Monday, August 1, 2011

July 29, 2011

Well Hola to the best family in the world! How are you all today? The temple was finally open for P-day today so I am sending this off a little late. I had a great time at the temple. It was great to go back!! I am almost certain that I saw Ellory Pugmire walking out of a session. I was not able to say hi, but I know it was her. You will have to see if she was there on Friday morning. I also saw Beth Lott on the way back, she was volunteering at the trc which is great. Elder Morris got here this week and it has been great to see him around. Pretty much my whole floor from BYU is here right now so it is a great blessing. There are so many people here from BYU who I love and get to see frequently. It is lift during those hard moments.  I am convinced that there are no bad days here, just some hard moments in the day. Heavenly Father always lifts me up when I am missing all of you and home. I am happy here.
I received letters this week from the Cox Family ( cookies), Lindsay, Mikesell, Harrison and McCall. A amazing package from Mom - thank you so much!! A dearelder from Brennen, Alex, Mikesell, Dad and of course you Mom:)  I also got a letter from Bishop Prince and Amy.  Thank each of your for your letters. They were awesome. I wrote Papa and Grandma last week but I think they sent the dearelder before they got my letter. Dad! Thank you so much for your letter. It meant a lot to me as they always do. I actually have thought several times about how you worked in the cafeteria. I always think about all the great family members that I have here that walked the halls and side walks of this place and it gives me a little more meaning. I am so excited to here how tomorrow goes with the Triathlon! Good luck and you will countine to be in my prayers. Tell the Gunnell family hello for me. I love you Dad.
Mom -Thank you so much for all of your notes and the package and the pictures. They mean the world to me. How are you feeling - sleeping? I love your journal entries.  I will try and write snail mail latter today, but it might not get sent until tomorrow so it will be slow getting there. Sounds like you have a very busy couple of weeks coming up. You will be in my every thought and prayer. I feel the blessings of your prayers daily.  I love you so much. Time is going really fast for me. It is crazy, I feel like I will be home tomorrow if this keeps up so I better get to work. The days really are long and the weeks really are short. Have a great time in Burley tommorow. I love you with all my heart!
Mikesell the Stud! - Did you get my really short and messy letter? After I got your dearelders I sent off a quick letter. I was so happy to hear about how well you did at BYU cross country camp. I was praying my guts out for you. I really did feel you closer...two blocks away... crazy! I was constanly on the lookput for you while I was up at the field for our exercise time. It is very possible that you could have drove by in the van  while I was there...crazy to think about. Thank you for your letters.  Keep working hard!!!  Are you going to do the traithlon with Dad tomorrow? Keep me posted. And I loved your picture. I will try and write you soon.  I love you more than I can say Mikes. I will try and tell you some fun stories and such in the letter. 
Brennen the MAN!!- Thank you for sending your talk that you gave in church. That was awesome. How was the Book of Mormon youth camp? I am sure you loved it. Those are such good times. I bet you are happy for a week at Redfish this week though with two weeks in a row being gone. That will be nice for you. Thank you for writing - I love hearing from you. How are the docks and what adventures have you and David and Alex been up to? Love you bro. Keep up the good work.
Alex my buddy! - How are you? How was your week this week, thanks for your email and your support. What did you do this week?  My white shirts are taking a beating but I got "Shout" and they are staying pretty clean - thanks for checking though? :) I figured that was a fair question after I asked if your new white hat is still white! It is your turn to get a letter from me this week. I love you brother. Keep up the good work. 
Hair bear:) - How are you Harrision?. I loved your picture so much! Thank you!  What did you do this week? I hope you are having a fun summer.Have fun at the traithlon race tomorrow. You are the man, keep being nice to Cally and all the siblings. Have you been jumping in the lake alot?
Cally Dolly - Thank you for your picture so much!! I loved it! I miss you Cally.  What was your favorite thing you did this week? I am sure you are having fun with Lindsay! You are so cute. Have a great week. Don't forget our handshake!
I learn so much each week it is hard for me to narrow down one thing to write about. I think this week I learned how important it is to let the best part of your self lead. We really can't do anything without the help of Heavenly Father. Dad, being a district leader is great, I love my district and they are easy, they all lead themselves or follow Christ. We have a special district I feel. We are all so diferent but that is what makes us great. I love each of them. It is going to be hard to say good bye down the road. Well I got three min.  I want you all to know how much I love you. I want you to know that a testimony is a living thing, you can never be satisfied with what you have or let down. You must be constantly nourshing it or it will fade. The Spanish is coming, it is very hard for will come, but I dont think until I am well into Argentina... not here in the MTC. I will persist until I succeed. Have fun in Burley. and at the Sawtooth dinner Mom and Dad. I love each of you. Thank you for your prayers. God bless each of you. Keep being the great people you are and tell the Redfish crew hello. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you,  Elder Clegg

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