Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hello Clegg Family,

Thank you for your letters. I appreciate them very much as always. Sounds like the Memorial Day race went really well. I am glad that you had so many people running. That is really a neat thing and has a lot of potential! Sounds like it was a lot of work and loved by those participating.

It has been a great week here in Villa Mitre. It was a normal office and area week. Moises and Rut are doing awesome. David and Edith has gotten a little cold and have stopped doing their commitments like before. We had a great lesson with them in Presidents house. They had some rather large doubts about tithing and we were a little tentative about teaching them in Presidents house, but we decided that we have nothing to hide. We watched President Monsons last conference address and that was really great. They left really good and we resolved a lot of doubts. President and Hermana ParreƱo are so kind. They are just incredible. We announced the baptisms of Rut and Moises for this Saturday. Rut wanted to wait for her husband, but we told her that God would bless her more if she took the first act of faith. She is awesome, so prepared.  The members are doing a good job with them also. They will be a great blessing to the ward here. They will come to do Family Search tomorrow in the center. Keep praying for David. If he decides to go, he is the Father of a large family and you could see some huge results. His son is a pastor and he puts a lot of doubts in his head, but we could not have explained it more clearer with more members. So I feel OK.  He is a great man. He have had lots of spiritual lessons in their house.  We got a surprise on Thursday, we will be getting 11 new missionaries this week, and that was not in the plans and is not part of our transfer cycle. That will be interesting and it will be a lot of movement in the mission.  Funny story for you Mikesell... We were teaching the Family Vasquez tithing with a member who was Evangelical. He is great. It got a little tense at one point in the lesson between him and David. And the member started to talk about how the blessing have came upon him since he paid his tithing and as he went to say "the blessings have come 10 fold" he brought his hand up to the sky and then brought his hand back down again.  A mixture of Napolean Dynamite and after a freethrow in JHS. Elder Bird and I got a kick out of that after the lesson....
We had a lunch with the Tidei Family this week and they are such good examples. Also we ate with the old Stake President and I love talking to him and observing him.  
A story that is not so funny and still hurts happened last night. We were contacting a man close to dark on a bridge and as we were talking a car passed by and then jumped the curb and hit the fence of the bridge. We were the only ones there so we ran over and everyone was ok. It was three drunk men. They tried to start the car again and back out, (the front part of the car was totally destroyed) we told them to get out and then when some other people showed up we moved the car out of the way, to be able to lift up the car, I put my scriptures down on the side walk. Lots of people passed by as we were moving the car and after we talked to several people, we went back to the bridge and my scriptures are no where to be found. So scripture set number two. Check. Gone.  I was a little bummed, but  then we went to house of the man we contacted when they wrecked and we were able to find and teach there... so that was good. I guess I just need to learn that it is more important that I apply the scriptures and not if they are all marked up like I like them or not. Haha, I got a good laugh out of it. If no one ever accepted the gospel through the last pair of scriptures, maybe this one will have a better chance. :)

We have been going to our ward mission leaders gym and so that has been good. The exercise has been great!

I have really enjoyed my studies this week. Some of the scripture that I would like to share.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Marcos 10:17-23
Mosiah 5:8
Luke 17:10- 
Abraham 1:4-
10 Axims to to govern your life, Feb Ensign 2007. Elder Hales

Dad-thanks for your wonderful analogy. I needed that. 
Mom, Mikesell, Brennen, Alex, Harrison, McCall-

Have a great last school week and I hope that your finals go well. I love you all..

I know that through Christ we can make our life visions clearer and purify our hearts....

All my love to each of you and have a great week....Elder Austin

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