Monday, July 2, 2012

Today’s Title: HAPPINESS!!!!

I hate to be repetitive, but that was the fastest week ever.

Thank you all for your great emails last week. Cassidi, I received your letter today. Thank you so much and be looking for a reply in the next month. 

I loved all of your letters last week. I love to hear that you are busy, that life is going well, that it is not all easy, and that you are progressing. 

Grandma Clegg - Thank you so much for your letter and your thoughts and the 4th of July. I have been praying for you and Grandpa and I am very glad to hear that today he is doing better. I love you and know that if any buddy can fight through the rough roads, you both can, especially with the testimonies that you have. I love you and hope that all is going well. Have a wonderful week. 

Papa Arlen- Thank you so much for your letter. I am very excited to read it this week. I love you both so much and hope that all is well. I miss you and think of you often, every day. Have a great week and Happy 4th of July. I love you.

Well, this week was the best. I honestly am happy. Elder Connolly is an absolute stud and he wants to have this last transfer to be a good one, he is in burnout mode …meaning he is going home next transfer with the knowledge of giving it all he’s got til then. We worked so hard, I have never been so happy. I also feel very blessed because we are teaching a family of 7 that will be baptized the 14th of July, The family Paniabla. I don’t know why Heavenly Father keeps putting all of these prepared families in my path, but I am so grateful. The ward here is incredible. The members are (with all love for my other areas) very dedicated and have great mission centered testimonies. Of course there is much to work do always though. I love it here. We had a meeting Tuesday with the district presidency here and I feel so blessed to have more opportunities to learn how church leadership works. I testify of Ether 12 27. I don’t know how Heavenly Father does this work with average 19 year old boys around the world.

So on Tuesday night the elders in an area next to ours the elders got robbed and moved out  of their house into our house  - which makes 8 elders in our house. Luckily it is the biggest house I have lived in. The only little issues are the one bathroom and one kitchen. But really we are doing really well. They are looking for a house and they should find one soon. We ran everyday this last week, it was so great. Exercising is awesome. Do it.

Dear President Defletson is now is Cordoba, and President Parreno is officially arrived. The APś told me this morning that he and the he and his wife are awesome and they are way excited. We have a Zone Leader meeting this Wednesday and I am really excited to get to know him. I am learning a ton form Elder Connolly, the zone is improving a ton and I know we are going to grow a lot. I love it love it love it. Missions are the best ever. I can’t tell you enough. I love this work so much. It has changed my desires, the little things and all I want to do is tell people about this.

 There has been an increased talk of Mitt Romney here, not sure what is going on up there. I hope that the 4th goes well. I will for sure wear one of the red, white and blue ties that I have. ;)  

Love of God is the root of all virtue, of all goodness, and of all strength of character of all fidelity. 

Not sure where I read that this week, but I really liked it and wrote it down in my agenda at some point last week. 

It is strange to think that this week is the hump week. I have been out one year this week. Time to refocus and go for it. It is going to fly. 

Dad- Feliz cumple querido padre. Espero que tu dia esta lleno de cosas lindas, quizas un lago frio. Te amo y respecto muchismo. Su ejemplo ha sido una piedra de mi fe. SIga adelante. I hope that you have a great Birthday!!!. I don’t know if you have gotten my letter yet. I hope so. I am excited to hear the accent of our new mission president. Let me know if I can do anything for you Dad. I loved the first presidencies message for July. Happy Birthday. Enjoy it. Thank you for your testimony.

Mom- You are an absolute angel. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, always over the details. I hope I can paint a picture of the city for you. I really like it here. I hope that I have a lot of time here. I am learning so much. Mom, I am so happy, every day I miss you all because you are all so much a part of me, but I love sharing. I hope that you enjoy your week and can influence the people that you want to influence. You are the best.  To answer some questions, I still haven’t received the package and it getting colder, but really it has been a pretty mild winter. I love you Mom. Thanks for your example of greatness. Your’e the best!! 

Mikesell- Thanks so much for you email. You sound good. That is too bad about your foot. I hope that it heals up soon…six more weeks sounds like a lot. SO are your classes all laid out?  I am a little short on time my dear. But, I love you. I pray for you and I go out of the house to work every day to honor all of you. Know that. Have a great week. Have fun, work hard, mediate, plan, set and achieve goals. Do good things and be Mikesell. Love you sis..

Brennen- Hey bro, sounds like you are doing good…really good. How is the dish pit? You are becoming a great young man!!  You and Alex both are just awesome together. I hope that you have a great week and know how much I love you. Keep strong. Keep the vision!

Alex- Hey man, sounds like you are doing a lot of fun stuff this summer. Life up there can get really busy. I was thinking about you a lot this week and wanted to invite you this week to take some time to go out in a quiet spot and pray and think about whom you are and what you want in future. You have so much potential. God knows it and so does Satan, he wants to destroy your freedom, your happiness. Where as Heavenly Father want you to be the best Alex Clegg in the world. When I was your age I started to read the Book of Mormon every day. Al, I will tell you, if I hadn’t started back then doing that, if I would be on a mission, I would be a totally different person. Alex, with all the love that I have for you… I beg you with all my soul….Read that Book every day, say two prayers every day, and keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I promise you that as you do you will find more purpose in your life. Your eyes will be filled with the faith and vision of what Heavenly Father sees in you. This is a war bro, a dead out war and if you and not doing everything within your power to be a represantive of Christ, you are on the wrong team. Alex, I love you so much. Have fun at the ranch today; tell the Ovesons that I love them.  This is all real. Find yourself and progress Alex. You’re the man. Alma 48

Harrison- I hope that you are having a fun summer little man. I sure love you and hope that you have a great week .You is amazing _I love you little man. God Speed. Do the hand shake. Keep up the good work. Thank you for always being so happy.

McCall- Hey little friend. I sure love you. I hope that you are still as sweet as ever. I miss you. Have a great week ok? Keep saying your prayers and doing those little important things. How is your primary class?

Well, I love you all, and have a great week. Keep progressing and being happy. I love you.

Your  Grandson, son, brother, and friend.

Elder Austin

P.S  I recommend a read of Alma 32 for the week. 

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