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August 5, 2011 Letter

Hola mi Familia!
It has been another fantastic week here at the MTC. It sounds like you have all had a fantastic week and that you are as busy as ever.  Dad and Mikesell Congratulations on your awesome accomplishment of completing the Spudman in your best times yet! What studs... What Studs...!! So, this week I received letters from Uncle Alan, Kim Yost, dearelders from Mikesell, two from Mom, and one from Dad, and also a dearelder from a good friend of Scott and I's at school, Olivia Mayer. Thank you all so much. They mean so much to me and they are a great support. I cherish them and the kindness and testimonies that are within. By the way, could you tell me when Scott goes into the MTC, and weather or not he got his Visa yet?  If he hasn't I will see him here instead of him going straight to the MTC there.  I believe he comes in this week or the next. Also I think Hayden Clegg comes in in two weeks. I am really excited to see him!!

Dad, Well congratulations on making that PR on your time in the triathlon!  I was so excited to hear that. Thank you for your letter. Sounds like I might see a "new store" in two years...? That would be sweet. I'll keep that in my prayers. I am working hard here. It is a different kind of work than out with Del in the fields of Stanley, or even at school. I have been blessed to adjust to the missionary schedule quite easily. The harder you work - the better your day is... hands down. Me Espanol es meyor toda dia. Yo trabajo mucho lo aprende la conjugations. Me districto hable espanol durante amaroso ( lunch, spelling is off:) Es dificil, but totally worth it. I will be testing out the conversion power of a simple testimony and a smile and action the first few months in Argentina. Then I will be able to teach like I would like to. How is everything at the lake? What is the snow level like? How is business?  Any Fires? The Goat Lake hike sounds awesome and I am a little bit jealous. I limit myself to the time that I can look out our classroom window. I completly white now...with no tan. But that is ok, it is worth it for the way my testimony has grown in the last month. It is incredible. I love the firesides and devotionals here. Singing in the Choir has also been a spiritual treat. I sure love you Dad and think about what you have taught me often, everyday. Thank you for your example. You exemplify Christ in so many ways. I wish I could have seen what you were like during your time here at the MTC.

Mom - so a missionary here showed me how to type everything I want to type on the LDS Study journal and then I can just copy and past it over to the email, so hopefully I can be more detailed in my writing. You will be in my every prayer for the next week (and two years for that matter as you have been the last month) I am glad to here that you are all orgainized. I can't even imagine your week. 9 events and feeding 2900 people. Unbelievable. Do you have all of your help lined up? I wish I could see you doing your thing. I learned how to say your favorite saying in espanol this week "Esta Bien"  "Its All Good" or it is ok. I found a great scripture on "love" this week that I thought you might enjoy, it is 1 John 4:18- the end of the chapter. Thank you for keeping me updated on all of the family news - it is so nice to be updated. Thank you for setting up that blog too... I am not sure who would want to read it, but I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. It sounds like you had a great time in Burley at the triathlon and a good week. I am so glad to hear that Kim Yost is coming up to help with the kids while Lindsay is away with her family. That will be so awesome. I will pray for you so much this week. Have fun! You do such a good job. I love you so much Mom and miss you alot. But everyday is a new day and I am happy and am loving being a missionary. Have a great week. You will make it!

Mikesell - You have had a great couple of weeks it sounds like. I am glad you had such a good time at the Book of Mormon Youth Conference.  Those experinces build foundations for your testimony. How is running coming? I bet you are hitting work hard now. What day does XCountry start? Summer has flown by hasn't it! Enjoy your last couple of weeks in Heaven!!! Jerome is very nice too though. I love you so much Mikesell. I think of you often and am so grateful for a best freind and sister like you. Have a great week and I look forward to your letter. They make my day. All my love sis... Go get em tiger. I heard your talk in church went really well... if you have a copy I would love to read it . Oh and fantastic job on the spudman!!

Brennen- The stud! How are you?  It sounds like you also had a great experience at camp, that is so wonderful. I heard you bore your testimony, that is excellent. How is that family that you have been playing with so much? How is the docks? I love you so much Brennen. Are you going to run XC this year?  I love you Brother. Have a great week. I miss you alot.  You can do anything you set your mind to if you keep being the great young man that you are!!!

Alex - What is happening buddy? How is your week been?  Did you have fun in Burley and at Goat lake yesterday? That made me really miss Stanley, in a good way. I just look out my window and dream of the outdoors now!! :) I will get out there soon though. I expect a letter this week with a full report of you and Brennen's adventures. I love you so much Al. Keep being a awesome kid and shoot for the stars. Are you running XC? Keep it up Al. I love you so much.

Harrison - How are you buddy! How has your week been? What have you been up to? I miss you buddy. Are you having fun playing? I bet you are tired today, that is a big hike for a little guy. 8 miles! But I am sure you handled it well! I am proud of you buddy. I love you Harrison. Keep being awesome. How is Andy Griffith? Thank you Harrison. I love you.

McCall the Angel. How are you?  What are your latest adventures? I miss your voice and your hugs a lot. So imagine me giving you and everyone a big hug. Are you excited for school to start and to see your friends? How is the beach?  I love you McCall. Thank you for your sweetness. Have a great week. I miss you. Don't forget our handshake.

This morning we went to the temple and that was nice as always. We did not do a session, just iniatiory. This week has been great -  time is flying but slow at the same time. I will be released as District Leader this Sunday. I have loved being able to serve my district and I am so grateful for thier examples. They are all such great missionaries.  I really was blessed with a unusually prepared district. I have been playing volleyball and running and pushups during gym time. That has been nice. I did something kind of crazy this morning and cut my own hair.  It doesn't look half bad. Appearently I have a chunk of hair missing in the back of my head - but other than that:) jk.  Mom, you do a much better job. I want you all to know that Heavenly Father loves all of his children and that Christ's Atonement has the power to make us happy. I have learned many great lessons here in the MTC and I wish  I could share them all with you. I just want you to know that my testimony has been strenghtend a lot here. I am trying to be a better teacher. I had a great talk with Elder Crane Wednesday about Faith and how important rightoues desires are. He is a outstanding example. I love Elder Crane. He leaves on Monday and I will miss him.
So one funny story:  This week an Elder went to the Emergency room because he thought he swallowed a Laffy Taffy wrapper. Turns out... he had a sore throat and was getting sick. Kinda funny to me.
Well my time is almost up. I never feel  like I can adaquately tell each of you how much I love you through these emails. I just pray that you know. I hope that each of you have a awesome week. You are all so wonderful and the greatest blessing in my life. May you countinue to be blessed. You are in my every prayer. Tell the Crew hello at Redfish and have fun with Kim staying there this week as nanny.  I hope Lindsay has a great time in Island Park with her family. I hope Eleanor is good to her....      (Note: Eleanor is the name of Austins car... Lindsay borrowed it.)
I love you all. Keep doing what you do!
Love ,
Elder Austin Clegg

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