Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012


Well, here we are again!

Letters from:

Nanny Kim and Matt- Thank you so much for your sweet note. I loved hearing of your fun times.  I couldn’t stop smiling reading your letters. Thank you both for being such wonderful examples to me. I love you both. Keep pushing on! I am excited to see your brother Nate here in a couple of weeks! Isn’t it great we are going to be here together!?

Scott Maughan: I know Scott won’t see this but so you all can know. He is doing really well. He is so awesome. Tell his family hello and that I love them. What a wonderful roommate and friend he is to me.

Emails from:

Cameron Stauffer- Hey my brother~ so good to hear from you!!! Sounds like you are still the great Cam I know!  I hope that ISU is going great for you. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your friendship. You are the man! Keep dominating life. Sure love you man.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I think of you often and we have a lot of good times together!

Grandma Clegg- Thank you so much for the update on everything Grandma. I loved hearing that you are doing well in the new ward. I loved hearing all the miracles with two weekends ago. What a special time. Please send my love to Grandpa and Uncle Alan, Julie and the girls. You are amazing.  I love you Grandma.  

And the Faithful Family:  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for each of your letters and support!! I love you!

This week was a great week. We didn’t find too many new investigators, but it was truly a week of true miracles. Well, on Saturday we had six baptisms. The entire Gonzalez family was baptized!  Ignacio included!

                                               Carmen, Maria Eve, Elizabeth and Ignacio.

                                               The Torres brothers, two were baptized

Last Sunday we fasted so that the entire Gonzalez Family could be baptized. We went and visited them on Wednesday and they were having a hard time because they didn’t have money for that days food. Maria Eve is looking for work. We were with the family Beloqui who came down for the day and they are awesome.  We were able to help them and hope that was an answer to their prayer.  That is the first part of the miracle. On Thursday we were in the Church for the interview and only the three girls showed up so we were happy but also a little sad because Ignacio was not there.  As were teaching with Elder Holmquist and Yarger… I was talking and I saw him walk by the window outside. I said to Elder Yarger, “Will you finish teaching?” and I left with Elder Holmquist to go find him outside. He looked at me with a little shock. Elder Ocsenbien was in the room next door interviewing so he wasn’t “too alone”.  We went outside and saw him walking down the street. We walked following after him for a little bit but we turned and we decided to give him his agency. I was just praying he would come back. We got done with the three interviews and he still wasn’t there. So they left and we were putting chairs away getting ready to leave when I see Ignacio and his two sisters walking back in the gate. I was so pumped. The four of them were baptized. And on Sunday, one of the cousins who has been visiting came up to me after Sacrament meeting and asked me if he could be baptized the 17th of this month because he was going to be moving here. I told him that would just fine with us! :)  The Torres family is really special and has been through a lot.
Yesterday we had a great dinner with the Heriquez family. It was great and I have the faith that they are going to progress. Claudio was in the Church and he loved it. 

I want to thank Grandpa Crouch for his letter.  Papa thank you so much! I loved your insights and I have thought so much about that word on my mission. (desire) More than any other. Thank you for your time to write – I loved it so much.  I hope that all is well with you both!  Please send Grandma my love.   

Yesterday was a tender mercy day. I bore my testimony and got really emotional. Then right after me, Hermana Blanca got up and bore her testimony. She was recently reactivated when Yael,  her grandson was baptized. Then Branch President got up and bore his testimony and talked about how happy he was to have his wife in church with him. She never comes but hopefully she is changing. Then he told a story about me that was really nice of him. He said how the first day he met me he asked me a question and I smiled and said (beuno) and he looked at Elder Perez my companion and asked “what was up” and then Elder Perez told him that I didn’t understand much Spanish. Then he said how he was a little frustrated that the branch got a missionary who couldn’t speak well.  He was really nice and bore a great testimony.  It is going to hurt to leave this branch one day. I am just going to enjoy everyday. 

Sounds like you are all doing really, really well. I am glad to hear that.  Thank you each for your letters and your updates on life. I really enjoy them. That is an understatement.

Dad- Your email got cut off a little, but it sounds like you are doing really well. Glad to hear your back is getting better. Yes, this is the time when our weather is very appreciated. This week we had it all - we had rain, really hot weather, and wind. Today it rained like crazy, but yesterday it was so hot. We will go look for a house sometime this week we hope. I am excited for that. I hope that you have a great week Dad. I sure love you. I can’t not thank you enough for all you do. The other day he heard a Billy Joel song and I thought of you. I am excited to hear a little of the “Spain Spanish” when our new mission president comes in July.  You will have to keep me updated on the political race. It will be hard to not talk to people about it.  I sure love you Dad. Have a great week. Thank you for your prayers.  Hey! I just saw your other email. I just read that talk this morning by Elder Scott. I have read all of conference and just eat it up. I am seriously stoked for April.  Funny how you talked about that. I love you Dad.

Mom- You seriously freak me out. I am not kidding. This week I brought my shoes into a shop here to get fixed and he did a great job. Why in the world would you think to ask me about that this week? haha. Sounds like you had some crazy weather up there. Thank you so much for you letters. I just treasure them. Tomorrow is eight months. It is go time. Elder Oschenbein goes home at the end of this month and he is hanging in strong. He has had a rough mission and is a really great example. I am excited for him. I sure love you Mom. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. I miss you bad; it doesn’t ever really go away. But we keep going forward, after the storm comes the Sunshine. You are the best Mom. I love you!

Mikesell- Oh my gosh - I am being tested with patience here also. Ya gotta hear from BYU soon it is killing me. You are so good to keep it up.  I am excited to hear. That is too bad about Jake getting hurt in the state game. Tell him I love him. What is he looking at for college? It is so wired to think that your class is Seniors. I hope you are enjoying your new trimester.  Bust it in Track. It will be awesome for you!   You will have to tell Lon Egbert hello for me. He was a great influence for me. I really respect him and think a lot of him. He does a great job there. You have a lot of great people to be able to work for three different people in Work Base Learning.  Well, Sis I think we go a full moon coming up here soon. I sure love you.   I miss you bad!  Keep doing good things.  Have a wonderful week.

Bdog! Hey my man -- How is tennis? I am so excited for you!! You are going to do really well. Sounds like you are really busy right now. You asked if I speak Spanish or English with my companions… we try to speak Spanish outside all day and at night we do tend to speak English. I set my alarm to go of every two hours to remind me to speak Spanish. I need to do it more; because that is the only way I am going to get better.   How is seminary? How is the Book of Mormon coming? Be sure you are in that book every day. I cannot beat that drum enough.   It is the determination of your future.  I sure love you man. You are such a great example to me.  Keep doing great things. 

Alex- Hey man!  Dude. I expect an email from you every week for the next 16 months. Deal? If not I am going to have to send some kind of torture devices for McCall to use on you. How are you? Are you making good choices? How is the Book of Mormon coming? I sure love you man. Do real things that bring real, results.  Half page letter next week deal? I love you buddy. Sure miss you so much. Have you thrown a disc in a while? I hear AAU basketball starts this week – right back into it!

Harrison -I love your braces that Mom sent. That is awesome.  I sure love you buddy! It sounds like you are doing really well!   What are you learning in school right now? Keep being awesome buddy!! You are the man! I hope that your teeth get better and your visit to the dentist goes okay!

McCall- Hey sweetie! How are you? I hope that you had an awesome week. How is school going? I am glad that you watched some Andy Griffith and that you are having some sunny days. I love you Cally. Thank you for your prayers. Keep being the special wonderful person that you are. 

l like the the scripture that I read in 2 Nephi 25:29 this week.. Helps you so see what is most important. 
I have so many blessings. I cannot thank my Heavenly Father enough or live well enough to show my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in my life. These blessings include you.

Love you all so much....

Until the next time!!!!!!!

Elder Austin

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