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July 22, 2011

(I think he may be a little home sick this letter...but coming from Redfish Lake and sitting in a classroom all day learning Spanish...I understand. He is always been so aware and thoughtful of each of us...the communication will be an adjustment for him - and for us!!) (Audra)
Hello my Dear Family,
I am so excited to write you. Dad, I got your dearelders - thanks so much!!  Mom, I also got your dearelder. How you are still standing... I do not know! You are truly the most amazing women in the world. Mikesell, Brennen, Alex, Harrison and McCall treat Mom and Dad like gold. Because they are worth even more than that. They sacrifice so much for us kids. Be sure and be helpful in the little things. You do well already, but we can always do better.  Oh and Mom, I did get your email last week. I also got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Clegg today.
Mikesell, you have to tell me everything about your BYU Cross Country camp. Everytime I went to the field by the temple I couldn't help but hope you would run by somehow. But it just wasn't meant to be. I prayed for you SO much and could feel your giant spirit in Provo. Please tell me everything about how it went. I love you Mikesell.
Brennen, How did the 50 miler go? I hope you had a blast. I still remember the 50 miler hike and I loved it so much!  I really do miss not being outside here and I am jealous that you were able to be outside all day. How did your talk go on Sunday?  I have heard awesome things. I would love to hear about your week and your adventures... have Mikesell show you how to send a dearelder. I love you Brennen. You the Man!
Alex, Que Pasa? What have you been up to this week buddy? How are those Kinkade girls doing? I loved the subject of your talk. I so wish I could have heard it. You and Brennen should send me a copy. I expect a dearelder from you this week with a full report. I love you buddy. Is your white BYU hat, still white?
Harrison! Guess what buddy, I am sending pictures today! I hope that you had a great week with Lindsay and McCall and Alex and Mom and Dad!  I bet you missed Mikesell and Brennen being gone all week. Is the lake starting to drop? How is the bear doing? Have you named that pet squirrel yet? I love you buddy. I sure miss you.
McCall you Angel, How are you? How is the lake? What kind of ice cream did you get this week?  How was playing with Cousin Kaylee? I am sure you loved that. What adventures have you been up to? I love you so much McCall and wish that I could give you a big bear hug! You will just have to imagine it though. I love you sweetheart. Remember who your favorite brother is!! :) jk
I really appreciate the letters - I love hearing how everyone is doing and what they are doing. It is hard to get used to this kind of communication. I am used to touching base with each of you everyday. I'm sure a lot of us missionaries are going through this adjustment with the kind of communication we have in the world today. I just pray for you all SO much and I hope that you know how much I love you. It kinda hit me this week that I will not see you for two years. It hurt a little, but once again Heavenly Father has blessed me and I am as happy as ever.  The day to day routine is pretty much the same. I learn so much everyday and know my relationship with Heavenly Father is strengthening. Spanish is hard, but it is coming along. Dad, we have learned all the conjugations and just started the adjective stuff. It is so much information in so little of time. Dad, what kind of study tactics did you use in learning? I have flash cards and read the BoM in both languages everyday, try to speak it as much as possible etc. We had great devo and fireside this week. I sang in the MTC choir and that was fun. I was in the front row, with Elder Patterson. We also sang "Called to Serve" for the first time as a MTC. Wow...... Easton gave me a texas shirt that says "Austin" on it. Taylor Morris comes next week and I am excited to see him Colton Grange is having issues with his visa and has to stay a extra two weeks here.    Mom, I found some great scriptures on the law of attraction. D&C 6:8 and 1 Nephi 10:17 or maybe 19 .  I will write another snail mail letter with the pictures if I missed anything. Did you get my letter this week?
I love my teachers here so much. They are so awesome. One is majoring in Spanish and the other has spoken his whole life, so they are both really knowledgeable. Well I just got my five minute warning. Tell the Employees at Redfish I say hello and I pray for them . I sure do miss it.  I love each of you more than I can express. I miss you like crazy but know that the harder I work the sooner, I will see you again. I feel your prayers and I hope you feel mine.  This is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the way to be happy. Heavenly Father loves each of you so so so much and wants you to be successful. Show your love to Him by reading the scriptures, praying and being diligent in keeping his commandments and following the example of Christ. May each of you be blessed beyond measure.  I love you and will talk to you next Friday! Time is flying here. I am so excited for Argentina, but realize what a special time this is for me to prepare. Have a great week and keep being your best selves!! Brennen and Alex, I expect a dearelder from each of you with a full report of your adventures. Tell David Grange hello for me. I sure do appreciate his example.  I love you God speed.
I love you!!!!!!! Vaya Con Dios
Elder Clegg

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