Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello you adventurists...

I so enjoyed all of your letters and am so happy to hear that the week was a great one! My first week home I want to summit every one of these peaks you are knocking out Brennen and Alex…. but that is another day!!!

Mom -When I went to Bahia on Wednesday I got the package. It was sent to Santa Rosa and so Elder Garrison who is up there brought it down for me. Thank you so much and it was very thoughtful!! 

This last week was really good on Tuesday we had District Meeting and it went well and the zone seems to be progressing, Wednesday morning at 1 am we left Nechoea for Bahia Blanca. All day Wednesday we were with Presidente Parreno and Hermana Parreno in their house. It was incredible. They are so amazing and I am very excited to get to know them.  They have a ton of energy. They told me that the Mission President in Spain when they left was a Clegg. I told them I would ask you if we were related or anything? I don’t believe so…. They speak with the heavy Spain accent Dad!  It was great!! I understand them perfectly though. ..Presidente kept speaking in vosotros instead of ustedes. They are both so filled of love and I already fill the same love for them that I felt for Presidente Defletson. They talked about the motives behind missionary work, (see Isaiah 62: 17 I think)  I am super excited to get to know them more and this Friday they are coming to Nechoea  for our zone conference. We will be planning that this week I am excited for that. The rest of the week was great. Mikesell wanted a story... I could tell a lot of stories…but one funny  little thing. On Saturday we went to a baptism in our zone and I met David Archeletas trainer, he has been home from his mission for a month. How crazy is that!? He is a really great person. I love the members here so much. We had 8 investigators in church last Sunday and 7 of those our (I pray) are going to be baptized the 21st and 28th. The family Panialba are awesome. I am seriously without words because they are so great and so ready. Miguel the Dad is the only one with some doubts but as he was leaving the church on Sunday he turned to Elder Connolly and I and said something like "you almost have me convinced or I am getting really sure".  I feel so blessed to be teaching them and I am way excited for them. Please send all your prayers for them. Also for Jaun Cruz, who is the boyfriend of the 17 year girl. This next week is crucial, oh man, I am excited. Also Esfenia is a 17 year girl whose mom and sister are members but inactive. We are teaching them and she is really prepared and the members are helping out a lot here. Alos Jaun who is the boyfriend of a inactive member who we just found knocking one night, they are changing a lot, but have to get married so we will see what goes down. She was really distant with us the first day, but now is really nice. It is one of the biggest changes I have seen in my mission, really quickly.  Other funny story Mikesell - today my comp and I went to the Terminal to look for the mail from the office and as we were leaving we went to get in a taxi… there was a GPS comp in the windshield but we figured it was a taxi with the call center. My comp and I opened the door and realized that is was just a normal car with a scared person inside. We laughed. Today is Independence Day here but it is nothing compared to the states, mostly just almost all the stores are closed.  I feel for certain that I am having spiritual experiences every day. I love missions because they expose your weaknesses- and puts you on your knees in every way.

Dad-It sounds like your birthday was good and that you put up quite the fight for the water and won. Good work. I am glad that you got the letter for your birthday. I hope that you can all get a solid wet, rain storm without lightning. From the pictures it looks like there still is a good snow pack up high. I guess it is still pretty early. I sure love you Dad and feel real close to you listening to our mission President. I enjoyed learning more about the Spain culture and it was neat. Love you Dad. Have a great week. Exicto

Mom- Sounds like you are doing really well and that this coming week will be one full of visits from many. I don’t know how you make everyone feel as important as you do while things are so busy. That is funny that you make that connection with the fireworks. It could be. (I told him that at the 4th of July here in Stanley there were red/green fireworks…which I thought were odd colors…then I remembered that Austin had told me that Christmas in Argentina is like the 4th of July…BBQ’s…fireworks… etc. it occurred to me that little ol Stanley probably got some of their fireworks from a clearance sale from South America! Red and Green Fireworks aren’t really USA style huh?) The elders in our house are from: Stuz -Bingham Ut, Anderson - Gilbert, Az Woods - Cedar City, Ut, Gonzalez - Salta ARG, and Landriel -Santa Fe ARG. It is not like crazy cold, but some nights it gets really cold. I have long johns and gloves and a beanie most days, but mostly just because of the wind. We are sleeping in the garage and we just have a dinky plug in heaters so Ï am grateful form my sleeping bag that does a good job.  I love you so much Mom. Am glad to hear of your testimony of the scriptures. I love learning from them so much. You are the best Mom, I love you.

Mikesell- Sounds like you are having a great week….really busy. Tell me where Terran gets his call to when it comes. I am way excited for him. I hope that exercising goes really well. I sure love you Sis. Have a great week and keep enjoying your summer. I miss you and am so grateful for you. I’m glad you got my letter.

Brennen- I can tell that you are doing really well. Know how?  Because every email that I get tells me so!! I am super proud of you and am glad that you are experiencing so much. That is really important. Knowledge and expereinces like that give you vision and will help you become the best Brennen. I am grateful for your prayers and I sure love you man. Remember those routes to those peaks…we are gonna need that info! Keep strong my brother. All my love bro,

Alex- You are a stud. I am so glad that you are getting to hike so much. I am glad that you enjoyed time with the Ovesons and Weaton working at the ranch. They are really spectacular people. I miss them. I hope that you have a great week buddy. Keep up the good work. How is your frisbee game? I am going to be a joke, but that is ok. Keep doing the basics bro. I love you man.

Harrison- Sounds like you are really happy and doing really well. I sure love you buddy. I hope that you like the fireworks!! Jump in for me. How is your swimming? I love you Harrison. Thanks for being so awesome!!

McCall- That picture of you that mom sent of you on the beach is so great. You are a Doll. I sure miss you and love you a lot. Have a great week and keep being fresh. You the 7 year old. Big kiss. 

I learned a lot this week.  This morning I was reading in Alma 36 and thought about how we should place our ultimate visions in the eternal life in Christ and how important it really is to be spiritually minded. Repentance is a change of vision, of motives, and desires. I love you all and appreciate your happiness, your experiences, and prayers. May heavens richest blessing be yours this week and may you continue to be examples of our Savior.


All my love,

Elder Austin.

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