Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hello there family that I love so much!

Another week in the books....

It has been a great week here in Argentina. Full of surprises!!! Before I get going and forget I am really grateful for the letters from Sister Amy and Mikesell. They were both excellent. I appreciated your letters so much! Thank you!

So on Tuesday, we always have meeting with President. Last Tuesday President got here and talked with Elder Gravelle alone. Elder Gravelle (other assistant) came out and said Elder Clegg, come here, he went into a room and he told me with the biggest smile on his face. "Elder Clegg, I just had the biggest spiritual experience ever. President just taught me a ton about leadership. I am leaving the office to go be a zone leader in Mar Del Plata" I was super exicted for him. He ends in May and I am glad that he will end in the field. He left last night (see picture) with Elder Gonzalez, the Secretary. This morning Elder Bird, from Kaysville, Utah got here as the new assistant. He is stud and I am super excited to "train" him. He graduated with Hayley Clegg and know there whole family well. Carson Bird.  I am super excited for him. I stick with Elder Cruz my current companion. It has been strange... I am now the Elder with the most time in the office. Also this change almost guarantees  that I will be ending in the field. If that is what God wants, I would enjoy it. I am excited to step it up and work with him. He has the same time that I had when I got to the office. 13 months about. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated this week. I feel them every week.

Nestor, came to Church in a new white shirt (Thanks Mom) and just loved it. He also came to the baptismal service in another ward. He is doing good and I am excited for him. The members really enjoyed him. I had a lot of great spiritual experiences in the area this week. We talked with some really great people. I love being able to feel the spirit on the mission.

Tomorrow we receive 5 Sisters and 4 Elders.  We are going to have 4 missionaries in my ward now... 2 elders and 2 sisters.. haha it will be interesting! I don`t know if I will ever eat lunch with the members again! :) We told our Bishop and he said "No, Elders what did we do wrong?" Our Bishop is a really funny guy. I love him. He was just joking and they have never had sister missionaries in the ward, but I know that as soon as they get here they will love them. It will help the ward a ton. I am excited for that. 

Other than that it has been a good week . I have learned a lot this week and I am sure I will learn even more this week. It is fun to have Elder Bird here with new energy. I am excited for him.

Dad- Thanks so much your letter and your advice. I needed that reminder. Thank so much... I am glad that you are doing well. Sounds like you had a great weekend with Grandpa, Uncle Kerry, and Alan. What a great tim!!  I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that you have a great week Dad. I love you and thank you for your testimony.

Mom- I sure love you, a ton. Thank you for your wonderful letter. I hope that you have a great week Mom. I can`t believe that McCall`s letter didn`t get there! I will start sending from another post office. Gal... Thanks for the talk on "desire". I never get tired of studying that. I love you so much Mom. Thank your for your prayers and your thoughtfulness.

Mikesell- I am so glad that you ran well in Texas!! What a neat experience for you. How was your flight? I love you sis! Look in your email!

Brennen- I am glad that you are enjoying tennis!! I love you Brother with all my heart. Keep being strong! Glad you had such a great time with skiing on Monday!

Alex-Hey All Star! How were the slops?? I love you brother!! Have a great day today...Good luck at your game tonight!

Harrison- Hey buddy!! I sure love you!!! I hope that you are doing super well.... how are the kittys?

McCall- Hey sweetie! I am so exited. You have to promise me that you will send me pictures of your baptism with Brennen! I love you McCall..... BIG KISS!

I have to rush a little right now to finish. I love you all!! I love the Savior. I love the gospel, and I love being happy. Have a great week!

Elder Austin

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