Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Hello there family,

I am very happy to sit down and write you and actually think about what I am saying today!! It is a little bit calmer here and we might get the first real P-day in a month and a half.
I am so grateful for all of your support and prayers. I have recieved so many very kind letters from so many wonderful people. Kim and Matt (Yost), Sister and Presidente Tateoka, The Binghams, Cindy Bishop, a letter that Amy sent in August (haha but arrived this week) and also a Christmas letter from her. Mom I got all your packages and continue receiving your letters. Thank you so much!! Please send my love to each of them.

I hope that each of you are enjoying Muldoon. That place is sacred. It rained today but it has been really hot here. Sounds like you are getting some good snow up there. That is wonderful! I am excited to hear your real voices tomorrow! That will be incredible. I am planning on calling at about 2 o'clock here, that is like 10 there I think. Is that ok? I will send an email if anything changes.

The Oficina
Well my week was wonderful. Monday was crazy, crazy with all the preparations for Tuesday. Tuesday was a really great day. The singing went well and it was a spiritual experience  I loved Presidents message as well. He talked about how Joseph and Mary were chosen because they didn't think about themselves, they were the perfect parents to teach the Savior how to live his life at the highest level possible, always putting others before yourself. It was worth all the work for me to hear that message. I believe in being simple. Wednesday we had the preparations to go to Mar Del Plata. President asked if one the three assistants could stay in the office and I told him that I could. So it was great I got to work in my area and in another area and get back in a missionary routine. On Friday my companion got back from Mar Del Plata. Saturday and Sunday we worked in our area and it was great. I love telling every person in the street Merry Christmas. Peoples hearts really do soften this time of the year. 

 President and Hermana talking to the news after the Conference and Community Singing

President and Hermana did so much. Hermana wrote over 170 cards (hand written) to missionaries.  I couldn't believe it. They are one of kind people and I am so grateful for them. The mission is doing a little better the last couple of weeks in baptisms but we still have a ton more potential.

Christmas Pig and Ward Social - Bishop and his wife

Dad- you sound like you are doing really well. I will read you letter later in the afternoon. I am sure you are busy looking for that prized perfect tree. I am really excited to talk to you tomorrow. I love you Dad. Thank you for being so excellent. Have a great day today. Merry Christmas.

Mom- I am super glad that you get to talk about missionary work this Sunday. I have some ideas for you... but I will tell you tomorrow. I loved your thoughts in the letter and that sounds like a great base of a talk. That is what it is all about. Thank you so much for your letters and the packages. You are so extemely thoughful. I can't believe it. I love you so much Mom! Have a wonderful day today. Watch "It's is a Wonderful Life" for me.  I love that movie so much. Thanks for being great!

Mikesell.- Sounds like you have had a really great Christmas break. I am so happy you got to see so many of your friends. That is wonderful.That is a fun thing, it is crazy to see all the directions that peoples lives can go... just in the couple months after high school. Good Stuff! I love you Mikesell so much!! I will talk to you tomorrow!!! I am super excited!

Brennen-Hey my man! Thanks for you letter!! I hope that you are doing well!! I sure love you. I am excited to talk to you tomrrow.. How is B-Ball? You sound like you are doing great things!!!

Alex- I hope that you are enjoying Muldoon. I love you Brother. Talk to you you tomorrow huh?

Harrison- I love you little buddy. I hope that you are doing well. Are you going to build a snow man today?
Did Elfy make it to Muldoon?

McCall- How are you? I am so so excited to hear your voice tomorrow. Send me a picture of you in your Christmas pajamas. I love you Cally.

Though here in Argentina Christmas has a different feel... one thing  that I love is the amount of " light" that there is. The 21st is the longest day of the year.on Christmas Eve everyone shoots off fireworks. The people are all outside until the sun goes down. It is a time of light, and that is one of the best promises that we have received from the Savior.The scripture of this season for me has been John 8:12. Everything about Christ, everything that has to do with being a Christian is about " light", about hope, about change, about progress, about truth faith, and charity.  I love Christmas, because we look back, we repent, and give thanks for the power of the Atonement and then we look forward, because we believe in the light and the hope that comes from our Savior.  I hope that this will be a day of light for you all. That you will remember your Savior and that through His light, you all can do anything.

I love you all with all my heart. Thank you for being a big part of the light in my life. I have sent you each a letter, but it will arrive late, maybe in time for New Years.

You are in my prayers, enjoy this wonderful day and the wonderful place that you are in.

Merry Christmas,

Elder Clegg

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