Monday, September 24, 2012

To the best family in the world...
How are you all? I am sure that is was an another really busy week for you all. Thank you so much for your letters last week. We passed the day when we have exactly the same amount of sunlight. It seems like yesterday I was in Miramar and the same day passed.
This week has been a great week….a bit of a roller coaster…but I have a lot to be grateful for. Yesterday Elder Arnold came and spoke for our Stake Conference. It was so good. He has been through so many experiences and has a testimony that is incredible. His classic line that all the missionaries copy is ¨No es fe para mi, se, se que JesuCristo vive y que hay vida despues esta vida¨" he says it with such power it kind of gives you the chills. He patted me on the shoulder and shook my hand. I am so grateful for example of the prophets and apostles. Hermano Moran came to the church yesterday and it was honestly one of the sweetest moments ever. His wife is our music director and she is the sweetest and most active later and her husband is not a member - I still don’t know why, but we are teaching him with Presidente and Hermana and he is coming along. I think that he will most likely be the next one baptized we hope and pray. I learned a lot this week that I have to work with members so much more. Three of  our investigators told us for sure, for sure that they were going to come yesterday. I can read them well and I knew that they were going to come. They even prayed at the end of the lesson to be able to make it there safe.  Then yesterday they didn’t show up. That is the hardest thing about this work. But the two that did come were results of working with members, or they were members of incomplete families. The other three we have passed by with member also, but the strong friendship with the members isn’t there yet.
I am learning a ton from Presidente and Hermana. This week we discovered that we were all fans of "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie, it is Presidents favorite book.
Tonight all the Zone Leaders are coming in and tomorrow we have a meeting with them. That will be great. In October we are doing the zone conference rounds and so I am excited to get to know the mission a little better.
I am doing well. Trying to do all that I can and serve with all I can.
Dad- What day will be the last day of Redfish? What a quick season! I bet it is really pretty up there. I love you so much Dad. I just can’t thank you enough. Thanks for living, doing, and applying the Gospel in everything that you do. I hope that you have a great week. You’re the man. Go get em.
Mom- I am hope that things have settled down a little and that you have been able to put your feet on the ground a little. Are you excited for General Conference? I sure am. How is everything going with your family? I have been praying for them. I hope that everything works out. I have grown so much vision for my life here in the mission. Like the scripture says in Proverbs, I truly believe that men without vision, without something to strive for, perish. We lose hope, without vision there is no desire, so the stronger our vision, the more we can have righteous desire, and I know that God grants unto us our desires. I love you Mom. Have a wonderful week. I miss you and am so grateful for you!
Mikesell- Thank you so much for you sweet letters. You are awesome. Sounds like you are going out on lots of dates these days. That is fun. I love you Mikesell and am so grateful for you. Your coach sees in you what you have. Keep up the good work and doing great things! I love you sis. Moon is getting full.
Brennen- Thank you so much for your letter. You sound so good. I am excited for you. How is Cross Country going? I hope that you are enjoying it. How are your efforts in school going? I hope that you have a wonderful week. Keep being awesome my friend and brother. I love you.
Alex- How are you man!? I would love to get a email from you. I love you so much buddy. I hope that Cross Country is going really well. I sure miss you bud. How are the Cougs doing this year?  Keep praying being an excellent person.
Harrison- I sure love you buddy. How are you doing in school? I bet you are doing super well. I love you Harrison so much. Are you happy?  Enjoy piano and become good at for me okay? Have a great week little man.
McCall- Hey sweet pea, I sure love you. I hope that you are liking school also. What are you learning? Is it cold at Redfish? Have you seen any bears? Will the salmon come this year?
These are some of the scriptures that I liked about hope last week.
Romans 8:28
1 Peter 1:3
Ether 12: 4, 32
Moroni 7:40-48

All my love to each of you----
Elder Austin

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