Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

First off...thank you Lyly Valdes for your dearelder!  That is very kind of you to take the time to write and I am glad that Elder Watts has been able to read a little about the best mission in the world!!:). He will enter the MTC the day I finish my mission, so I will miss him, but tell him that he should be very excited and do all that he can to prepare himself spiritually. Thank you again for writing...


I hope that you are having an excellent day and that you have been able to feel just a little of how important you are for so many. It sure was great to talk to you yesterday for Mothers Day!!  I love you Mom so much. You should get my letter soon. I hope today. That would be a miracle!;)

It was excellent to talk to you all yesterday. It is strange to me to imagine seeing you so soon. It seems unreal a little bit. But like I said I am at peace and happy.

Like I said yesterday on the phone... it was a excellent week!! The conferences with Elder Zabello went really well and it feels good to be done with that. I laugh sometimes because I feel like my whole life before the mission was to prepare me for the mission. Things like getting last minute asked to be on the speech team, learning how to drive a stick the last month of high school, microsoft excel classes, ( use excel a lot with the stats of the mission), and little things like that. 

So I will write the experience that I had with Elder Zabellos...
It was great to be able to serve Elder and Sister Zabellos. The zone leaders helped  a great deal with the organization,and that helps a great deal. We drove back from Mar Del Plata and Elder and Sister Zabellos followed us and that was neat.  Elder Bird took the first shift and I took the second. I was shocked at how much Elder Zabellos drove. He drove all the way from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata -which has to be like 5 hours and then 5 more hours to Bahia Blanca. We got to Bahia Blanca at 8:30 and we dropped off President and Hermana and Elder and Sister Zabellos for a mulitstake meeting. Then on Friday after the conference as we sere serving lunch, President leaned over and said to me, "Elder Clegg, Elder Zabellos would like to have a interview with you." So Elder Zabellos and I went into Presidents Office. Like I said yesterday, he was really kind and spoke highly of the mission and what he saw. He told me some stories and asked me some questions about the conferences. Then he asked me if I had any questions for him and I asked him what had brought him the most success in his career, schooling, and in his church service. He opened my eyes and was so kind. As we were walking back to the conference he looked at me and told me how good life is when we live the gospel. It reminded me of a interview that I had when I became an Elder. President Buhler (from Salmon) told me that "I couldn't even imagine how good life would be if I just lived the Gospel". That is so true. It was a experience that I will treasure for my whole life. I am so grateful for President and Sister Parreño. The whole experience was something I will never forget in my lifetime.

Saturday was a great day. The Vasquez family came to the baptism in the ward, it was actually their neighbor who got baptized and is an investigator of the sisters in the ward. Nestor Baptized him and he did a great job.  He is a good man and I love to see how the Gospel is changing him. 

I can´t believe how quickly the week went by. Thank you for your prayers for the Vasquez Family. They are so special and we need all the help we can get to help them. 

The pictures are of the conference in Mar Del Plata (100 people),  and in Bahia (106), Elder Gravelle, Elder Mikesell, and Elder Bird, President and Hermana and Elder Zabellos and Sister Zabellos, and of Nestor at his baptism.

I love you all. I hope that the very busy week goes well and that you have spiritual experiences. I hope that the surgeries of Papa, and Aunt Robin go well, and that Grandma Daw can get feeling better soon. All such important people in my life. I sure love you all.

I know that the Gospel changes lives, because it helps us to change our attitude and effort. I am grateful for a knowledge of the plan of happiness that helps us grow and see life with a great vision.

I love you all. Keep on keeping on. Have a great week!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!  I know you will have a great one.


Your son, brother and friend,

Elder Austin

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