Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 19, 2011

Hello my wonderful family,
I hope you are all doing well in the high land. It sounds like you have all had a great busy week. HAPPY ANIVERSARY Mom and Dad! I hope that you had a wonderful time at Muldoon. What a wonderful place for you both to go to. Did you get my card last this week? Thank you for the letters this week. I countinue to feel support and I love your letters. Mikesell thank you for your letter and thank you Mom, Dad, Mikesell, Brennen for your dearelders. I also recieved a dearelder from Grandma Clegg - that was really nice. I also received a letter from Cody Davis, what a great man.
Dad the Fantastic- Thank you so much for your letter and your thoughtfulness. I agree, you did score pretty big with Mom. But she did the same with you. I am so grateful for you both and the blessings that you are to me. How was Muldoon? How is business? Mom says it feels like "fall" in the air? I bet you can hardly believe that it is about time for the crew to go back to Jerome. It seems like just yesterday you and I were living the dream up the Cabin together in May. We still are "living the dream", just in different places! :) I love you Dad. Thank you for your prayers. I am so extremely grateful for you. Words can not describe.

Mom the Marvelous- I bet you just loved the Muldoon trip and it is well deserved for you. Good Luck with your wedding this weekend. What day will you head for Jerome for school with the kids? Can't believe school is starting already. Thanks for being so willing to send things. So far as I can see at the moment, I am ready for Argentina.  Thank you for the words on gratitude. They meant a lot. I am learning so much about principles like that everyday. How awesome is it to get about two hours a day to read and study. What a nerd i have become already. I just crave reading the scriptures and the General conference talks. It is so real for me and I just soak it up. One of my favorite scriptures I came across this week is in Jacob 3:2. What are your plans for this week? Sad to have Lindsay leave I am sure. This time of year is always a little hard leaving Dad and Redfish. So many things you love, but you also love many things in Jerome. You will be in my every prayer, as always. I love you with all my heart. I miss you to death, but as always, I find peace in what I am doing and feel myself getting more focused every week. I want to go to work. You are the best Mom! Have a wonderful week. Be looking for snail mail latter in the week. I am going to try and send pictures next week.

Super Mikesell!- School Shopping in Boise huh! Sweet. Did you have a good time? Are you ready for the best school year of your life. My advice is to do all that you can - but also realize how important family time know that and are really good at balancing that out. How is running and such? It will be so great to have Brennen with you at school. You will have to watch out for the stud. He can hold his own though. Thank you so much for your letters they mean the world. I miss you!! Talk to Heavenly Father and then we will be talking to the same person, so it is kinda like we are talking to each other. I have been running, stationary bike, volleyball, and basketballing for gym time this week. I am doing lots of wall sits, lunges, and pushups ect. when I can. We sit so much it is cruel...but worth it. I am going to love to be outside walking in Argentina even if it is freezing for the first couple of months. What are you most excited for? What day is your ACT? I love you Mikesell so so much. Stay strong and countinue to rely on your Heavenly Father. You are in my every prayer. I love you beautiful girl.

B-DAWG!- Hey brother, thanks so much for the dearelder. How was climbing Iowa peak? I bet it was awesome. I bet there was a lot less snow this time. Sounds like you are having a good time. Have you been running?   I looked up " race" in the Topical guide and I found some inspirational scriptures for you . 1 Corinthians 9 :24 Mosiah 4 :27.   Remember that you are just competing to beat yourself. The first year of XC is the hardest, but you get stronger and stronger I will be sending you a letter. You will love it. Just remember that you can only control your attitude and your effort. I will be praying for you. I love you brother! I hope that you have a great week. Keep being a stud. You are just going to love high school. It is such a fun time and adventure in life. Love ya bro.  P.S How did the Eagle project go?

A- TRAIN- Hey my man! How was climbing Iowa peak? I am glad you and Brennen are getting to do so much awesome stuff together.How was your week? Are you ready for school? How is BYU's team looking this year? I love you man. I am excited to hear from you. Have a great week. I am praying for you always. Keep up the good work. Thanks for being a such a good example and good job in that JF 5k run. Did you get a new favorite t-shirt? Is your hat still white? I love you Al. Thanks bud.

Harrison the Great- How are you buddy? Thank you for the note with Mom's dearelders. I bet you are just growing like crazy. ARe your ready for school to start? What has been your favorite thing this week? I love you Harrison. You are awesome. Have a great week. I love you stud.
Imagine a big hug coming at you.

McCally Dolly- Hey Sweetie! How are you? Thank you so much for your dearelder with Mom! I loved that. :) I miss you Cally. Don't forget about our imaginary hugs. Are you still watching The Andy Girffith Show? How are your night time stories?I love you Cally. Have a great week Princess. Thank you for your example.

Well it was a great week here again at the MTC. They are all starting to blend together. I saw the Okelberries quite a bit this week and that was really fun. They are really wonderful people. I met Spencer Clegg this week. He is teaching in the MTC and a hermana in our zone pointed to our tags and asked if we were related. Hayley will know exactly who I am talking about. His Dad is Grant I believe. He knows Larson really well and I think I remember Larson talking about him. I have a picture of Redfish on my study journal and someone asked recognozed the photo and we talked about Redfish for a while. His family goes there every year. Elder Morris left this week for the DR. Elder Trejo leaves on Monday. I will finalize my visa on Tuesday and hopefully get travel plans before next Pday. So far as I know the 5th is still the day that we fly out. It is so strange it is getting so close. I am still climbing the mountain of Spanish. It is pretty hard. I will get it. The first couple months in Argentina are going to be wonderfully challenging. My testimony and ability to study and teach have greatly improved here and I think that is the most important thing. Elder Tapia and I are doing well as Zone Leaders. We still have time to do the most important things. We are trying to speak as much Spanish as possible together as a District, but I am am learing that I have to set my own goals and go for it. I love it here and am constantly happy.
Mom, Thanks so much for the pictures. I love them! That is so great what Dad did about the M& Ms. Loved that idea! You can totally see the picture of your both on the M&M's.  I am so glad that you had a nice break. Well I love you all so much. I look forward to talking to you on the phone. I am going to check with my Branch President to make sure that it is ok. I know all the missionaries call but I will still check. Have a wonderful day. Have a great week. A lot of employees will start to leave I am guessing there at Redfish. That will be really sad to say goodbye to Lindsay I bet. What a great experience to be with her for the summer. She has been an awesome nanny for the family. God is real, he loves each of you and all of his children so much. I am so grateful to have been raised in a Gospel family where I have been blessed beyond comprehension. The Atonement is real and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet -that the Book of Mormon is true and that this church holds the proper authority of Christ. I also learned how important it is to seek after all good things! I love you all -  God loves you. Have a wonderful week and keep being the  great examples of love, service, hard work, and so many other things. God bless you all! I will talk to you next week.
P.S Tell Ashlynn that I met a friend Russel Walker here. He said to say hello and to tell her she looks like the girl off August Rush. Don't know why, but I told him I would deliver the message. I am sure Ash is real excited for BYU. Tell her and Cass and Sadie good luck for me. They are going to love it. I am so excited for them. Tell them I love them.
God speed Amigos! You are in my every prayer!

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