Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello my favorite people!!
How are all of you? It was another great week here in Miramar!!!

Sounds like you are all doing awesome!! Glad you were able to go out to Busterback! Please tell President Boren, the Forsgrens, and especially the Oveson family hello for me.

We did a lot of work out it the fields this week and found some really solid investigators. One’s name is Jose and he went to church this Sunday and that was pretty spectacular. He has a lot of questions about the Second Coming and we promised him that if he went to church his questions would be answered. Funny how the next day the lesson in Gospel Fundamentals was on the Second Coming. Little miracles like that happen daily here. I was teasing my companion because He was giving a talk in Sacrament so I told him he may have to address the Second Coming.  Also we have a family with a single mom. She quit her Job so she could come to church on Sundays. We fasted with her to find a new one and she has had couple interviews. She will be blessed if it is God’s will.  I think it is. She has two kids - your age Brennen and Alex. They kind of remind me of you. They have already been baptized. We have a date scheduled with their Mom the 22nd of Oct. We have like 12 baptismal dates set up right now - but probably only like 2 of those will come through. People don’t much care for going to church here. You have to come to Church three times before you get baptized. Elder Perez is such a stud. He is a good sport to put up with my lack of Spanish. The Elder is a scripture wizard. I would be very lost without him. We did some awesome cleaning today and our little house is looking good. Not quite Grandma Crouch, Clegg, and Mom’s status of cleaning but close. 
Crazy to think that you started fall and we started spring huh! It rained a lot this week but now it is starting to get pretty nice.
We went to Mar Del Plata twice this week. One for our weekly district meeting the other for a baptismal interview. It is a very touristy place and HUGE! I am glad I am in good ole Miramar.We walked Centro a little today and it was fun . They have some neat little shops. I will have some cool little things for you all when I get back.

Mom - I will try and answer some of your questions form last week.  We do have church debit cards, but my personal card works also. I won’t ever use it except to get money for souvenirs and personal things. We get 700 pesos a month. The exchange rate is like 1 to 4. . I will get my iPod back when I leave the mission. You will have to let me know when Brennen gets his letter. I have no idea how long that will take to get to Idaho.

Dad-  Thanks so much for you email. I skimmed it and I am excited to read it tonight. It sounds like you all did not go the BYU game. But is also sounds like that was a good thing with construction and having to be in Boise the next day. Ouch Cougs on last weeks game! Rogers testimony will be put to test on that one! Ha ha. I love it...Tell all the faithful employees up there I love them. Oh I thought of a book for  maybe next year for the employees. It is called the “Travelers Gift” by Andy Andrews. Great book and entertaining. Google it.  I love you Pops. I think about you all the time and your days back in Spain.

I am so excited for conference this weekend! I don’t think I will be able to watch Saturday or Priesthood session. But Sunday for sure. Please keep me updated on what I miss! Dad - I as thinking about our good memories at Priesthood session. I told Elder Perez about them. Good times!! My first one back we will go together again. I will be thinking of you all during conference. Hopefully they will have it in English here.

Mom - Tell the Pearson’s and Steel Congrats! Tell Andy Lott that I love him and will be with him is spirit. Can’t believe ten years and no boys to go to Priesthood with him. I love you so much Mom. I love prayer so much and it is such a comfort for me. I pray for you so much!! I feel yours also. I have a lot of growing to do! I hope that you get feeling a lot better. I love you so much Mom.

Mikesell   How are you? Thank you so much for your email. What a busy week and life you are having!! Great job at Bob Firman!.Challis meet will be great -  I am excited for you all… and jealous! XC team at Redfish huh? Fun times.  I loved what you said about trusting in the Lord. Just do your best and trust Him with the rest! (thank you Tony Horton) I just skimmed your letter but I will read it tonight. Thank you for sacrificing you precious time to write. You are too kind. I am doing great. I love you Mikesell! You are such an Angel. God bless you!!

Brennen the Stud - Hey man thanks for your email. I hope you get feeling better. You will get super strong with Body D. It sounds like you are growing a lot. Keep at it. Going back to the MTC for Spanish sounds really nice. Who is your teacher? I will read your email and maybe you said that already. I love you man. Keep at it. I bought your birthday present today. You just will have to wait a little longer my friend. Good thing you are patient!!

Alex... Dude that picture of Jimmer and Lindsay is nuts!!  Sounds like you are rocking the XC... keep at it stud!! My shirts are loosing there whiteness too. Ha-ha I love you man. Thanks for the email and the sports update. Keep them coming. God Bless bro.

Harrison - My Man!!  I miss you so much. It sounds like you are very happy. Keep working at school! I love you so much buddy. Glad you can have some friends come and play this last week. Thanks for your prayers.

McCall - hey you Angel!  How are you? Long days at school huh!? First grade is different than kindergarten for sure.  That is a hard adjustment. Keep working hard. I love you so much Callie. Have fun in Jerome while you are there and then have a ton of fun while you are in Redfish also! I love you Call!

Mikesell - one funny story. This week a boy saw us coming and sprinted inside and shut the door. He was a chubby little kid and to see him move that fast was just hilarious. I was laughing so hard. It would have been better if he screamed MORMONES!  ha-ha

I read a great scripture in DC 136 : 32 this week about how humility opens and eyes and ears. I really need that. Look it up.

I love you all!!  Time is flying and we got to make it count!! Thank you so much for everything. Have a great conference. weekend. I know this is true. I know that God does love everyone! Thanks so much for your prayers.

With all my love. 
Elder Clegg.

Nate Yost –
Oh my gosh!! Congratulations on being called to the best mission in the world!! Well at least for you and I and the other 200 hundred missionaries here in Bahia Blanca!! I am so excited for you. Sounds like I will see you here some time next March or April. You asked me what to do to prepare. My answer would to be first follow the example of that sister of yours, and also get into Preach My Gospel like crazy.  That book is amazing and of course, the Book of Mormon. As far as the Spanish, that has been my hardest part. I would just try to learn the basics as much as possible try talking to native speakers. You will do so great. I am so excited for you man!! God speed to you and May the Lord bless you as you continue to prepare. Strengthen your testimony as much as possible. Do the hard things. Love you my (future brother). You will be in my prayers.  Love Elder Clegg.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Email Address and Mission Address

Austin's Email Address:


Austin's Mission Address:

Elder Austin Clegg
Mision Argentina Bahia Blanca
Casilla de Correo 70
8000 Bahia Blanca
Buenas Aires, Argentina

September 19, 2011

                             Austin's companion, Austin, Mission President and his wife

Hello the people that I love the most!

How are you? Thank you so much for your letters last week! I printed them off and just loved them. Mom thank you so much for you journal entries – I treasure them.

I just skimmed through and found saw some questions that I will try and answer quickly in this letter so you don’t have to wait a week. I am also sending some pictures with this email. It is my third computer so I hope it works ha-ha. So food here consists of bread, pasta, and meat. It is crazy because I have not seen a single green piece of food I swear. We have lunch with members about 4 times a week which is so nice!  We shop and cook for ourselves the rest of the time. We usually don’t really eat a big dinner. I have had pasta, eggs, sandwiches, cereal etc. I bought a whole bunch of veggies so I am excited to eat those this week. It is just being creative with the food. Mikesell - send all mail to the mission home address. The one that Bishop had put on those cards is exactly right. I printed out your emails and will read them after I am done typing. I am excited for that. Dad - I imagine this place is very much like Spain, like a lot. They are very liberal in their morals. Everyone kisses everyone on the cheek. I can’t believe the “lack of marriage” here. To find a family with a married Mom and Dad is very rare so far. I want to tell you about a tender mercy I had this week. On Thursday, I was having a hard day, sometimes you just feel overwhelmed when you don’t understand anything. But lo and behold we were out talking to people and we came in contact with a man who spoke English. It was so nice to just say what I wanted to say. Of course he said “No young man I am 55 and I don’t want to change” but that was just part one. Three houses down the road an awesome person opened the door and was really kind with us. Turns out he works for the Special Olympics, which just happened to be in Idaho like two years ago. He had been to Sun Valley and he even toured Temple Square. He is hard core Catholic but had a lot of respect for the church and got emotional talking to us. So we will keep trying with him. We have five investigators with baptismal dates right now. If one of those actually happens that will be legit! The branch here relies heavily on the nearby town of Mar Del Plata. There is only like three worthy married priesthood holders max. A lot of the members are older widowed or divorced women. It is really sad. There are a few youth and we work with them a lot. The missionaries are a huge part of the Branch here. I spoke (attempted to speak) on Sunday. The language is really hard. But I will get it. I have gained a lot of perspective and feel much better than I did before. Thank you for your prayers - they work. It really is amazing. Please tell the Williams family thank you for the letter. I really appreciated it. Also, please tell Trish I got her email as well. I love mail.  I am told anyone can email me - I just can not reply via email unless they are family. I have a great exercise routine and that helps me a lot. We run to the ocean. It is like 15mins away and then I do 60 push ups, 2 min of core, 2 min wall sits, or lunges and all that good stuff. The branch here really is kind. They need more families with worthy priesthood holders really bad. I will try to send pictures every week. Thanks Mom for your pictures. I love them so much. Thank heavens for that awesome phone huh?
Dad - Thanks for you email. I am so glad you and Trei found Miramar on Google Earth.
Mom – It is like you said - Mate is everywhere!!! We don’t drink it thankfully. It is a really big deal here.  The branch actually reminds me somewhat of Stanley.
Mikesell - I did not really get to read your email yet but I will. I love you dearly!!
Brennen - Stud muffin How is High School? I bet you are just rocking it!
Alex - Thanks for the update. 1 point huh man. Classic - love you!!
Harrison - How are you stud!!  I sure love you bud. Pray for you always.
McCall - That flag picture Mom sent of you with the flags is so cute! That belongs on a magazine.

         (I put pic in so you would know what he is talking about...-acc)
Well, this week I thought a lot about the scripture in Alma 29 the first three verses. I know that feeling now. This gospel is so awesome. I am so very happy. I miss you all but am very grateful. I can see that the time is going to fly. I have to work with urgency. I will learn Spanish. I have no doubt. I just need patience. Family - you are my inspiration and are in my heart always. I work hard because I want others to have the blessings of family and Gospel that I have. Mikesell -yes we are always together in sprit and it is the same with all of you. I think of you and what you are doing. I pray for each of you individually every night and morning. With a vengeance. I have such a testimony of prayer. You all better get to work because I will be home tomorrow if this keeps up. We both gotta make it “the best two years”!! Brennen I sent your birthday letter today. I hope it gets there on time. Oh yeah, Mom you can send stuff via pouch (letters) they just get here slower I think. Well - God bless you all. Tell Grandma and Grandpa Crouch I love them and Grandpa and Grandma Clegg. Wow and have fun at the BYU game this week if you end up going. How great for Courtney to be put in Hall of Fame as a runner for BYU.  Please send pictures. What an experience that will be. Love you all.
Love your son  & brother
Elder Clegg. 

September 14, 2011
SURPRISE so when my companion left for Bahia he did not get to email his family this week. Now we are back in Miramar and he got permission to email. He is our District Leader so he gave me permission to email also!  I was pumped to send pictures but to our dismay this particular computer is not reading my camera. But I though I would write anyway. Thank you all so much for your emails. They really helped me. I also got an email from Rachelle and Libby. I can only write family so tell them I loved there letters and I will write them. I also got Papa’s letter I loved it. I will email him back.
It sounds like the family is doing really well. I pray so hard for all of you. I really feel the blessings of your prayers. The last couple of days I have gained a lot of perspective on why I am here and have been able to realign my focus. The mountain I must climb is Spanish. But I am trying to have an attitude of gratitude and just bust it everyday. Have you found Miramar yet? It is a lot like Stanley but bigger and more not America. Dad - You and Mom talked about America and Sept 11.  I am so glad Papa did the flags at Crossroads this year. I would like to help him with that when I get back. USA is truly the best. How blessed we are to live in America!! Today I was able to talk to our zone leaders and it was nice to get perspective they are way nice. I think that this time is going to fly I must work hard. Papa talked about the importance of Baptism and I can really see that is why I am here.  I must be bold! But first I must be able to talk!! ha-ha!! Ï will send pictures next week. It is very pretty here I quite enjoy being so close to the sea.  Mikesell, Brennen, and Alex - what studs way to run hard - that is so awesome!! The picture Mom sent of you three at the same meet was so great!  Sounds like you all ran with heart. I love it. I love you all so much. I ache for you but I know with time we can do this and I will be able to work hard and then before you know it we will be together again. Mikesell - so cool about that concert with Dad!! What a fun surprise! LeAnn Rimes – I bet that was so great!  Awesome. Dad - good job!!  Oh I was going to ask also a favor. So we can not use the iPod I brought because appearantly it has video capacity - even though there are no videos on it and I couldn’t put them on if I tried - I had to give it to President. It had all my church music on it.  So, if with the backpacking pillow you send for Christmas if you could find a really cheap of old iPod laying around and fill it with a whole bunch of awesome church music like most. David Tolk, EFY, Paul Cardel - that would be awesome. Really cheap though and I will be totally fine if it doesn’t work. I know Rachelle said that she had some awesome mission music so maybe you could get a hold of her flash drive. 

(pic via Mom)
The meet in Burley / Cottonwood  this week huh/. I hope you are all helping Mom this week a lot.  Dad  - I hope that the Fish is going well. I am sure it is so pretty right now.
I love each of you so much. May you be blessed always every day!! You are always in my heart. I glued a family picture of you in my scriptures so you are always with me.  I know that this work - it is a work of love. I am doing this because I love you all; I love God and I love Gods Children. When we focus our lives on Christ all things are better. That is why we have such awesome lives!!

Story time- I want to tell you about a family in our branch Diego and Sol they were just baptized they are so nice; they live in such a humble place. When we taught our Gospel Principle class to them it was about temples and they want to go so bad. Diego looks like a Native American with really long hair. We tried to baptize / teach his mom and she would have none of it.  We are trying to find a lot more people to teach. There is like 200 non actives here.  It is like trying to be a JW in Provo. Lots of Evangelicals and Catholics. They don’t much care for us. But we care for them and so does God and we will have success here. I know it!! My companion is awesome and is super good. I am really trying to master my Spanish and then I can dominate with him.  Well - Dad I love you!! Mom – I Love you! Mikesell  -I loveyou so much!  Brennen - I love you!! Alex – I love you!! Harrison - I love you!! McCall - I love you!!

God bless you always!
Love you brother and son,
Elder Austin

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 - A LETTER FINALLY!!!

Hello sweet family -   I have been longing for this day!!  I miss you all terribly...and am feeling a bit like deer in headlights...but am happy and doing well.  I have not had time to read any of your emails but I will print them out and read them before next week. It looks like from what I have read that you have not received a letter from my Mission President. They told us in the MTC you would - feel bad. I won't lie that kind of makes me a little upset. That is cruel for you all.  So I will tell you about my travels jounrney and all of that. First, I am kicking myself because I don´t have my camera with me so I can not send pictures. I promise to send some next week.  Our P-days are on Mondays. I will email at 5pm here so I think that is like 3pm there.
So we arrived in Buenas Aires safely and boy - what a different world!!  We waited around in the airport for the church travel agent to help us. We then got all of our luggage which was such a blessing. I was worried about it not arriving okay.  We then boarded a small white bus and went to another airport.  The drivers here are absolutly nuts!!  Ha Ha. We arrive at the next airport thinking that we will be flying to Bahia Blanca - turns out our flight gets canceled and we then take a 11 hour bus ride to Bahia. hat joy!  So we then get on a little small white bus, chicken free Mom! Then off to Bahia Blanca.  We were are all starving because the only breakfast we had was the airplanes attempt at one...but we are happy and get snacks at a gas station. It is so flat here I tried to sleep as much as I could on the bus. We arrived at the mission home in Bahia and the APs and the Preseident are there. We then go to another house and crash on the floor with little matresses. We wake up and go to the mission office and meet our trainers and etc. I was so out of it... My trainers name is Elder Perez -  he is from Mexico and gratefully does speak English. I am in a town called Miramar. You will have to Google Earth it. We live kinda close to the chapel so if you find that you are close. Then Elder Perrez and I traveled by bus to Miramar it is like a another 8 or 9 hour bus ride from the mission office. We get in Miramar at like 2 in the morning. We walk to our house. I role out my sleeping bag and crash. That all seems like several months ago actually. There is only a small branch of about 50 members here. It reminds me of Stanley. I am so grateful for all of your prayers. This has been a rather hard week. I don't understand anything. I feel like I am just watching a movie in Russian and then my companion turns to me and asks me to contribute to the lesson. There are so many dogs here -more dogs than squrrierls, deer, and bears (crazy pictures) in Stanley.  My companion is awesome. I really like him and I would be so lost without him. The reason I forgot my camera is because I am in a town called Mar del Plata right now with another companion. My companion Elder Perez ( my comp) had to go back to Bahia for a meeting because he is a District Leader, so I will spend the night here and return to Miramar which is about a hour away tomorrow sometime. Since I got here I have been able to give a blessing in Spanish, teach a lesson in Church, and bear my testimony alot. I love it here and am happy, but I do miss you all.  Mom - thank you so much for giving me those pictures and making me take that small photo book. I would not make it without it.
I know that with time I will be able to understand this language. I have felt the blessings of your prayers everyday. I have prayed for you all so much. I found a scripture in Mosiah 24 like verse 18 that talks about how the Lord says that on the morrow your burdens will be lifted. That helped me.  I love the people here - they are really nice and understanding. Matae the drink is everywhere like you told me about Mom. Luckily we can not drink it. Everyone kisses everyone on the check here - not us missionaries much though. We have two progressing investagators right now - Patricia and Laura. They are doing well. The branch really needs some strong families.  Well, I hope that I have said enough about me. Next week I will have pictures and more time. It was so great to talk to all of you last Monday. What a blessing that was to hear your voices. It did me good.  I felt like I just picked up where I left off.  We have a special family like that.
Dad  - How are you? I am excited to read your email. How is the lodge? I love you so much Dad. I hope that being a loner up at the cabin there is going well. I love you and you are in my heart every second of everyday. Thank you for your prayers.  What is going on with the bear?
Mom -  It was so good to talk to you. It broke my heart to hang up and say goodbye. But like you said - how blessed we are!! I am happy here - I have everything I need. To answer some questions about so mail. All mail goes to the mission home and then we get it at district meetings and things - it takes about three weeks. Dearelders do work here. It takes at least three weeks to get a letter here. Just use internatioal stamps. I guess they have a wierd tax here, so any package you send I need to pay a tax on it. So they say not to send expensive or large stuff... they also said to not send any peanut butter or like beef jerky because they will send it back. Oh and it still takes about three weeks to receive dearelders here also. So use my austin.clegg@myldsmail.net email address and I will get it within the week. Maybe next week email me some questions you have and I will answer them. For Christmas if I could just get a small backpacking pillow that would be awesome - because I dont have a pillow and I don't have room for one. If not that is fine I will just buy one somewhere. I feel so terrible for forgetting my camera!!  I love you Mom!! Your letters are so encouraging to me.
Mikesell - How did your test go? I prayed for you so much. I know you dominated it. God has his eye on you. I am very excited to read your email. I hope your Wood River Race went well on Friday!!  I love you.
Brennen - I love you so much bro!! I hope your first week of school was awesome! High school is great. You are in my every prayer. Hope Wood River was awesome - I am so proud of you. You were designed for great things.
Alex. I love you bro. I am almost out of time but I hope that school is good!! How is XC going? Are you chasing many girls these days?
Harrison. I love you!! It was so good to talk to you. Stay strong and keep reading your scriptures like you do each day!! I love you!!
McCall-  I love you Angel!! I loved talking to you on the phone!! I hope your school was awesome. I can't believe you are in school ALLL day!!
I love you all with all my heart.  Say hello to Grandma and Grandpa Crouch and Clegg for me. I love them so much.
I am happy and well. I will read your letters and you will here from me next Monday and I will send pictures.
I love you all!!!
Love, Elder Clegg

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 2, 2011

Hello the people that I love the most! What is happening? Sounds like everyone is having a awesome last week of summer!  Please give Kim a hug for me today at the wedding in Rexburg today and tell her congrats! Brennen and Mikesell - I hope your meet went extremely well. I got lots of great letters this week. First off, I guess I need to apologize to Grandma Clegg -I have recieved all of her dearelders. I have loved them so much!! It sounds like in my letters that I  not very clear that I did recieve her dearelders. Also Dad, be sure and tell her that the email you gave her is correct. Mom, I got the wonderful package last Saturday. I loved the letters and treats!!  Thanks for the shirt and the thermals... and most of all thank you so much for the shoes. This whole week I have gone to bed excited because I get to wake up and go run in those bad boys! I just love them! Mikesell and Brennen thank you for your dearelders. Mom thank you so much for the quotes and the letter. Just can't say enough how much I loved that!!  Dad- thank you so much for your letter. I loved that picture... just about made me cry...oh those ultimate frisbee days at the park in Stanley. And what a great article about the lodge!! I loved that as well. I also recieved a letter from Papa Crouch. I can not tell you how much i treasure that - and all the letters. I am so grateful for advice and the examples and kind words of all of you at home. It means the world to me. Oh, I also received a letter from Scott Maughan. It sounds like he is doing reall well in Brasil! Love that Elder.
So this week has been just a about as good of a last week as I can imagine. I have grown really close to my teachers and I love them.
So get ready for why this week has been awesome....lots of reasons!!
We had the incredible privilige this week to hear from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland....What a tender mercy to hear from him the last devotional here. It was so incredible. He talked about several very important things... a lot about love.. about what we represent as missionaries... how his mission changed his life. You all know how Elder Holland sounds when he speaks with power... I will try to send some of my notes with you in the two packages that I will be sending to Jerome tomorrow with some things that I will not need.
The second great thing was being able to see Aunt Cathy and Uncle Kevin and the other now Elder Clegg. What a fun treat! I hope that you have been able to see the pictures or will soon. I love Hayden and it has been fun to see him.
Dad- I have been thinking so much about that scripture,and when you shared it is was neat. In Msh. 4:30 I think King Benjamin also talks about the blessings that come when we draw closer to Heavenly Father and recognize that we are weak, but that we can be quite strong with him. I hope you have a great week. I love you so much Dad. Thank you for your letter. It meant so much. Have a great week and I will talk to you on Monday! Thanks for the digits ha ha!! I do remember our phone number thank heavens! Love you Pops.
Mom- thank you so much for the letter, package quotes ect. I cherish every letter from you. Thank you for all the updates, the insights on gratitude. Are you ready for the madness to begin going to Jerome? I guess it has been going all summer:) I love you so much and am so looking forward to talking on Monday! I am sending home just some stuff that I won't be needing and to keep my bags under the weight limit. I love you with all my heart Mom. May you continue to be blessed! So looking forward to talking to you on the phone at the airport! Oh - and in the packages will be all my letters to the President here at the MTC. I thought that would give good insight to my experiences here.
Mikesell- What a sweet article about you in paper. Keep working hard and staying humble:) How are you feeling about the big senior year? You are going to love it! Yes it does go by oh so fast - but just enjoy it. Thank you for your letters. I love them. You are in my every prayer. Remember we are never far in spirit! I am glad you had fun at the football game. I will talk to you Monday!!! Love you so much
Brennen- Hey Stud - how goes the battle? As you told me of your first race experience I couldn't help but think of my first race.  It was so hard, so hot, and I flat out hated it. But as you get stronger you will come to like it more. Never walk, always go until you feel you will die. Sounds hard and it is, but you will do great things I am sure. Listen to Coach Nordquist. Tell him hello and that I love him. He is outstanding in all aspects of his life. Love you bud - excited to chat.
Alex- Que pasa amigo? how is your XC going? You had a good last week. It is so awesome the three of you were together with Grandma and Grandpa. Those are some of my most favorite and cherished memories with them. How is your running going? I am sure you are loving it. 7th grade I cant believe it. Have a good year. Make good choices - especially when it comes to friends. Set the standard for what type of person you are going to be for the rest of you school. How do you want to be remembered? I think you will be remembered as the stud athlete you treated everyone with kindness and never met someone who wasn't your friend. Be like Brennen. you already are. I love you Al.. Keep being your awesome self. Tty soon
Harrison- Dude a whole week with Mom and Dad at Redfish!! How awesome! Are you ready for school?  I bet you did some really fun things. I get to hear your awesome voice so soon! Love you buddy. Have a great week
McCall- Hey sweetie! How are you? I am also excited to talk to you on the phone in a couple of days! Its going to be so fun! I miss you. Sounds like you have had a great week. Keep being awesome. Say goodbye to the squirrels before you go to school!  :) They are going to miss you.
Well, I am planning on calling at about 10ish or so on Monday morning. I will call the Cabin. I am looking forward to that. I am sorry for all the spelling errors ext. I am typing fast because I have to get back to our infield orientation workshop. We had a new district come in this week and we hosted them, that is the biggest job as zone leader.
Remember that you who you desire to become is who you will be. Set those high goals and really want it and go for it!! I am nervous but very excited. I speak Spanish like a two year old or worse, but I have learned a lot. I will make it as I humble myself and rely on my Father in Heaven. I am aware that the next month or two it probably going to be my hardest in my life. I know I will emerge a better missionary. I will never loose my attitude and optimism. I love you all with all my heart and I will talk to you soon. May you be blessed always.
Love, Austin
Elder Clegg

I will write more via snail mail tommorrow, I hope you got my pictures!