Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hello there 380 East 500 North,

Sounds like it is a pretty exciting time there in Jerome..... I am sure happy that you are all doing so well and that it has been a great week. Thank you... as always for the letters. I know that there are those serving missions who never receive letters from home. You would have to be very strong to open your inbox every Monday and have it be empty. So thank you so much for your constant support!! :)

It was another week of miracles here in the promise land of Bahia Blanca. Sadly this week four elders had to go home, some for health problems and others for other problems.. There isn't anything more heart breaking then that and I almost did'nt even want to mention it in my letter.  Two of them will be back after their surgeries. Needless to say I was in the airport almost everyday last week. But we also received some really special, prepared Elders. So the work keeps working forward. In March, we get a ton of sisters and we are preparing for that. 

We had a great deal of meetings with President and I  always learn so much from those. Raul received the Holy Ghost yesterday and he is doing well. We were finally able to find a teach Camilia Moran again and she came to church and accepted a date for the 10 of Feb. It really depends on her family, her Dad is less active and her Mom is a great catholic lady, but is a little cold with us. We will see what happens. The pastor didn´t come to church yesterday. The mission is doing pretty well right now and it looks like it is going to get better. Next transfer we lose 11 of the 21 Zone Leaders that are currently serving, so we will have lots of  young leaders. Elder Cruz, my new companion, is doing well and we trying to  work a little harder every day. I really love work. It is so satisfying. Yesterday we knocked and knocked in the empty streets of the siesta with the heat and with out much luck, but then at about 6 clock we found 4 people and they are solid, one of them is called Malone (like Karl) and he is studying to be a Pharmisist. I am excited for him. It was funny last Monday and Sunday early in the morning we were doing a ton of trips to the bus terminal and every time we have to pass through the parking attendant the last time of the morning I said,  "This will be our last time" and smiled and she said, "Kids like you used to pass by my house". After a couple of questions we found out that she lived in our area and we went by and talked to them, they fell threw for our appointment...but we will keep trying... they seem like a solid family... we will see what happens. Hopefully they are married. :)
I am excited and want to reach my goals. This week should be good!!


I sure hope that you are doing well Dad. I sure love you. Hey, where is David going on his mission? How is the reservations going? Did I tell you that a couple of Elders might want to work up there? They end in May 8th and one of them is from Idaho...his name Is Jordan Gravelle. He is the other Assistant and he is great.
We are doing a challenge to read PMG in 30 days and it is great. It is really helping me. I love you Dad! I hope that you are doing well and that you can get spiritually ready for the feast this weekend. You will have to tell me everything about it.
Sure love you Pops. Have a great week.

Mom - I am so excited for you!!  "Just talk slow, Fake it till you make it, do your best and forget the rest, have positive energy, smile, Say your prayers, be confident..." Sound familiar? haha You are so great Mom. I know you will do great and I will be praying for you. We will do it together -- next Wednesday we have a leadership conference and we have the opportunity to give an hour talk. Elder ViƱas, from the Seventy will be there. I am excited for that. I am so pumped for you Mom. ha ha What a neat experience. God really has a plan for each of us... You asked "what I have learned the most or gained the strongest testimony of...." That is hard question because there is a theme behind every area and companion and experience. I have learned a lot about how knowledge allows you to have more vision, and that if we establish a vision, cultivate "third degree" desires as Papa would say, and then work, God will grant us our righteous desires.  Also how to better trust in the Lord. But mainly, my testimony of the Atonement has developed into something deeper and more meaningful to me... I will be praying for you! Go get em!

Mikesell- I sure love you! I am glad that you are having such a wonderful time at school. You sound very spirituality strong and that you are doing so wonderful. I hope that you can get up to Nampa this week. That would be fun. Sounds like you are going on lots of dates with this FHE brother????  I sure love you Mikesell! Keep being a champ. Have a great week.

Brennen- Glad to hear that you are getting to play a lot. That is sad about your teammate....send the missionaries to his parents house. Glad to hear that you are doing so great. I love you buddy and sure appreciate your example in my life. Have a great week. Go get em Tiger.

Alex- One of the highlights of the week for me! To hear that you are dominating the scriptures every night!!  I really congratulate you Alex. I promise you that you will achieve your deepest dreams and desires if you can keep that habit everyday of your life. I got to tell you man your letters crack me up... they sound like this " Hey man, Whats up? Sorry I haven´t written you in a long time. Have a good week!! love you.  bye"  I am seriously laughing out loud right now.... Oh buddy I love you and so grateful to have you as my brother. Have a great week and keep being the man on and off the court. BE GREAT --BROTHER!!

Harrison- Hey Stud, thanks so much for you letter. I am glad you liked the pinewood derby. Dont worry buddy we will do lots of handshakes soon enough. I sure love you Harrison. Keep being the man!

McCall- Thanks so much for writing me! Allison will be baptized this week huh!? That is so great! You are getting so close also to your special day! Are you excited? I think you would do a great job in Africa as a missionary! I love you Cally. BEAR HUG!

I love you all with all my heart, and am excited for each of you to have a wonderful week.

I love our Savior, this work and the JOY that comes from putting our lives more in line with that of the Savior. The message of the Restoration is true. Tell Elder Holland I love him!! :)
Hel. 3:35

Elder Austin

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