Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello there dear family!!!
 How is the fall? Thank you each so much for your letters!!
Grandma Clegg, I hope that everything works out with this man. That is really a hard thing when that happens. Thank you for your political updates and your great positive attitude through everything. Please tell Grandpa and Uncle Alan hello for me. This last week was the dedication for the temple here in Buenos Aires. I was thinking about how great it will be to have the temple there in Boise. I also thought a lot about Uncle Alan.  Please send him my love and support and encouragement. Tell that I am looking forward to the plan. He will know what I mean. I love you and Grandpa so much. Have a great week. 
Well this week was great. The highlights were obviously the dedication of the temple in Buenos Aires! President Eyring, Elder Ballard, (his grandfather opened up the South American Mission), and Elder Christofferson, who served as a missionary here were all here. It was a really neat program and I really enjoyed it. We had an activity with the youth and I got to work all day with a 16 year boy. I can’t believe Brennen will be 16 here shortly. What a stud he is.  We have also been teaching a spouse of a Hermana here with Hermana Parreno this week. That has been great. She is so awesome. He is a little hard hearted, but we always trust in the Lord as missionaries and we will see what happens. The family Torres is doing good, they didn't come to the cultural celebration and that bummed me out, but this week should be a good week we hope! Also this week we have transfers, so according to Elder Costanzi, my companion,  it is a crazy week… so that will be exciting. The other AP Elder Caicedo, who is a really good friend of mine from Columbia goes home this week.  I will really miss him. He was also in Miramar so we have that brotherly bond and I love that. Also today I received a letter from the Garcia Family. I am praying and hoping that they can go through the temple my last day here in Argentina. We have one day waiting in Buenos Aires and I think that we can go through the temple this day. Oh man, we will see what happens oh man would I love that. I would love that, but I accept the plan of Heavenly Father. It has been a great week. I am learning more patience and the importance of preparation here in the office.   Today, we actually got a P-day and played Frisbee in the church lawn. It was a nice break. The second day in my entire mission that I have thrown a disc. But that is ok with me, this is a special time. The mission is so great, I have enjoyed being able to see missionaries come in and then leave. It is a very spiritual experience.  I am doing great. I love the mission and I have so much to be grateful for. I was reading in my journal this week, a year ago was my first week in Argentina. It was so weird, a year ago!! I don’t think I could have imagined even that I would have been blessed so much with all that has happened and the wonderful experiences that I have had. Heavenly Father has just put really prepared people in my path and I owe him so much for that. I have learned so much and try to keep growing. I just love it. I love trying to do better.
Dad- Thanks so much for you email. I am glad to hear that it is pretty fall. Sounds like the fires are better… nobody seemed to say anything about it in this weeks letters. I hope that you are doing well up there and enjoying your time in that place of Heaven. I hope that you enjoy your fall. It feels weird here to be getting hotter in September, but I am not complaining. I love you Dad. I thank you more than anything for your Gospel Legacy. This week I was studying with Elder Caidedo, the Elder that is leaving, and he asked me what my parents did, especially my Dad. I got thinking telling him everything that you did and I got emotional thinking and talking about it.  You are the best Dad, and thank you for using the priesthood to bless so many lives.  
Mom- This week will be one of your classics, but you do so great under pressure. Thank you for your sweet email. That is a lot of mouths to feed and details to pull off!! Thank for the update on McCall and Harrison. It is a little harder to know how they are doing because they cannot write me. So I appreciate the little updates. Thank you for all your prayers and example. I love you so much. Thanks for being the best Mom in the world. I hope that you are healthy and happy. Thank you for your many sacrifices.  You are truly the best. Have a great week-
Mikesell- sounds like you are doing well. Learning what Heavenly Father wanted you to learn through all of this experience. Keep strong, keep your eye on the top of that mountain, Squaw Peak, if you would like. Ask someone which one that is. I love you Mikesell. I am so excited to see how you have grown. Keep being happy and loving life. Be wise in all things. I love you Mikesell. Tell all the cousins hello for me.
Brennen- I am glad that you got your new unicycle! Thanks so much for writing me. I hope that school is going well and that you are enjoying your classes. Sounds like you got a good line up. Please send my love to Coach Nordquist. He is so great --- learn how to be a team player. I love you buddy. I love you more than you know. Be a warrior, The Lord needs a tool like you, you have so many great abilities and, your potential, really is scary high. What you want to do, you can do. I love you Brennen!! You’re the man.
Alex- Hey Warrior, are you excited to run at Challis this week?  Are you running a 5k or less? I want you to destroy all of my high school PRs your freshman year ok? Think about that. How are you doing spiritually? You are at a very important time in your life and people will start to label you according to your decisions. First off, make good ones, and second off, you be Alex and no one else. I love you brother. Keep reaching new heights.
Harrison- I love you so much little brother. How are you liking school? Are you being a good example?  You are a stud Harrison. I miss you and love you. Do five pushups a day ok? I love you little man. Stick strong with piano, listen to the words of your sinning brother and practice like your teacher asks you to!
McCall- Hey sweetie, sounds like you like your teacher and I hope that you like piano today. What games do you play at recess? Thank you for your prayers. I love you so much. Keep being happy and a good sport in all those travels back and forth to Redfish each weekend. Wear your seat belt! Big kiss Cally.
 I want you each to know that you are the biggest treasure in the world... My heart is with you, as it is here in Argentina for these people. This week is the week of hope to study. Thanks for joining me. I had some great thoughts come to my mind and tried to apply it in our lessons.  I love you all, Be strong, Be great, and keep up the good work. Thank you so much for your prayers. Tell everyone there in Jerome that I love them, and give them a card or a book of Mormon or something. May it be a happy week for you all...
Love, Elder Austin 

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