Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

(K so this letter was an adventure because of the miserable keyboard he got on at the cyber center that I left it as - is....We didn't get his letter til 10:30 last night...saw it on my phone...read it...laughed at the typos and spelling...but loved how happy he is...so I left it as-is so you can appreciate your nice keyboards today...and feel a little of "Argentina" cyber center love today - and maybe get a good smile!!  )

Hello my be autiful  family ! I am  sorry that I am late.WE  jus t had an a mazing  z one conference.  This keybo ard that I am on  is terrible.  I hop e you can make out wha t  I w rite. 

  I  dont have time to read your  emails.  I have the great opportunity to do split s with the  AP and my zo n e  leader j us t    now.  WE had an awes ome conf erence. I love my MI ss ion   P resident so much.    

I wanted to share a  l  ittle of what I  learned.                                    Presid ent  h as g iven us the theme of           not being comp  lancent and always      striving for hi gher h eights.  We talked a boout intuition  and ince ntive. It was  amazing.        I  lear ned al ot ab o ut  wo rking with   you r   m embers and a lso what it means  to p ut a way childn ess.,  and become  who I want to become. 
 He  also t a lked ab out     h how only t he valient recieve celes tial glory. the honora ble people kno w wha t th ey ca n ddddo to obtain celest ital glroy.. I can not tell you al l how life changing my mission  has  b een so far. 

 I  guess I s  ound ed homesick l ast l etter. I a m doing  great. WE h ad three b aptisimis l ast S a  turday and hopefully two m ore this S atu rday!!   WE a re  really    bei n g  b  less ed.                                                    Th e  C laudios whole  family  came  to chu rch on Sunday.  Pl ease p ray for  them.

SO f rom wh at I can see it sounds like i t was a  r  ougher week for you all.

Mikesell, Your letter shows you r wonderful a ttitude.   Heavenly Father  has his eye on you and in   5 years you will lo ok back at all this and smile.  Lean on Mom  and D ad and P rayer. I wil l   pray        my heart o ut for you like always.
çI love you and will  writ e more when I can ac  tually  type ne xt week.  Go to work for track this  week. You  rock babe. I lov e you and p`ic tur e the         biggest                   hug                                   ever-

M om and Dad-      Sounds like you are all doing really goo d.   Thank you for your prayer s and all of your support. You   are two            truly     ama zin g     peop le. I am so e xtremely grateful for you   both.ç

  Brennen and Alex - Hey my s tuds , did you get my  letter  yet? I hope so. I s ure l ove  you both . STAY  STRON g.  i want to encourage you to if you can go on splits with the missionaries, read and prayevery day. THes  e times are  c  riticial for you.

McCa ll an d Harrison- I love you both so much.  I hope that you had a wonderful day. I miss you thank you for your examples. You two are a mazing. I h ope you  lea rned alot at  c hurhc.  

WE wat ched a video  today by Elder Holland .    I t was so touching. I want to testify to  you o f the  real ness of our SAvior and my love for him. When we understand who  we ar e and      where         were can  go, this all becomes real. I   w a nt to c halleng e  al l you  to  find o ut what   you can  do to help others to find the joyy that comes  f rom him.   I  testi fy of this  wo r             k. I love you a ll.
      German, Nicholas, a nd Y essica were bap  tized. THe y are all doing really well. On l ast tuesday  I ha d on e of the most spi rtual mo m        en ts in my mission. W e  had ta ken the b us to maR del pLata  fo r o ur Dis tric t Mee ting. WE went and ate in  Mar del Plata af ter o ur  district  meeting                                                                        with    the fa milia Belo        qui.  We got talking and it was just am zing the storie s that they hav e.  If you remember we bap tized  two To rres byos a couple of weeks a  go.  T hey h av e a older b  rother.     He is now living with the B Elo  qu is famil y  and  t hey are  paying for his school and helping with his mi ssion. They chagned his life forever. I started cryigng w hen we ate with theym. THe b o y  is  c al led ALe jo and h e  is one of the fa  vorite people that I hav e met  h e re.  I am so so rry for this l etter.  THis  can be yo ur fami ly home ev e                                                                                                                         n                            ing ga        me  to f  I gur e   ou t   my letTe r.                                                                                                                                        
 I am so sorry for a very short email. Please know How much that I love each of you. I know my prayers reach you and I hope you all have a excellent week.                                         I p romise a better letter ne x t week. h aha

A llmy love.

Elder Au stin

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