Friday, April 12, 2013

April 13, 2013

Hello Cleggs,

How has the week been?

It was a excellent week. The tour went great throughout the mission with President.

I don´t have much time but I wanted to tell you about the Family Barbosa.

So we were waiting on them Sunday. We called the night before to tell them what time we would pass by to pick them us and he told us not to come... that they would come alone walking. Experience has hurt my trust a little and I pushed a little saying that we would love to come by and that it is not a problem, but he didn't budge. I told him that we would be praying that they made it and we would save them seats with our Bishop Martinez´s family. Then at the 1 o clock Sunday afternoon and they were not there. Bishop showed up and had a spot for them but they were not there. We were sad. I called him at 1:20 and they didn't answer. We had fasted for them...we did everything. I said to Elder Bird, "lets go to their house and look for them", he told me "if they wanted to be here they would already be here, just let it go". We decide to look for them between sessions. Literally just in that second, Elder Cruz, my old comp came out and said to us  " Hey your investigators are sitting in front of us!"  My first thought was  he has got to be joking and just brushed it off. Then he said, "No really!" So we ran to the back and sure enough... the whole family was sitting there. Sister Barbosa in a skirt and the kids were in back playing with some friends from Taekwondo. It was so awesome so we sat with them and then Bishop walked home with them.

We haven't been able to teach them this week because we haven't been here. But we have called them everyday and we have the commitment for the church. Thank you for your prayers in there behalf. They are greatly needed.

Conference was amazing. I loved President Monson´s talk at the end of the session. They all were so great!! I am so excited to read it.

Well once again my time is short...this Monday should be normal. This morning I translated with President and a Elder who is struggling and the psychologist of the area who doesn't speak Spanish. That was a really tender experience.

Well I love you all with all my heart. I love the gospel so much.

Have a great weekend...

Thank you Mikesell and Amy for two wonderful letters. You are both inspiring.

All my love,

Elder Austin

Mosiah 3:19

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