Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hello Dearest Family,

Thank you so much for the excellent emails. It is sure great to hear from you all.

Brennen- I am sure proud of your accomplishment in earning your Eagle. That will bless you greatly!! Thank you for being a example of living what you learn. You are the man!

It has been a excellent week. I have learned a lot and although it was very busy with the preparation for transfers and the conference with Elder Zabellos... it was a great week. Elder Bird and I had the goal to teach at least one lesson with member everyday.  It really worked miracles in our area. Teaching with members is so powerful!! Last Saturday we found a great family.  Their nephews live in Chille and are converts and were recently sealed in the temple. They are talking with them through facebook and that is a big help. But we taught them every day with members and it worked out so great. They are understanding the Book of Mormon well. They know a lot about God and have some great questions. The Family consists of the parents who (David y Edith) who have 84 and 80 years. They are the funniest couple. Every time David finishes reading in the Book of Mormon he shouts out to his wife "Mama- 18" and points at her. He was a very active member of the Baptist faith but because of some bad experiences he stopped going. They have  two daughters who live with them, Garciela, who has 48 years and has a great son named Mosies, he is 30 and single. Then there is Ruth and her husband and there daughter Veroncia. David, Edith, Mosies, and Ruth all came to church. The others had to work. They enjoyed it and it was a great experience. Also Erwin and Ceclia came to church... we have been working with them for about three weeks and they finally came. The two families showed up at the exact time in their own cars.  The family Martinez and other members were really great in helping them feel good in the church. It was a great experience. There always is a special spirit when there are investigators in the church and it was great. Martha got up and bore her testimony. She is incredible. Her knowledge is deepening and she is really loved and taken up by the members. Nestor and Raul are also doing well and sticking strong. Bishop teasingly asked for my membership records, and another Brother offered a room to rent out if I just wanted to move to the ward. I love the ward and am really grateful for them. Heavenly Father really answered my prayers this week. 

All the Elders and one Sister are here in the office. It is another great group of missionaries heading home with transfers and I am so grateful for them. I was trying to remember how many of the family nights with finishing missionaries I have been to and I think this is my 6th or 7th. 
 This week on Thursday we are in Mar Del Plata for the conference. We have a lot of set up to do. And then we get back Thursday night to prepare for the conference in Bahia Blanca. We are trying to assign out the work so that it goes a little bit more smoothly.  Your prayers so that everything goes smoothly and that it is well organized ...are greatly appreciated!!! Also this week was President ParreƱo´s Birthday, we had Asado with them and that was a neat experience.

Dad-  I am glad that you are up at The Fish. I hope that all the set up goes well. Thanks for your email. Have a great week.

Mom- I sent your birthday letter last Monday. It should get there on time. Next week is Mothers Day..I will be calling in the afternoon after church, is that ok?  Is there any conflicts with that? I sure love you Mom. Have a great week. Thank you for all that you do!!

Mikesell- I loved your letter. Thank you for being a great example of attitude and effort. It sounds like it will be a great week for you with Dad. I loved being up there in the spring time. It is a sacred place. I sure love you Mikesell. Have a great week. Keep strong.

Brennen- Such great pictures of the court of honor!! That is awesome. Tell Jacob congrats also. How do you feel? How is the rehab going?  How are your classes going? Are you excited for finals?  Keep growing brother. I sure love you.

Alex- How goes the battle buddy?  How are your classes? What have been your spring activities. Have a great week buddy. I love you!

Harrison- Souds like you are living it up and are also busy with all your activites. Thank you for your prayers Harrison. You the man Harrison. Have a great week. I love you.

McCall- How is the sunshine on that freckled face of yours? I hope that you can finish schools with all 100's. I love you Cally.
I love the Gospel so much.  My greatest desire is to feel the sprit and just work and change peoples lives. I am excited. Thank you for your prayers. I hope that you have a great week. All my love.

Eter 12:4
"Stick to your task till it sticks to you, beginners are many but enders are few,
Honor, power, love, and praise will always come to the one who stays."

Elder Austin

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