remember him on my own. Then Daniel said, ¨What a memory you have!!” I think Heavenly Father sometimes wants his missionaries to look like more then just 19 year old kids. It was humbling. Another funny thing this week, was during a lesson with an older women investigator told me I spoke better Spanish then my companion!!! She must be really senile-  I just laughed. My companion speaks well, he just has thick accent I think. 
It was quite a busy week. I wish I could tell you more. But know that I am happy and well - being forced to grow a lot right now. It is great!! I love my new companion. I have learned a lot from him and I respect him a lot. I am grateful for two very different trainers. It has helped me to see what I want to become. Between the two… Elder Perez was a big time stud and now my  new companion… it has helped me see who I want to be at 18 months on my mission.
Yesterday was the Election Day here. Everyone has to vote so it was crazy. Lots of political talk... I love the USA with all my heart. I have gained such a deeper appreciation for families and how that is why the United States is strong. That is what must be saved!

Well... I want to talk about all of you now!!! Sounds like life is going really well. I love the pictures. You all look so good and happy! This is time of year is always a time of transition. I am glad you are all able to be under the same roof. I skimmed all the letters and will read them tonight. Mom - It is like 15 pesos to print and for an hour of internet... It is worth it big time!!

Dad- Great bear experience!  Can’t believe that thing broke into the trailer! He is going to be so sick after eating all of that candy and marshmellows! (Left over Redfish store candy) I appreciate the sports update!! It is nice to know what is going on. Yeah, all that seems unreal here. Glad to hear BSU is doing well!  I bet you are enjoying being with the family. I know they love having you home. I hope you get feeling better soon! I will be praying for you. I love you so much Dad. Yes, these letters are lousy for expressing your emotions, when they are so deep with gratitude for all of my family and all that I have been given. Have a great week Dad. Sure love you!  Thanks for your story about your mission. Oh hey my hope is when I get back I want to do the Spudman Triathlon with you. I might die.. But it will help me keep up the workout routine I got going... something to think about.. (For a long time) haha

Mom -  I love that song by Phil Collins. I will sing it frequently. The theme song of this adventure for sure!  Yes I have an adaptor so don’t worry about plug things and stuff like that. Thank you so much. You are so sweet. I really don’t need anything. You asked about Christmas - all I want is a hand written testimony from every one and a promise from those in the family 12 years and older to read Book the Mormon before 2013 and keep reading as a family each day. You are inspired with the the foot powder - I would love that. My shoes are already getting stinky because of all the rain that we have had…  but they are holding up well. I am trying to get enough veggies... ? I think they exist here??  I take multi vitamins everyday. They were expensive though so once they are gone I think I will be done.  Thank you so much for you letters and pictures and all you do. You are truly an angel.  You are my hero. Thanks for all the news... It is really nice to know what is going on. I love you Mom. You are truly the best!!  I loved what you said about trials.   I am so glad you were able to teach seminary all day at the school this week!!

Mikesell - I skimmed your letter. I do the same thing when you talked about “picturing”. When I run in the morning I imagine you. You are going to get a high score on this bad boy. (ACT test)  I know it!! I am putting it out there. I prayed for you during the exact same time as the test while I was studying …and all week. Be at peace with the knowledge that no matter what happens, Heavenly Father has eye on you and will bless you!! So this Saturday at State Cross Country -go get them!!!  I hope your health is great and you dominate! I love that course. Good Stuff. I am glad you had a good time at Lagoon for your senior trip!  What fun memories. Mikesell I love you so much. We are always close in spirit - our whole family.

Brennen you Stud you -
Thanks for the email! It was so great to hear from you. You sounded so good. I hope that cross country was a great experience for you. You will have fond memories of it. I really miss it. So open gym this week! That is great. The first few days from XC to Basketball are always weird - different muscles and mindset. I love you Brennen. Keep making decisions that bring you closer to Heavenly Father. You are on track to be a stud missionary!!  Remember what Elder Holland said at Priesthood session about how you are on a team. Prepare for that mission by just doing little things. You are so great bud! I love you man!!

Alex - Quick Argentine moment - Here the word dude is ¨Che¨ but every one calls everyone that. For example I heard two older ladies call each other that. It was way funny. So basketball is coming huh!? Ya ya... Coldplay has done it again huh... That is great.. I look forward to listening to the new CD with you. Right now I got bigger fish to fry. You will have to get your favorites so we can listen down the road a little. I love you brother. Keep being awesome. You are the man! God speed....

Harrison - the cool guy!! I loved your thumbs up in the picture from the pumpkin patch.  That was great!  How is school buddy? Glad to see you are happy and living the dream!! I love you so much buddy. I really miss you. I think about you a lot. Keep being a good kid. I love you....YOU THE MAN!!

McCall -Boy every picture of you I see you get prettier and prettier! I am so glad to see you are happy. I miss you sweetie and love you so much. I am sad that King is gone. Is Copper still around? I love you McCall...
Well my family... I love you so much. I think next Monday is Halloween so that will be interesting to see what they do here. I think they do kind of celebrate it. I can’t believe that October is done.  It is all so unreal!  I love each of you so much. May you continue to grow and be blessed and do the things that Heavenly Father would have you to do. Remember who blessed we are!

Oh Brennen.... I was going to tell you.. (Mom you will laugh at this...)  Sunday was my judgment day for not practicing the piano. I don’t know how many times I heard from Mom how I should learn to practice the piano for my mission. On Sunday we had to sing with no piano because nobody played... I felt quite bad... so moral of the story.. Yes!! I guess piano is kind of important!!  I love you all!!!

MIKESELL GO GET NIST!!!    I will be right there with you!!!  
(Emily Nist is the #1 ranked in Idaho for Cross Country State meet this Saturday)

Love you all!!!

Elder Austin

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011

Received Letters from:
Scott Maughan
Amy Ellsworth

Emails from: 
The Wonderful Crouch´s (Blair)
Grandma Del the Angel
Ethan The Man Lopez
Mom, Dad, and Mikesell (I love you)

Ahhh.... I won´t lie when I say that this hour that I have to write each of you is one of my favorite hours of the week. I am on cloud nine when I walk out of the internet cafes because I have been able to hear from you all and write you.

McCall!! Quit growing right now! Two Teeth out in one day!!! Wow! You look so grown up, I could not believe it... I am serious!! Every one looks really grown up in there treasure hunt picture. How fun... That is one of my favorite memories. Thirteen years of treasure hunts at Redfish when things are all closed up for Brennens birthday- a lot of good times!!  I put three pictures on, one was with Elder Mickles my zone leader when we did exchanges here in Miramar. He has been a brother to me. He left this transfer to be a zone leader in an another part of the mission. I will greatly miss him. He has had a huge influence on me.

The other, good but sad news, is Elder Perez, my companion is now a zone Leader in  Olivadria.  I have a new companion from Lehi, Elder Ochseinbein. He was born in Bear Lake and calls Idaho his home. He is great. He actually went through a struggle with cancer and went home for awhile and came back out. He only was 4 more transfers left in the mission. A transfer is every 6 weeks. Our next one is about Thanksgiving time. So the next weeks will be a strug fest, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to grow. I am now in charge of getting us around the city and relations with branch member’s things like that. It will be a growing time -such has been my mission experience thus far!

We also had interview with President this week too... That was really nice, he is such a great man. I understood him too (mostly) so that was nice. We spent a lot of time at the zone leader’s house in Mar Del Plata. It was a week filled with a lot of traveling. It is about a hour ride one way to Mar Del, all along the coast and it is really pretty. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday. But Satan is good. I am not sure exactly what happened but the woman Patricia got a boy friend after being divorced for a whopping two months and he was a terrible influence.  She has skipped out on two three interview appts and the baptism. We will see what is going on. Hopefully Jose will continue to progress. He did not come to church this week. However, we have had some great lessons with him this week. Heavenly Father must really love us to give us our agency.

Just some house keeping items... Mom, I don’t need anything. I would love some pictures of all the adventures of you all that I can “hold and look at”…and hand written letters. That is all I really ever want. If you can just send one of the old ipods with church music, it would be great and if you put a charger with it, if you can find a cheap small ihome thing that would be perfect, but I do have speakers. Oh and also if you could put some Peter Breinholt on the Ipod that would be great, his mellow stuff, and the Narnia song “The Call” by Regina Spector. These are just “wants” - I am doing just fine.

Just to be clear on my address...

Elder Austin Hayden Clegg
Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission
Chacabuco 1755
8000 Bahia Blanca
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mail room code: 575

And just use normal postal service.  They told us not to use Ups or Fedex or anything. I don’t know what the pouch mail address is but that works for letters, not sure about packages. Or you can just send a normal international stamped letter. I think those are a little faster... Thank you so much..

Oh one mission for you all on Facebook. We have a member here who lost her Grandsons contact. He lives in Florida, Orlando -ish...  his name is Carlos Ramon Torres. He is about 25. If you could just do one Facebook search for him and tell him Flora Jaurez, his Grandma wants his contact info. And then send me his address and phone number.  I told her I would try... It is kinda a needle in a haystack deal but it is possible. Thank you..

Dad- What a crazy week! That heart to heart with Trie will be great. What happiness keeping the commandments (and just the law) brings. What knowledge we have. I love you Dad, with all my heart. Thank you for your letter. I loved skimming it and look forward to reading it tonight. Dad, I miss you... But we will keep on plugging on!

Mom- It is funny you should say you that - because I missed you “extra” this week too. I  have doubted myself and my ability to learn the language this week. I sometimes just feel so overwhelmed. It will come and this hard time will be a blessing with hindsight. I will just keep on keeping on. I love you so much Mom!!  Yesterday was “Dia de Madres” here yesterday. Talk about gratitude -  I love you - words don’t describe... Have a great week!! You are in my prayers.

Mikesell - You are going to rock it this week!  I have fasted for you twice, and pray everyday and night. Do your best and know that no matter what happens you are still Mikesell Clegg - the most incredible 17 year old in the world!! What more could you ask for? Congrats on the Designated Student Award! What a stud! Just keep working. I love you so much. I miss you. Sadie’s is coming and Districts this Wednesday... Rock it sis!! I will be praying for you 24/7 please know that. I love you. I miss you!!

Brennen -  When I get home I am going to tell you so many great things to help you be prepared for your mission. I am excited - we are going to practice it all! haha. Brennen you are such great young man. I hope you can run at Districts and Cross Country has been a great experience for you. Tell Nordy I love him. Weird to think basketball is coming around the corner. I love you bud. Great job in school!

Alex -Hey Man I love you so much! How is life? Sounds like you and Alex and the potato gun with its adventures have been so awesome! Sounds like you are doing well in school too.  Keep pushing your self and do all the small important things. I love you so much man, but not as much as Heavenly Father. You can truly do anything buddy! You have potential for such greatness. You all do. I love you! How is BYU doing? BSU?

Harrison - Buddy. How is life? How is school? Sounds like you are killing it! Great job. Keep being happy and loving others my man. You are such a stud. Keep it up! I love you Harrison. Un ambrazo amigo.

McCall -All I want for Christmas is my two front bottom teeth! Wow you are so gorgeous! Just like your Grandmas, Mom, and Sister. I love you so much Cally. I miss you. You are such a great person. Keep being happy. Do you still remember the handshake?

Well, my family life is well. Heavenly Father loves us and gives us challenges to help us grow. Never doubt in Him or yourself. I miss you all. But please please know how much I love each of you… with all my heart!! I have come to appreciate prayer so much. May you have a wonderful week!!!! The weeks go by really fast!!  I know this is the work of Heavenly Father!

Mikesell, Go get em this week!

I love you all so much....You inspire me every second of everyday.

I love you

Love Elder Austin

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hello Family...

Sounds like you are all having a very crazy day... All my prayers are with you. Please tell Trei and all those people that I love them and that they are in my every prayer.

Brennen! How was your birthday? I though about you all day. What a stud you are. I love you buddy and hope that you were able to feel just a little of how truly special and great you are!!

Well it was a great week this week. We are in Mar Del Plata right now with the Zone Leaders. We have a meeting tonight and a district meeting tomorrow. Then I am doing divisions in Miramar with an Elder Mickles - a zone leader. I am little nervous because I am left to find everything on my own and all those things. I still can not really teach and have people understand me. But he is a boss and will help me. He is a great leader and friend to me.

So I keep a little book of all the things I want to right home for the week so it is easier to gather my thoughts and write. Lots of times there is a ton of kids in these cyber and techno places where we write - music blaring and I forget some of the things I wanted to write. But sometimes they play good American songs~ ha ha

This week we had two investigators in church. It was testimony meeting and I just loved it!  Both of these investigators (Jose and Patricia) are getting baptized. Patricia is getting baptized next week. And my man Jose the following week!  He is so prepared and teaches me actually. I really love him. He has a great family and I hope that his family will follow suit! They are very Catholic and not very receptive to the lessons. We went out to his farm and I made a cool video and took some more pictures. I will figure out how to send a DVD with all my pictures and some time.
I did divisions this past week with an Elder who does not speak English. He is 26 and is such an example ~ such a sacrifice for him to be here. Truly a miracle. I learned that I can never give back enough to the Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that I have. He just blesses me again and again. I learned this is the best two years FOR my life.  Yesterday after I bore my testimony, a hermana came up to me and said something along the lines of how “she wishes my family could have heard the meeting and how important you all are to me”.  I show people pictures of you and they all say the same things about how absolute fantastic you are. They say things like “Your Mom and Dad are so young" “All blonde kids”… all good looking… so know that... haha!! This week was a bit of a humbling one. I want to understand so bad but it is such a slow process. It is so frustrating for me some days. I understand church talk, but anything else is above my head. I know it is possible and I know I will do it.
Mikesell, Dad,  Mom, and Grandma Clegg - thank you for your letters. They all meant so much to me. I was able to print out Dads, Mikesell, and Grandmas. (I will print Moms now and read all of it tonight) . But I read your letters while we were waiting in the laundry mat and I just started to cry. To hear of the blessings and the hard work you are all receiving and doing. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you. PLEASE PLEASE know that you are all the most important people in my life and you are my center. I am so glad our family is centered on Jesus Christ. I love each of you so much. Thank you all for your prayers. I am happy and love it here. I miss you but work hard to become the person that I need to become. Because I have been given much I too must give.

Dad- I bet you have had a crazy day. You are in my prayers. I pray you travel and  stay safe. I love you... What a rough day to lose an employee in such a tragic way. Thank you so much for your email. I have a lot about he scripture in Ether 12:27 this week. What a great peace and blessing it is in our life to be centered on Christ. He makes days like the one you are having much easier. I love you Dad.

Mom- Thank you so much for the pictures. I feel bad about the money stuff. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.  I honestly don’t remember anything about an amount. I think I paid like $300 in tithing or something like that. I love you!! Use the address in my call packet. I messed up on the address for Brennens birthday.

Mikesell, Brennen, Alex, Harrison, and McCall ~ I love you all so much. I don’t have as much time as normal - so I am rushing. I love you and pray for each of you individually. Stay safe and learn and do lots in school.  You are all the best!!

All my love... My prayers are with you. Stay safe... I will talk to you next week.

I love you so much.

Elder Clegg

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jose and Austin in Field they are planting- 3 hours to do three rows!

October 3, 2011

Hello my wonderful family!!

Thank you so very much for each of your  letters!!!  I also recieved letters from Papa and Grandma Crouch and Grandma Clegg. I loved them so much. I loved Papas story about “opening your mouth”. I have actually thought a lot about that this week. I appreciated that story very much. I am so grateful for that.

I am grateful for a lot of things. I find myself feeling happy and grateful the moment my alarm goes off in the morning.  I am constantly grateful for where I am, where I come from, and what I have been  called to do. I am comfortable here and even though I don’t understand much around me. I feel at peace. I have learned a lot about reading body language. I can report that the language is getting better. Last night on the bus   I was sitting looking out the window thinking about conference and I felt like I should go talk to one of the brethren in the rama. He is a small little man who reminds me of a small Santa Clause. His name is Hermano Peralta. I had talked to him earlier that day but still felt like I should talk to him. So slightly apprehensively I got up and walked to the back of the bus to talk to him. He is probably 45 or more, does not have a family, lives alone and works a lot, but is a rock in this branch. He is literally constantly studying the scriptures and he is taking classes. He does not ever talk to his family and the branch is not extremely warm with him. He teaches the Young Men. But the lesson I learned is that when we follow promptings we can achieve.  I understood just about every word he said as he talked about work, his favorite talks etc. I was able to muter back a few words and talk with him. I thought back to where I was in the MTC and realized that yes I have learned a lot of Spanish!! That being said, The mountain is still standing tall that I must climb.   During Conference I was  able to go on splits with our zone leader, Elder Mickles, inbetween sessions and work with him to try and get people to conference. It was so awesome!! He would be my best friend back home. We did work. He told me how the first six months of the mission is to humble you and then it all comes together. It really is all about just opening your mouth  - always. When in public I have to be looking for ways to talk always. I have to drive people crazy, because I have a message that should not be kept secret. Then they have their agency to do the rest. I love being a missionary. I have to have a sense of urgency, this time is flying for me!

So some highlights of the week were:
I was some killer whales jump up in the ocean during our bus ride to district meeting.   
Dad, It has been pretty cold this week. Lots of rain. I am well set though.
We got to plant a field by hand. See picture. It was nuts! We pulled the little plants (some type of squash) from the greenhouse and it then layed them out in the field and then planted them. It took all morning to do three rows!! In that amount of time in the states to do three entire fields. I then got to help with the flood irrigating. It was so fun!! 
General Conference was awesome!! I got to see all of it except the Priesthood session.  The best part was it was all in a language I completely understand!  German!  ha ha ok, so I got to watch it in English!! I loved the talks on the Book of Mormon. The Atonement, Familes, all of it. It was great!! We are all so blessed. I thought of all of you a lot and it was cool to think that we where listening to the same thing at the same time. The first session started at 1 here though and the second at 5.  It was great. What were some of you favorite talks and highlights?
We also went tracting in this crazy forest, where we found  investigator and saw all these green parrots. It was so pretty. It was almost Redfish Status!! Kinda.

General Conference is like Super Bowl for missionaries. It was fun because the whole stake was in the chapple and in between sessions everyone chills and drinks Mate together and talks. Simple.

Well, BRENNEN HAPPY Birthday Friday! I am pumped you got my letter in 9 days. That is cake walk. I love you so much man!! Have a great 15. I will be thinking about you. You are such a stud. You will change lives in JHS. That I am sure. Keep at it and I hope you ankle heals up soon. I will keep the prayers coming for you. Glad you go the letter!!

So from my skimming of letters it sounds like everybody is doing really well. Glad you got to enjoy conference! Sounds like the Cross Country team all had an awesome time up at Redfish! That’s a lot of boys and girls!  That worked out perfect they could stay there and go to the meet in Challis! Thanks for those pretty pictures Mom. They were great. That picture of the moon with Heyburn is postcard status. Holy cow Mikesell and Alex!! Nice job at Challis! Good work!!

Mikesell - I loved what you said about Tom in your last letter....No question that should be your senior quote “Living the Dream”. Holy smokes girl - Slow down! You are nuts. You are trying to do it all! I am sure am proud of you for being so involved, but you can only do so much! Think of what is the most important in you life and then work towards that. Listen to that talk on “time” again. I think it was Saturday afternoon session. I love you so much Sis... Yes we are all under the same sun and moon. It is comforting. .. Thank you for you your example. I love you so much.  Thanks so much for your emails.

Harrison! Hey man- I sure love you Brother! I miss you much. It sounds like you are doing well. You and McCall are such troopers...going back and forth to Redfish each weekend is a lot I know!! We sure have an awesome Mom and Dad huh!!!  Bet you are growing so much.  I love you buddy. Keep doing good things!

McCall   Hey you little angel! I sure love you and miss you. You are so amazing. How is school? I hope you are making good friends and having a great time. I love you so much. I hope you are still giving me kisses on that cardboard thing Mom has up.  Love you Cally...

Dad- Thanks for the email Mountain Dweller!!  Have I told you how flat this place is? It is a pancake. I saw the picture that Christians Mom sent and was so happy to see mountains.  It is weird to think this is my month mark here. It has gone by so fast. We are almost done with this transfer. Sounds like it is cold up there!? The dinner is this weekend. That will be fun. Pretty soon you will all be reunited in Jerome again. Time is truly crazy....  I love you so much Dad. Eat a peanut butter sandwich for me. Oh I was going to tell you a story. This week we got let in a Mans house who’s wife just died and were just about to start teaching when his son walked in. He went off on America, the Church - he was just full of hate. I only understood like half of it but Elder Perez told me what was up after. I just bore my testimony of the BoM and then in the closing prayer killed him with kindness. I am so proud to be a American and we have to preserve the morals and go forward to better. The world needs us as an example. I love you Dad!!

Alex- Thanks for the update on sports- glad we got a win!! Good stuff.  Keep full of energy and working hard. I love you man. Thanks so much for your example and everything you do. You are the best my friend. Love you Bro.

Mom - YOU DID IT... You deserve some serious reward for what you did this summer. 31 events - Holy Cow!! Going to the temple, starting spin class - sounds like you got a great week ahead!! I hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much for you letter. I skimmed it and will read it this evening. Tell The Pearson’s congrats and Rachelle also! I love you so much. Sounds great with the money thing…transfer to savings is perfect. I took out the last that I will every take out for the rest of the year today. I think it was like 40 dollars. 400 pesos here. I am figuring out how to eat healthy and the members take good care of us. Yeah a little cook book would be great! Oh one funny little request. There is a hermana in the branch who is do service for in her garden - she feeds us and is quite a saint.  For example with out us even asking she brought lunch for us during Sunday conference. But she loves maple syrup but it doesn’t exist here. So if you could send me a little that would be awesome. If not, there is a Walmart in Bahia and I will get some to her before I leave the mission. I love you so much Mom. Thank you for everything - your prayers-  everything. May you continue to be blessed!! I love you. Have a great week!
Thank you for being centered on Christ! You are my inspiration!! God bless. Have a great week. You are in my every prayer! I love you so much .Have a great Homecoming week in Jerome! Fun stuff1 love you all!

 Elder Clegg