Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello there incredible Clegg Family!

What a crazy week you have all had. I am glad that Alex had a great time at Scout Camp and that the Mountain Mamas Craft went well. Sounds like you couldn’t put another person at the lake it sounds so busy! 

Thank you so much Grandma Clegg, Cass, Dad, Mom, Mikesell, Brennen, Harrison and McCall for the emails. They meant the world to me.

This week was a terrific week to be honest. I am still in a little shock. Last night Miguel Peniabla (the Father) told us that he is going to be baptized. Tonight we meet to put a date as a family. I love this family because they do everything together. He has stopped drinking, accepted tithing fully, and we were able to teach with a lot of spirit…AND  they went to church. We are going to try to have them baptized this Saturday. The problem is that Estefenia is getting baptized this Saturday at 11 in morning and they might have to work… so I don’t know if we are going to be doing a double session baptism or what. Hey, but I will take the problem of trying to schedule baptisms anyday! I am quite grateful for it. Estefenia went to an EFY activity and so did the Peniabla kids this week. They loved it. We were there Saturday with half the zone and organized some presentations. It was really great. There are some great youth here. They have to be so strong because they are faced with so much stuff here. We watched that Tyler Haws video again. That always gets me. The zone is getting better with our numbers a little and obedience I hope. Elder Connolly is a stud and clydesdale of a example for the zone. Last night after the lesson with Peniabla we were so stoked. I am so happy that he gets to end his mission this way. He is a great Elder and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. Cass - he is planning on going to BYU and just so you know I give approval of him. :) The branch is doing well, They struggle to retain the baptisms here so we are working a lot with the less active. The members that are here are awesome. I love them a lot.  I will try to send pictures here in the next weeks letter.  It was a great week and it has been nice weather. That is so sad about the shootings in Colorado. Everyone has been asking us about it. All eyes and ears are always on the states, just so you all know. 
Dad- I sure love you I hope that you have a great week. I hope that all the employees are doing great and learning a lot. 

Mom- I hope that your events and days go well. I hope that you can have some great family time this week. I admire your patience with so many visits at the cabin continually. You are truly a angel. I love you so much Mom. Thanks for being the ultimate in everything. Have a great week.

Mikesell- I love you so much! I am glad that you are having a great time with the buds. Saying goodbye is strange and not so fun. But you are just turning a page of the great book of Mikesell. Keep a good perspective and work your tail off. I want to see a picture of your hair cut. I love you.

Brennen- Hey Stud. I sure love you man. I am glad that work is going well. How is that frisbee throw coming? What are you going to climb this week. I sure love you buddy. Thanks for being a worthy priesthood holder. Always bring others to Christ my man. I love you buddy.

Alex- hey stud... I hope that all well, I am glad that you had quite the shot in rifle shooting at camp! You are a stud. I miss you man. Keep being awesome. I love you. 

Harrison- I was thinking about you extra this week…. and when Mom told me that you were thinking of me too that made me happy. Harrison I love you. I am excited to be with you, but we do this because we love Heavenly Father and want to help others buddy.  Keep being a stud. How is your tramp tricks? Big hug little bro.

McCall- Hey there missy!! I love you so much. How are those teeth that you don’t have!? Are any others lose? I sure love you Cally. I hope that you are having a lot of fun and that you are able to do lots of good things this week. I love you Cally.

This week I had some great studies of Alma 41… which is a excellent chapter on DESIRE. I loved that and had some great fun. I also was reminded of one of my favorite scriptures in Alma 38:12. I am always reminded of Papa when I read that scripture and also Mormon 9:27- 28. May each of you have desires to do good and act and be diligent in your examples. 

I love you all with all my heart. May you know that Heavenly Father has a vision and a plan for each of you and your lives. 


I love you.

Love Elder Austin

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