Monday, February 4, 2013

Wonderful Life - Feb. 3, 2013

Hello Family,

Sounds like it was a wonderful, wonderful week. Mom, I was spefically thinking and praying for you and I knew that it would be a very faith building experience for you. Being asked to speak in a meeting like that with Elder Holland there will be a sweet memory for you all of your life. I went to the sacrament room here in the church and said a special prayer for you. I love that place. That was the first time I heard President Def. talk when I got here and I have had so many spiritual experiences there. I love that room...

I am glad to hear that you all had a great active week also....

The week here in the southern sun was also a great week. In the office, good and normal. I have learned so much about adminstration and I have so much  more to learn. It is so crazy how open my eyes have been to the lives of missionaries. I feel more love for them and desire success for them.  I am truly happy when I see other missionaries recieve success. That is the best.

In my area this week it was a excellent week, we had a lot of tests. Like finding the perfect married couple on Monday, and then coming back on Tuesday after a super spiritual lesson. (as we were walking away on Monday Luis said "tomorrow at 7:30 and you better come" which is usually a good sign) but then when we showed up on Tuesday he got called in to go to the port to work and his wife tried giving us back the Book of Mormon. I would not take it and she put it on top of my books. I tried to give it back to her again, and when I saw how hard she was, I testified with a little tone in my voice, and told her we loved her and that God was really sad with what she was doing. She said, "Yeah you are right, but I have already established my life". That was tough. We had a couple experiences like that this week and I know that just means that huge blessings are going to be coming....

I am hopeful for the Moran Family. We are teaching Gustavo (Menos Activo) and his wife Andrea (not a Member) and his two kids Camila and Luataro. Camila came to church alone and is doing well the parents need a little bit of work, but they are a great family. We made them a cake and watched the Resturation with them on Saturday, that went well. Today, we have a lesson with our Elders Qouroum President and his wife, the young womens president. I am excited for that. I hope that it all goes well. Please pray for the Moran family. We have been working with them for so long now, I normally would have dropped a family after working so long with them and seeing so few results, but President and Hermana also have a relationship with them and maybe they just need more time then other families that I have taught. It is a good patience tester, a really, really good one. Martha and Miguel are doing really well. Raul also. I am enjoying Elder Cruz and we are seeing more time in the area, and life is a little easier with only two assistants, a little bit easier to balance the responsibilites. Tomorrow Elder Viñas will arrive here in Bahia Blanca and on Wednesday we have the leadership conference. Elder Yost will be in Bahia. I am super excited, our workshop is all ready and I am exicted to learn from Elder Viñas. This transfer is the one that got extented for three weeks and so it is a nine week transfer.

Dad- Thanks for you email. I really appreicate it and I am glad that you had such a good weekend. Sounds like you are doing well and I am excited for that. What a special experience that this week was. What a blessing. I loved watching Elder Holland at the MTC. I noticed how he rememberd the names of the people who were conducting the music and just little things like that. He really is a great example. Were Papa and Grandma Crouch there? I sure love you Dad. Have a great week and I hope that you can reach all you goals, drink lots of juice, and keep learing what you want to learn. :)  Love you Dad.

Mom-- What an absolutely wonderful week for you. I am just so happy for you. That is so neat...  it just makes me smile. I hope that you will be able to have a excellent week and know how much you are loved by your son in Argentina, and everyone around you, but most importanly Heavenly Father. Have a great week Mom. I love you. Thank you for your journal entry...I love them.

Mikesell- 5: 18 on your mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
WOW! That is awesome, I am going to have to start training right now so that I can keep up with you. That is so great and I am super excited for you. That was a great race and I am glad Dad and the boys could go to Boise to watch you. Thank you for your sweet emails and thank you for sharing what you learned with Elder Holland. That is a great experience. I sure love you Mikesell.

Brennen- Hey stud, I am so glad that you had that experience playing against Burley. Those experiences, even though they are painful, help you grow and get better down the road.You are such great kid Brennen. Thanks for sending me a email every week. I sure love you buddy. I hope that school is going well and that you are learing a lot. How is your young mens Quorum doing? How many boys do you have. Keep strong brother and fighting the good fight.

Alex- How you doing bud? Sounds like you are doing well in your games and really enjoying it. That is awesome. Where are you at in the Book of Mormon? Keep being a champion and doing your very best. I love you buddy.

Hey Harrison- I hope that you are happy that you had a good week  When do you finsh rec ball? I love you Harrison. Did you survive no TV week? Have a great week.

McCall- I will be sending you a birthday letter this week and I hope that it gets to you in time. How was the baptism of Allison? I love you Cally! Have a great week!

Well Family, I sure love you all. I am so grateful for you. I hope that it is a wonderful week for you all.

I love this work. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for him....

Elder Austin

D&C 84:33

D&C 84:80

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