Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hello Clegg Clan,

Sounds like it is a beautiful Presidents Day! I am glad that you are going to get out skiing Dad, Brennen, and Alex. I am sure that will be a great experience. We have great memories in the snow on Presidents Day!
Sounds like the basketball court is cooling off a little bit and that everyone is changing mind set to spring life. The month has gone by really fast!!

McCall, sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Did you get my card?

I am doing great here. It was been a good week. The first part was a little rough. We have decided to move on from the Moran family and Nazerno and Maria. After that we realized that it was time to find again. We found some solid people, but we need to find more. The office is doing well and with the changes of last transfers we have been getting a lot more time in the area. That make me happy. The mission is also doing better. A little bit more constant with baptisms every week and we have seen some real miracles in the mission. I feel so blessed to hear all of their experiences. So things are on the up. This week is was hot and last night it got colder. I used a blanket for the first time in weeks and had to turn off the fan. Nestor is doing really well.... He will be able to come to church this week. Yesterday we taught a lesson with him and two youth in our ward. They just got back feom EFY and they are excited to help us. They are great kids...I quite enjoy them. Jon Franco and Enzo.  Miguel Angel blessed the sacrament for the second week in a row, and Martha got a calling in the Relief Society (Secretary) and Raul will be geting interviewed this week to recieve the priesthood. So that is really neat to see them grow like they are growing. Elder Cruz and I are working hard, and even though we haven't seen very many fruits in the church yet, I am just trying to change what I need to change to be a better instrument in the hands of Heavenly Father. We have a good office right now--- I really enjoy the Elders here.  Next week we get 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. So we have like a mini-transfer. The next set of Elders don´t go home until March 26 and that will be the nest transfer. We are preparing new areas  for sisters. This will be the first group to get here since the announcement was made with younger missionaries. I am excited for this week and hope that I can work at my best.

Dad- I am sure that skiing will be really fun for you with the boys. I am sure that you are going to Pomerelle and that will be a great time. I hope that you enjoy it and also snowmobiling in McCall at the end of the week. That will be a blast. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I am sure the stress of the year is starting to hit a little bit. Show time! I love you Dad, thanks for your example to me....Have a great day.

Mom- Thanks so much for the card. I really appreciated it. I actually got it on Valentines Day, perfectly!  It is really expensive to send letters here as well. When I got here it was 8 pesos, now it is 15. There is crazy inflation here right is just wild. So housing, so Glennwood seems like the place to go. Really I am more concerned about the people than the place. I know Easton and Romney are great and I would love to have them as roommates and I also would really enjoy being close to Mikesell if she is going to live there.So studying it out in my mind and my heart.... I would say it is as a go.   Thanks for taking such good care of me Mom. You are something else. I am glad that you are enjoying going to the temple each week so much. That is such a great idea. I love you Mom. You are truly an angel.

Mikesell-  I am happy for you because you are having to make so many important decisions in your life. I am sure they will help you grow and acomplish that plan that God has for you... What a blessing. I will be praying fervently for you. I know that you will do what is best. These experiences really help Mikesell... I love you so much and am so grateful for you.... Have a wonderful week ok? Big hug....Read your Pat Blessing.

Brennen the man with the best game plan- How is it going? I am sure you will love skiing today. That will be legit...I hope that you can get your surgery date all set up for your knee and go to work.... Keep strong and remember that the hardest thing is usually the best thing to do... I love you buddy, have a great week.... All my love.

Alex- Going to get a new addiction today Alex.. skiing on the slopes. I am sure that you will pick it up with ease, and knowing you, you will want to do a lot more tomorrow.... What has been your favorite part of the BofM so far? I love you  buddy. Have a great week!! Keep on keeping on...

Harrison- Sounds like you are happy and that you are enjoying life. I am sure that you will love Baseball. I am glad Mom signed you up! Did you enjoy your last game....?

McCall - I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I thought about you so much on your birthday!! I love you Call-- are you remembering our handshake?

I love you so much...... Have a great week...

This week I thought a lot about integrity. I read a article in the Ensign by Elder Tad R. Callister and that was excellent. I also taught the class in church about honesty and so it was a loaded week. I though about how I can be more honest with God and with myself. I though about something that President Defleteson taught about how everytime that we don't act on knowledge we have to do something good, that is sin. I want to get to the point in my life to act on all of the knowledge that I have, that is becoming, that really is the message of the Book of Mormon, to remember. Remembering is acting on the knowledge that we have already attained. So this week I will be focusing on that. Acting and doing what I know that I should be doing. I am still focusing on my theme word of the year, Sanctification.

Mosiah 4: 29-30

I love my Savior. This week I tried to think about Him more when I was frustrated with our investigators. I know that the Atonement is real. I want nothing more that to apply  it to my life and let it change me for the better.

Thank you for you examples. may each of your decisons this week bring you closer to the Savior.

All my love to friends, family who are near and afar.

I understand that beginners are many, "end"ers are few...

Now it is my turn to learn to be a good " ender"

Your prayers are appreciated and I feel there power every day.


Elder Austin

P.S.  Have you though of anyone who could listen to the missionaries?

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