Monday, October 8, 2012

Let the mission madness begin... I am super excited and I can feel the excitement down here from up there, well and the members here are also really excited too!!
Grandma Clegg- Thank you for you email and for your prayers. I am excited for the experiences that you will have and are going to have during the course of the temple. I love you and please send lots of love to Grandpa and Uncle Alan and dont worry...I will bring you home a whole suitcase of Christmas Ornaments if you would like. I have been and will be keeping my eye out.
Well I am writing from a town called Trenque Lauquen.It is about four hours away from Bahia Blanca. President just finished all of the interviews with the zone and now tomorrow we have the conference and then tomorrow we go to Olvarria and then to Tandil and then to Necochea and then we come back to Bahia this Saturday. It is a busy week!
Last week was a great week,
I am trying tp peice it together in my head and it was a normal week. Had to be in the office alot because my comp left to a zone conference but I left and did splits with a member that is preparing to leave to go on a mission now. It was a good week. We dropped Luis Torres and family, or we got really honest with them and told them what they were going to miss...and he explained how he was comfortable in his church and didnt want to change.   Good ole Agency!!! I am excited for this week and amd getting to know alot more missionaries and am really glad for that. Dad, thanks for your great advice and thoughts on that.

Dad- Thanks so much for your letter this week. I loved it. It has been a adjusment for me to be in the office, but it has helped me learn that a career with not so much office-ness would be something that would make me happer. I love to be out with the people. But I am so grateful for this time and the number of people that I can serve the realm has increased greatly and I am super grateful for that! Thanks for the update on the debate. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard when I read what Glenn Beck said. I thought the General conference talks were so great. I really liked the Elder Eyrings talk about expecting the will of God. Elder Hollands power house and really all of them. I felt like they were are really clear and left us with desire to act.  The message is so clear. My ten questions were answered and then some. Thanks for your advice about thoughts.  It is so important, and something that I need to watch even more in the office. I am so grateful for mission rules that protect us. Have a great week and thanks for sharing your love for Mom. I think she is pretty special also. We both got pretty lucky!! I love you Dad. Have a great week. Shout at the tv for me during a debate.
Mom- Thanks so much for sending a camera... I am sure BYU and Provo is a mad house with all the girls wanting to leave. The sisters in this mission are such studs and the church is going to grow a ton now. I am pumped. We have decided that the BYU campus will be pretty empty on the female side the first  year that we get back, and really it is wonderful. I am glad that the end of the year employee slide show went well and that the season ended well. So many great people. I get giddy with all the missionary oppurtunites that I am going to have when I get back. I want to get the missionaries teaching at least three employees. Mom -I love you so much!! This Sunday is Mothers Day here in Argentina. I will be thinking of you and Grandma Crouch and Clegg. Thank you for sharing that sweet story about Ben and Katie. I was thinking about them during conference. Send my love to them. You are the best Mom. Have a great week and thank you for your prayers. . Oh and I was able to see Preisthood and it was absoulty wonderful!!
Mikesell- You were the first one I thought of obviously when the annoucmnt came out. Dad´s advice is great. Think, pray, you got time. You know how I feel about the mission. I am glad to hear you got to run so well, and that you love your roommates. I formed bonds with my Freshman floor that can never be broken. I love those men. You will form life long friendships and it is so great to have so much time with cousins and wonderful aunts and auncles. I love you Mikes. I will be praying for you like always. Thanks for being incredible and such a wonderful example. Have fun and keep studying hard!!
Brennen- I sent your letter on Tuesday last week and so it should be getting there this week I think. When is Sadies? Brennen, keep being a stripling warrior. The war is getting thicker and you can't mess with the gray brother. Stick to the rod. I love you so much Brennen. You are such a great example to me. Keep jumping--- Do you have a Preach my Gospel? I would recomend that you study chapter 3 a little. It will help you do the basics. We will practice teaching also. I love you man. BE A STUD!
Alex- Hey stud. 4th place! Great work. How is your legs feelings? How is BYU football? I love you buddy. How is school? How is your reading in the Book of Mormon. I challenge you to finish it before I get back. Where are you at in it? I love you Alex. A ton. Keep being great. You have an ability to lead that is incredable. People follow you because you have a natural sense of energy and I know that you are going to do a ton of good things in the world.
Harrison- Thanks so much for writing. I am glad that you are doing well. I love you!! Are you excited to have Dad in Jerome with you soon? That was a huge rat in the picture Mom sent. I hope you can learn your mulitcaptions good. Tom from Redfish will really like Argentina. I love you Harrison! Keep being a "Grande"

McCall- It looks like that rat could eat more than just your Barbies nose! I am glad that you are happy I love you and miss you. I hope that you are making lots of great freinds and doing great things. I sure appreciate you and I hope that you know how much I love you. Keep being awesome and growing a ton!!! Handshake!!
Well I really like the scripture I read in Mosiah 5 2- 5 this week. Talks about the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives to helps us to reopent and and change and repentance gives us VISION.
I love each of you with all my heart and I feel and am really grateful for your prayers every day. I'll keep trying to be the missionary that you all think that I am.
All my love,
Elder Austin

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