Monday, August 15, 2011

August 12, 2011 Letter

Note explaining some of his letter: This week was a crazy busy week for our family. I had 9 events - feeding 2,900 people. (5 of those events were a "Ride Idaho" Cyclist group of 425 people) 2 weddings, etc.   Brennen completed his Eagle Project of building log benches outside of the chapel in town.   Jeff, Mikesell, Brennen, and Alex climbed Mt. Heyburn on Thursday. Austin sounds sooo great- I know he misses being outside- but studying all day inside would do that to anyone I suppose!

Well good day to my most favorite family in the world! Thank you so much for the letters and support this week! I can't believe how busy you all are so for you to take time to write means a lot and I really appreciate it. Mom, I bet you are just rocking all of the events. Sunday and you will be done! What a week. Dad I got your letter with the IRA info - have you gotten it back yet? I also received a package from the great cousins - Dani and Clarissa. Their letters were so nice and the package was very thoughful. I also got a letter from Trish , a wedding announcement from Kim, a letter from Elder Lott, (he sounded so good! I really miss him...) and dearelders from Dad, Mom, Mikesell, Aunt Julie, Rachelle, and Olivia Mayer. They were all really nice and I appreciated them so much! I loved the pictures you sent Mom! I will look at them more later today. I got up at 5 for laundry and wrote this in the study notebook. I will get back on my email latter this afternoon and look at the pictures more, I dont want to waste my email time. I love you all.

Dad- How has your week been? What are your plans for the anniversary coming up? I bet a Muldoon trip or something like sounds nice to both of you.  I can't believe Del did that with the firewood. He is such a great example of self-less service. I have been meaning to get the Ovesons address - if i could I'd really like to send a thank you.  How are the prepations for the service project on Saturday coming? How did Brennen's Eagle Project go? I sure love you Dad and just cannot say thank you enough, tu es el hombre, you are such a outstanding person.  I love you.... Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you again for the finishing last papers for me on the IRA set up.

Mom- If I was in your shoes I don't know if I would be alert enough to even read this letter!! How are you? From your letter earlier this week it sounds like that you have really worked hard on the events and that everything is going smoothly. I am so glad. You have been prayed for much here. I laughed really hard when you talked about being curling up in a ball in a kayak somewhere in the middle of the lake by the end of the week.. That sounds really nice.:) I hope that you are able to relax a little now before the "back and forth" of fall begins. I sure hope you drive safe and the BRT (our name for our Suburban - Big Rolling Turd) stays healthy! Mom -You are such a amazing person and have touched the lives of so many for good. You and Dad's and the kids influence there at the lodge is such a great blessing. I can't believe that you are doing that George Bush thing... ha ha I am also so glad that Nanny Kim was able to be there the whole week to fill in while Lindsay was gone with her family. What a great blessing! I love you Mom! Good luck with your lesson and the remainder of your events this week! Nine events in one week is insane- let alone that many people. Thank you so much! Oh, and I found another pair of garments so, I will be just fine. Sorry for the trouble, I am a little concerned about my running shoes though, they are starting to break up a little , so I think I am going to send them and my basketball shoes home in a couple weeks. So i am wondering if you could send a pair of cheap running shoes? I hate asking for things. Other than that I am doing really well and I don't need anything.  In fact I will be sending a few things home I am sure in a couple weeks so that I can fit everything and be under the weight limit. I got my pants fixed so all is well there. Love you so much Mom! How was that concert? It was funny the next day the elder in my room got the same CD! (Called The Work - by Nashville Tribute) We just wont be able to listen to it until Argentina.

Mikesell the Champion- Oh my goodness - I love getting your letters so much! I look forward to them every week. I miss talking to you very much also. Did you get my letter this week? How is work going? Have you been able to make some solid money? What day does Cross Country begin? I love you and I hope that you are doing well... you are in my every prayer. You are such a outstanding example and person in all that you do. That sounded so fun with the air matress and the laptop movie on the lake at night! ha ha I could just picture it perfectly. Sounds like Goat Lake hike was fun - I was with you in spirit! That I promise. What other fun things have you been up to? What was the last couple of activites at young adults? I sure love you sis, keep fighting and relying on Heavenly Father. He will help you through any challenges that you will ever have. He is always their to lift you up in your hour of need! Have a great week! I am excited to talk to you all on the phone in a couple of weeks! Love you.

Brennen the Eagle!- How did it go? I want to hear all about it! I am so proud of you for getting it done! It will be a blessing to you for every that I can promise. How was your week? Have you still been working on the docks? What about your adventures? I love you Brennen and I look forward to hearing from you. You are such a outstanding young man. You are growing so much. I love and miss you. Keep up the good work!! I would love to hear from you. Remember the awesome blessings that come from keeping the commandments. Life is just awesome! What are you learing in you scripture reading?

Alex the Atrain- Que Pasa amigo? How was your week I sure miss you bro. What have you been up to? I would love to hear from you! Did you help with Brennen's eagle? Did you play frisbee this week? Trish said that you all had not played for awhile so you better get up there! I was able to throw the disc a litte this week, but no real ultimate. I ran and played basketball and volleyball for gym time this week. Is the water getting warmer or is it still a little fresh? How are you mtn biking skills coming? You and Brennen are getting really good. How is su testimonio? I love you brother, keep being a great kid. I sure miss you. I hope you are doing well! Keep up the good work.

Harrison the Mighty- t! How are you amigo? How was your week? Have you been having fun? Mom said you have been reading your scriptures every day! She told me that was your promise for while I was gone. That is so awesome! Keep it up! I would love to hear from you buddy! Keep being a great kid! Have a great weekend and week! What has been the favorite thing you did this week?

McCall! How are you? Did you have so much fun with Kim this week? I bet you have done a lot of fun things together. Are you and Mikesell playing a lot? How is the beach and the lake. Is Tom's ice cream still awesome at the Gazebo? I love you so much sis! Imagine me giving you a big hug! I love you so much. Have a great week. I still love your picture. I miss you Cally.

Well, it has been a great week. I am just trying to go through the refiners fire and become more Christlike every day. I was only released as district leader for about two hours when Elder Tapia and I were called as Zone Leaders. That was a little overwhemling. We got a new distict in our zone this week so we have been working with them alot. It is a great oppurtunity to serve and to work along side our great branch presdency. Your prayers are much appreciated and felt. Spanish is coming along slowly. I am learning how to teach much better now. I love teaching and I love being bold with our fake investagators. Yesterday I went off campus with our new district leader to rite aide to pick up a prescpition. It was so wierd to be off the MTC campus. I drove right by budge and all of Helaman. It was weird but nice. Everyone was so nice to us and we actually were able to talk to a non active member as we were waiting outstide for our shuttle back. It was so awesome to see what the summer was going like out side the mtc. It got me so excited for the opportunity to teach others about the happiness that we have. I saw yesterday the senior couple from Jerome that is heading to France, that was so nice to see them. The Okleberries I believe. They are so sweet and it was so nice to see them. I am excited to see Hayden here in a week or two. I keep forgetting to tell you all that Brother Jolly is a member of our branch president and that he is related to the President Jolly in Salmon. He was up there just a few weeks ago. Time is going by really quickly here. I am excited for Argentina but also a little nervous. I want you all to know that theis Gospel is all about being happy!  Christ lives he loves you and all of his Children. GOD WANTS US TO BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE. I love you all with all my heart. Have the best week ever and be looking for that snail mail latter in the week. I love hearing from all of you. God bless and Vaya Con Dios.  
Love, Elder Clegg

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