Monday, December 17, 2012

December 16, 2012

Hello Family!

It sounds like you are all doing so wonderful I am so happy that you are enjoying the season! It is awesome!

Mom - I received the package with the cards. I am excited to open it on the 25th.  I have also received three of your hand written letters. Thank you so much! What a special treat!

Papa Crouch- Thank you so much for your letter. I just printed it and am looking forward to reading it!! I love you and Grandma so much. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Grandma Clegg- Thank you so much for sending that picture! I printed it out.:) I hope that you have a wonderful week and that it is a very special week for you.

I am doing really well. HaHa--- I have never had less time in my life.... but I love it. I got to study this week and that was all  I needed. Yesterday we left with the Bishops son to visit one of his friends and that was great. He had great courage and just asked if we could come in and teach and that he had some friends. That was LEGIT!  We taught him lesson 1 and he considered a date and we are excited to teach all of the family.  Tommorow half of the mission comes here to Bahia Blanca.  We are singing in the centro, and a hospital, 110 missionaries and the news will be there. Thrusday we are in Mar Del Plata, same deal, the other half of the mission!!
A cool experience  that we had this week:
In the Presidents house there is a member who works there doing the cooking and cleaning. She is awesome and has 6 kids that are married. One of her sons is in our ward. He always see her. But one day her husband was at Presidents house and we just small talked and it was good. Last week they invited us over for dinner and we ate with them on Friday. We were thanking them and they said no... we invited you both over because we noticed how kind you are with the people.  We can tell that you must have have a great mission. I was a little shocked because we barely knew them, but it taught how far being kind to someone goes. It was incredible. So BE KIND TO EVERYONE. Kindness opens doors of opportunity that are incredible. That is my little message.

Once again, time, I dont have right now. Maybe Wednesday I will be able to write a little more.  I will plan on calling you at Muldoon for Christmas. Could you send me the number again? What time works for you all? I love you all I am doing the "No ask for anything in your morning prayers" December with you!!  Please send my love to all. Have a great week. Dad, I will check in this afternoon to read your email, dont worry.

Mikesell - get her to talk to the missionaries!! Set a time and invite her to talk with all the family and the missionaries.  Missionaries have the power to INVITE, or ask people to do things, it is part of the power of the calling. As a member your job is to be her friend, answer her questions, help her do the things that the missionaries ask her to do.  I will write more later. I love you.


Enjoy this special time.

Elder Austin

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