Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello dear ones,

So glad to hear that you are all doing well. Sounds like it was a wonderful week. Sounds like a lot is going on...which doesn't surprise me.

This week has been a really good, really busy.  Monday and Tuesday we were in Tandil and Olvarria delivering all of the house things. Wednesday and Thursday we were able to work in the area. Hermano Moran is doing really well. I am excited for him... his granddaughter went to church and there is a lot of reactivating, and baptizing to be done in this family. I am super excited to try and work with them. On Friday we went to Santa Rosa.... it was Elder Costanzi`s birthday. He really enjoyed it. The conference went really well and I was able to see the family Ose and you won`t believe it....the Garcia Family!!! Sergio was in the hospital and we went and visited him. We just talked for a while and it was a great time. Sergio asked for a blessing. They are doing well and have bought a car! Sergio is working to recieve the Melchesdik Priesthood.  It was so nice to see them! We had a great zone conference!! I talked to Elder Yarger, who I just love to death.  His Dad has recieved a calling as Stake Patriarch. It was just so great to see him.  We then returned by bus to Bahia and got here at three in the morning. Saturday we passed transfers and then did some preperation with buying the tickets and orgaizing the houses and worked in our area. 12 Elders are leaving and we are getting 14 tomorrow. Which makes the mission have 218 missionaries. They are telling us that we will grow up to 250. Presidente and Hermana Parreno were in Buenos Aires for a Mission Presidents conference and they had some great experiences with Elder Oakes and Elder Bednar that were really fun to hear. I love them both so much. I am doing well... I just want to invite people to Christ and nothing else. Thanks for your prayers and your support. Tonight we have the final dinner with these 12 elders.   Tomorrow we roll to the airport in the morning to see them go, and then at 7 we go to recieve the new missionaries. Wednesday is the trainer conference and then Thursday life should start to be normal again. My companion and I gave a talk yesterday in church and it went well we have a wonderful ward.  I would love more time to work with them. We are doing all we can and the Lord is blessing us a ton.

Dad- I saw this profile on Mormon org and I firgured that you have to know this guy, check out the link. How are you doing? I am sure glad that you went to State in Lewiston with the team. That is wonderful.   I love you Dad. Thanks for being who you are. Have a great week!

Mom- I love you. Thanks for everytihng. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I loved your stories of following your promptings. You and President Monson. Honestly Mom, to answer your question about Christmas I dont ask or need anything for Christmas. Whatever money you would spend , you can use your creativity and serve someone... or save it for a family activity or something. The only thing I want  is a hand written letter from everyone with three things that they are doing to do before July to get better, serve, or grow. I love you so much Mom. I'm glad you got to teach seminary those two days. I wish I was in your class! Thanks for teaching me so much with your huge example. You really are the best. Have a great week. Enjoy the ward there in Jerome this week and tell everyone that I love them.

Mikesell- I am glad that you have found the  problem with your shins! That is wonderful I am so glad that you are having so much fun and that you did so good on your math test. You are diong so well!! What a girl! I hope that you are enjoying your dates every weekend. Sounds like this one guy is pushing. More than three dates if they are returned missionaries means that they most likely will ask you to marry them. haha, kinda of a joke, and kind of not.  I love you Sis. Keep strong. Keep being excellent! Enjoy the full moon!

Brennen-  That is funny about what Bridon said. I love you buddy. Keep being a light in  school and making good decions. Go domn the court this year. I love you Brother. Thanks for being the man.

Alex- I hope that you are doing really well with Ball and everything. I love you man. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. I love you Buddy. I miss you.

Harrionson- The man! I love you and hope that you are excited for Halloween. Who are you going to be? I love you man.

McCall- Will you send me pictures of your Halloween? I love you Call. Keep being so nice to everyone and giving Harrison kisses. I love you.

I love you all so much. This week I learned the importance of studying the scriptures and not just reading. It has been so busy that I have been trying to just get in time to read the scriptures and I learned how I need to study. I am so grateful for the schedule of missionaries. I love you all. I love Heavenly Father. I love this work and I am grateful. Have a great week. I am sorry for the rushed letter. Its just one of those busy weeks again.
I love you with all of my heart!

All my Love,

Elder Austin

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