Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello dearest family,
I am so sorry that I was not able to write you yesterday. It was crazy busy, from 4:30 in the morning until the night time. I just got back from the airport as we said goodbye to the Elders and Hermanas. It is really bitter sweet and you feel a lot of emotions. Also, an Elder from Argentina parents came and picked him up and to see them was spectacular. Those moments are so great. I can’t keep my eyes dry. 
You won’t believe it but. Gionabilii the player for the spurs is from here in Bahia Blanca. We just saw him in the airport. My comp went downstairs with another elder in the airport and when he came back up he showed me the picture that he took with him. I will send it next week. Crazy huh. Seeing a NBA player in small Argentina airport!!
This last week was really good. President got his things from Spain and we helped them move in and we had a huge breakfast with them. It was really nice. They are so wonderful. I am learning a lot. We will only have three assistants this transfer and within the next few transfers we will only have two. The area has asked that we only have two assistants. The Torres family is doing just okay. The father started going to his Evanegical church again, It looks like we are going to drop them. I am trying hard to find a balance to have success in my area and the office. Happiness comes from forgetting yourself and serving others.
I read a great talk from Elder Maxwell titled ¨Put of the natural man and come of conqueror" it is excellent… I encourage you all to read it this week.
I am happy, trying to grow, and really grateful for your prayers. I loved my studies this week on hope. I have some scriptures written down for you in my journal, but I left it in the house, so I will share it with you later.
Dad- I am glad that you are doing well. Thanks for your insights on that talk. I remember in BYU we had a devotional when someone invited us to write down one goal or thing to do after the talk that way our actions correspond with what we learned that week. That was pretty inspired. I love you Dad. I miss you, and am happy to be here serving the one who has given us everything that we have. Have a great week.
Mom- Thank you for sharing your thoughts and whats going on with all of the family.   I am so grateful for the relationship that you and Dad have. It has blessed our families lives beyond measure.  You had quite a week last week... I am amazed at all you can pull off and make it look so easy. I love you more than air Mom. Have a good week and I hope that you can get you feet back on the ground a little. You are amazing.
Mikesell- Today I saw a missionary, who was my zone leader and a great example to me, give his Mother, Father, and little sister a hug for the first time in two years. That is about the happiest thing that there is, but only after two years and after we have all grown the ways we need to grow, and helped the people that have needed to be helped. I was so happy to read your letter yesterday. You seem happy, you are adjusting, and doing wonderful. Just like we all knew you would. Enjoy it. I love you so much and miss you. Keep strengthening your relationship strong with Heavenly Father. Have a wonderful week. I love you.
Brennen- I think that it is outstanding that a 15 almost 16 year old young man, takes time out of his week to write his 20 year brother every week. Brennen, you are a outstanding young man and I love you so much. Keep being excellent and never settle for anything average in your life. Put a lot of effort in your seminary. Enjoy Cross country and all the fun times. Live it up. I love you  Bro. Keep up the work.
Alex- You can do it all – can’t you!?... A pink unicycle, by the time I get back you will all be hang gliding or something. I love you broth. Keep doing your prayers. Write when you can--
Harrison- I love you so much little bro. I hope that you are enjoying school and all of your classes. I am so proud of the great kid you are. Keep being great!
McCall- I love you so much I hope you are happy and enjoying your classes. I love you. Keep saying your prayers and doing nice things for people. I love you.
I love you so all so much.
Have a great week.

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