Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Welcome to March!

Thank you all for your wonderful letters!! I especially loved the pictures of McCall's baptism and the district champs. That is awesome. It is so great to see pictures of you all!! Thank you for taking the time to write.

It has been a excellent week here in Bahia. We received all of the new missionaries just fine and it was fun. We got 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters. They are young. After we got done explaining some of the mission rules (one of them being that we can not play soccer) and we saw their reactions I said to Elder Bird..."They come in boys and they leave men." They will do great and I am excited for them. The mission changes us all so much for good. The sisters are doing well in our ward. I am excited for them and the ward took them in well. They will be able to help a great deal with less actives. There are things that I have not been able to do very well here with the little amount of time we have left after our office work situation. Sister missionaries work so well, they really do amazing things. For example last week we were given a family that were member referels. We were not able to get to them beforeWednesday becaue of all the movement with the new missionaries. I love the sisters, but when it is transfer time they are a lot more work... : )  ) Anyway, the sisters were in the area, just happened to knock their door and they talked to them and invited them to church!  We came by the next day and talked to them as well and they (Jose and Ana Maria) showed up to church on Sunday. It actually was a testimony builder for me of the fact that this is not our work. It is Heavenly Fathers. He won´t let my lack of time, or weaknesses stop His work, he will just use someone else. haha They loved church and we will see how they progress!! They are not married, but we will see. 

Nestor, is progressing awesome. Started work at 10 at night, got done at 10 in the morning and showed up at sacrament meeting at 10:55. He has accepted a date completely for the 16th  and things are going well. He has accepted tithing, chasity, and the word of wisdom. He had a great lesson with him and Bishop. Bishop is really excited and pleased with the ward growth. On Friday we had lunch with his Mom who lives next door to him, and the sisters were going to eat with the Bishop. His Mom couldn't make us sack lunches though after all because she was gone so they called us inviting us to come. I told him thanks but we couldn´t because I was with my companion, another Elder from Tandil, and a sister who spends her day in the office because she hurt her ankle and can't walk. He said "no just come, just come" I said " No Bishop we don't want to bother you. " He then firmly said come. So we went and we were six missionaries in his house for lunch. It was a good time. It was a spiritual experince as we talked about the the work is "hastening". I did splits with Bishops son yesterday and it was a good time. I love Bishops family. They are solid.  The ward is doing well.

Miguel and Raul blessed the sacrament this Sunday together. That was really special for me to see them up their suits.  Miguel in his wheel chair blessing the Sacrament. Tender moment. Martha is the Secretary in Relief Society. She bears her testimony to everyone in Sunday School. This ward has done a great jobs with these special converts. 

Elder Bird, the other new Assistant, is a stud, super humble, and just loving. He is a perma-grin. I just love being with him and he has the assistant thing down, we have a leadership conference on Wednesday. Mikesell I don´t know how serious or how much you are liking this Carter, but Elder Bird gets home in January. FYI!!

Elder Yost was in the office on Wednesday, he was showing all of his pictures to President Parreño and his wife and they were shocked at such a big wonderful family. It was fun. Elder Yost is a super hard working missionary. He talks with everyone and just doesn´t stop. He is district leader of 4 sisters and 2 Elders and is doing really well. I love seeing him.  Tell his family that I love them.
Dad- Thanks for your letter last week. I have written on the back of my agenda "The other side of the pancake" as a reminder. Thanks so much, it meant a lot to me. I am glad to hear that you are doing well and am also excited for Cally.  Did you see the application of Jordan Gravelle? I love you Dad. Thanks for being the truly perfect father. 

Mom- Yes I did get the package, thank you so much Mom! I am so glad that McCall received the letter. That took a lot longer. I am also glad that you had such a productive week. There is nothing better than reaching your goals. Thanks for the talk--- I did read it and I just loved it. Jerimiah 17:10... I love you so much... Have a great week Mom!!!

Mikesell- I am so happy for Cass. I am glad that I will see her. We will go teach some guests and knock some doors. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I sure love you Mikesell. Keep being the best you. Go get em tiger....I hope you leg gets better. I love you!
Brennen- What a great "stripling warrior" you looked like there in white with McCall. What an all out stud. I am just so proud of you and I love you with all my heart. Keep being strong. Thanks for being a great friend. I know that you will dominate this semester. Keep going for straight A´s and keep your vision on college and what you want in your future. I love you brother!

Alex.... CHAMPION.. oh man I loved the picture of that!! You are quite the "baller". What are your spring sport plans....I love you little bro. Keep on being the CHAMP. How is your Deacons doing? How is your testimony? Sounds like there is a campout planned this weekend at the lodge huh? Good times!

Harrison- How is life little brother? Did you like McCalls baptism? It seems like just yesterday you had your baptism! How are you doing in school? I love you Brother..... 

McCall- .... What a very special week for you. Heavenly Father is very proud of you and the choices that you are making. I love you McCall. I am sure happy for you. I miss you and love you. Keep being great. Big hug....

Thank you for all that you do.... I love you and am so grateful for you. Have a wonderful week. This is the Gospel of Christ...
Keep being great. 
All my love and prayers...

Elder Austin

Pictures from McCalls baptism----

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