Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello dear family,
I am so glad to hear that you are all doing so well. Sounds like it was a busy but good week.
 Please send my love to Uncle Alan and I hope that he has a wonderful birthday.
Well, we are right in the thick of transfers. I slept a hour and a half last night on the couch in the office. It is a big group that is leaving and so lots of running to the bus terminal, back to the house…and all that good stuff. I am doing good, don`t feel too tired yet, just kind of numb.
It has been a wonderful week. Martha and Miguel Angel are doing great. The members love them and everything has worked out great.
I have learned a lot this week. I am trying to put first things first. I have another transfer with Elder Costanzi. That will mean 6 months together when all is done. We get along great and I am excited to be with him again.  Elder Perez my trainer leaves tomorrow. Also some of my old Zone Leaders and really good examples and friends. I am enjoying my time with them. We had a good week in the mission and baptized more that before. That was good.  I received a great letter from the family Gonzalez in Miramar. They are getting ready to go to the temple!
I am sorry that this letter is so short…  If I can I will try to write a little more tomorrow. I love you all so much! A ton! Here soon we will be talking on Christmas Day! I love my Savior and know that the power of the Atonement is real.  Heavenly Father wants each of you to have a huge success in your life.
You are so great!
I love you.
 Elder Austin,
Your brother and son and best friend.
Saying goodbye to some of my favorite people

The Goodbye Group

Just got back from the airport. It was a harder one. I had my trainer, three of my zone leaders, and some of my best friends in that group. I love the mission.
Have a wonderful week!!
I apologize for the short letters this week. I am praying for you all and thank you for your greatness!!
I love you with all of my heart!!
I love this work and testify of it.
Love, Elder Clegg

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