Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hello Dear Family,

Glad you got my quick email yesterday. I was really thinking I would not be able to write this week. We are traveling all week with Zone Conferences. I am currently in Mar Del Plata, We finished a great conference in Necochea today. I left Regalos for the family Penalva and Hermana Gomez. I also saw a great member family. The conference was great. I really enjoy the messages of President and Hermana Parreno. Being able to travel with them is the huge blessing. Hermana Parreno has the greatest stories and really they are just incredible people. 

Last week I went to Tandil to do observations. That was great with Elder Calarco and Elder Hansen. We had a great day and worked hard. On the way back to Bahia I was the only one on the bus with the driver...that was a funny treat. More stories to come...

Also on Saturday we had a really touching experince. We were going to visit a referal from our
Bishop who lives by him. Turns out right at that moment he has giving dirt to the referal  and he intruduced us and we were given a opportunity to serve moving dirt. We as we trasporting the dirt from Bishops house to the hole and their family was filling in the hole. We dropped all the dirt and I asked them if we come share a message with them. They were way nice and asked a lot of questions about us. They said yes, and that as a matter of a fact, that we could come in right now. They have a 32 year old son who is in a wheel chair who lost abiltiy to move his body after a accident in the pool when he was 7. We had a really spritual lesson with them and I am really excited to keep teaching them.  The Suarez family. Please keep them in your prayers. I LOVE teaching families... oh man that is what keeps me going!! 

I don't have much time. Next week I will talk more about what President and Hermana are teaching in our Zone Conferences.  It is spectacular about leadership, and the Hermana about cleanliness. I will share it better with you next week.

Mom, next transfers are the 20th of January.

I hope that school goes well this week. I love you all so much. 

Tell Bishop Prince that I love him. This time as Bishop will echo for eternity. He has served and given his heart these five years more than I have ever seen anyone give.

Please tell Grandpa Clegg that I love him. Sounds like he is a fighter and has had a very rough go!_Thanks so much for your emails Grandma Clegg. Also Grandma and Grandpa Daw and Papa and Grandma Crouch that I love them so much.

I love the Gospel. I love change. I love being a missionary. We are so blessed. Have a great week. Listen to some Phil'll be in my heart!!

D&C 82 :3 

All my love!!!

Elder Austin

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