Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello Wonderful Family,

Sorry that I could not write yesterday. Since I wrote yesterday I literally have been driving and driving. Out of eight Elders here in the office only four can drive and so it was my turn to help out the housing Elders. We went to Olvarria and Tandil. It was a  great! It is a pretty drive with blue sky, green grass, pretty sunshine and 17 million cows. I feel quite comfortable. I saw Elder Yost and that was nice.

Brian Williams-Thank you so much for your letter. It meant so much to me and it is a great treasure. I am thrilled to hear that your family is doing so well. Have a great week and thanks so much for your wonderful example. I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers. Hope Jerome´s Bball team is looking good this year. Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

I am also thrilled to hear that the temple open house is going well Grandma and Grandpa Clegg. I hopé that you enjoy such a special time. What a wonderful blessing!

Last week was a great week.... Actually even though I had a surprise trip to Mar Del Plata on Tuesday and Wednesday to do zone conferences up there because the Elder Gravelle, the other assistant, wasn't feeling very well... we had some great success in the area. We found this awesome and really sweet couple Jaun Carlos and Ana. They have four kids that are doing really well. They are thinking baptism and are really good people. I love talking to good people... it make me so happy. Also we are working with a less active family that have a brother in law who is not a memeber...well they are not married... but that doesnt stop us. I am excited I have a lot more desire to work in my area and  that is what makes me most happy. This office stuff is not my style, but I love it, and am grateful to learn that now. And I am learning so much and don´t want to sound ungrateful at all. It such a blessing to serve so many missionaries. On Friday we go to Santa Rosa to give the last Zone Conference.  This week is also transfers and so Sunday- Tuesday will be crazy but I love transfers and seeing the Elders leave... and the new energy of the missionaries. I think we are receiving some from Colorado... I am not sure what mission, but I will sure ask them if they know Elder H. Clegg!!

I hit a a wrong key and half of the email that I wrote just got erased.... haha. So I will try to put it in next week.

Mom and Dad- I am glad you enjoyed the time at the fish and that you are doing well. It is a lot of work to get moved out and all of the vehicles out. Good luck teaching seminary Mom those two days.  I love you both so much and thank you for your great letters. Have a wonderful week and thanks for your prayers.

Mikesell- I am glad you are so doing well and enjoying school. Keep hitting the books hard and enjoying your many dates. I love you sis. Keep being a capa.

Brennen- I am so glad you will be getting your license this week or so. That is wonderful. Enjoy it and I hope that baball goes well. Tell Coach Messick hello for me. I love you bro.

Alex- I expect a report on your stats every week. I love you buddy and amd glad you are doing well. Keep being the real deal.

Harrison-  I love you little man, I am glad that you are so happy and doing so well. Have a great week and remember that I love you more than anything.

McCall- You are Harrison looked so great out there on the docks. You are so tall. I hope that you have a wonderful week. Happy Halloween. What are you going to be this year?

Well I love you all so very much. I am so grateful for prayer and the power that it brings us. Keep doing miracles there in JTown....

All my love,

Elder Austin

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