Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your letters. I really enjoyed the emails from Papa Arlen and Grandma Crouch and also from Grandma Clegg. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for your prayers.

Sounds like you are all had a wonderful week and that it has been a beautiful fall. I am glad that the closing of Redfish was smooth and that you will be all under the same roof here very soon. I bet Mikesell just loved her time at home and I am sure that was a very good weekend for you all. That is so great.

This week was a truly wonderful week. I have been spirtually fed to the max. With General Conference last weekend and then listening to and particpating in four zone conferences in the week... I am super pumped to be back in my area and apply more of what I learned. I feel a little more focused in my area and and super excited. I met a whole bunch of new Elders. I got to see Elder Yost - he is doing wonderful. He had a baptism yesterday and will baptize next week also. His zone leader told me that it is impossible to not love that kid. He is right. Elder Gravelle and I were able to be with President and Hermana all week and we both got our fair share of driving in. It was wonderful to see some more of the mission. I can not tell you how much field there is with cattle. It is insane. It makes Idaho looks like nothing. It just is flat pasture forever in all directions. We went to to only mountious part of the mission in Tandil and is was pretty there. I learned so much from President and Hermana. They are such wonderful people and I am so blessed to learn from them. The conferences went well and it was fun. We slept in the car one night and in the zone leaders houses the other nights. Our mission has so many great elders. The focus of the zone conference, that we focused on was based on planning and setting goals and using time wisely. President talked about the importance of following the spirit and working with members. Hermana, she is a trained motivational speaker, I am sure. She talked about dreams and her dreams to baptize thousands in the mission...and she is serious. We are working our tails off to baptize 1000 this year. It is reachable but everyone in the mission has to baptize instead of only the same handful that are baptizing. Mosty, we need to become the type of Elders that can baptize every week in the mission. DESIRE.
A very spritual experence that I had was the oppurtunity to visit the Peñalva family and Estefenia Gomez in Nechochea and see a less active family that is coming to church now and the District President. The Peñalva family is struggling, we all cried and they were very shocked when they realised that it was me knocking their door. They havn't been very active in the church and that has been hard for me. Member help is so essential in missionary work. We had a good lesson and I did all that I could do to help them. I hope they start coming again. They are so close to breaking through. Please remember them in your prayers. I am super grateful for the families that stay active in the church after baptisim. It is not a easy thing. I invite you to visit and establish relationships with any new converts in the ward.  Estefenia is doing great - she is growing in the gospel and her sister is going to church everyweek. A missionary got back to our ward yesterday he is doing well. I am not going to lie, that adjustment looks really tough. Not going to think about it.Lots of miracles happened and it was a great week. Betty will getting married within the month and she is super happy. We had a new investigator Fabian in chruch who had a really great experience. He is great and we have a lesson with a member tonight with him. The ward is great here, we have built a good relationships with them and I love them all. There is a family in our ward that has ten kids, they are all married and grown up all our active, bishops, high coucil members, but the father is inactive. I watched as the 8 brothers blessed a baby yesterday and was so grateful for the power of the priesthood and BROTHERHOOD in our lives. I love the relations of brothers. I am grateful Dad, for your example of that with your brothers.....and the love that I have for Brennen, Alex and Harrison. You are studs and I love you.

Dad- Thanks for your great email. I am praying like crazy for the States. Oh man it is so huge what is happening. I think it is a blessing I am not there becuase I would be going crazy. Keep mentally sain and I will be praying for you. Tell Art and Jane hello for me. I am glad that the Fall has been smooth. I love you Dad. Thanks for you great example. Keep winning.

Mom- I am so sorry I forgot to tell you last week that I did recieve the package... with all of the traveling it slipped my mind. Thank you so much!! I loved the pictures and thank you for your thoughtfulness. I love you. What was your favortie GC talk? I am glad you enjoyed teaching seminary. I am sure you influenced and inspired many always do!!!  I love you....

Mikesell- It is so great to go home your first time. I went to Muldoon the first time. That was good stuff. It is hard to drive away but you fill refreshed and ready to attack it again. I love you so much Mikes, thanks for your photo. That was great. ha ha. I imagine you all grown up and a college woman. Keep loving it and doing good things. Thanks for being the best sister ever. I love you.

Brennen- Hey stud. How is those jumping stilts going? Are you gettting pumped for bball? How is your team looking this year? Will your coach be Mr. Sharp? That will be a great year!  I love you Brother. Thanks for being awesome. Keep strong and active. Have fun  at Sadies. Don't make too many girls cry. I am excited for you to be a Priest and we can bless the sacrament together up at Stanley. Love you Bro.

Alex- Hey my man, third place huh? atta boy. This morning we ran to our Bishops gym and worked out and we are going to start doing that felt really good. I love you Alex. Keep being a great kid. Exceed your vision. Love you man!

Harrison- How are you buddy. I sure love you. how is summit? Sounds like you are making some great friends. Harrison the friends that you make are so important....the most important choose buddies that do good things and do excellent things. I love you buddy!! Keep up the good work.

McCall- Hey there toothless, just like that dragon. I love you Cally and keep being a excellent girl. I love you more than you know.Keep being wonderful. You are beautiful!

I read in Moroni 10: 30-34 this week and I loved it.


May Heavens richest blessing be yours and know how much I love you and pray for you.

Keep on the sunny side and enjoy the Fall!!


Elder Austin

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