Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello there dear family,
Sounds as though as everyone is doing really well and that the week has been full of adventures and summer time fun. The end of summer is fastly approaching…hard to imagine!
 Thank you so much Grandma Clegg and Papa and Grandma Crouch for your sweet letters! You both don´t know how I much I treasure these letters. I love you all and pray for you daily, thank you for your examples and legacy. Have a wonderful week!
This last week was a really good one, if a ¨normal¨ week exists in the office I think it would have been this one. I had some more time to work in my area and we were able to find some investigators that have some good potential. He had a sister go home this week early because of some health problems and that was bitter sweet to take her to the airport. She is happy and is a really great missionary and I am sure she is happy with her family now. We also have a leadership conference tomorrow with all the Zone Leaders and the District leaders. We are all ready to go and it should go well tomorrow. I am enjoying my companion and especially the time with President and Hermana ParreƱo.  The ward is great here and I really want to have success here. I am super grateful to be here. I thought this week about real growth and how that is what President Monson wants in the church, and especially how we can have real growth in our personal lives. The office is a good opportunity to measure your progress and set goals. I love goals and trying to get better. I have also learned on my mission how the Atonement can make it possible to be happy even when we fall short some times. I love that. It is turning into a beautiful spring time here and the weather is lightening up. Really all and all it was a really moderate winter and not anything like I thought it would be. Jerome is way worse as far as cold, wind, and those things go. The sun feels nice though and I love the changes of the seasons.  I can’t believe that fall will be setting in up there. That blows me away. I feel out of wack with the seasons up there now, it doesn’t really calculate in my mind that it is fall there now for you soon. I am loving this time.

 Dad- I hope that your time in Provo with Mikesell is enjoyable and that you travel safely. Freshman orientation…crazy!  I will be praying for the fire situations and I hope that all settles well. That is scary about the power lines…I hope the resort escapes any power outage situations. I sure love you Dad. I miss you and am glad you such a good time with Kerry and everyone there last week. Have a wonderful week. YOU THE MAN!
Mom-  Thank you for your letter and journal... I love them so much! To answer some of your questions, we live like 20 min walk from the office, the mission house is a good 10 min drive from the office and the house.   Time is going fast.  I can´t believe Bridon gets home so soon. That will be fun. That is crazy about Sydney – getting married in November… Good for her. I hope the planning for your next weddings goes well. They sound like they will be very busy for you all in one week! My prayers are with all of the family…I will remember those you mentioned and keep them in my thoughts and prayers always.  Mom, you are the best! I love you and keep being awesome with your scripture study and prayers. I love you so much. Have a great week.
 Mikesell- I loved what Mom said about you, that is very true. You will love the feel now, the games, the busy-ness of the students. It is great atmosphere and just eat it up. I am happy for you and I am glad that you are soar, cause that means that you are growing and working hard! Are you enjoying the girls on the team? Enjoy this week and the start of the classes. Study hard. I love you Mikesell so much. Tell all the cousins and cougs hello. Go for it  girl!
 Brennen- I loved the pictures that Mom sent of you three in your church clothes. What studs, seriously!! So only a week til you head to it up til then! Are you still liking the dish pit? I sure miss you and love you so much. Keep being strong. What will you be studying this year in seminary?  I sure love you buddy. Keep it up and keep being a stripling warrior.
 Alex- Hey you look so great in your photo. Did you buy a new unicyle also?  I love you buddy. Keep living right and being happy. I sure admire you. Are you going to destroy XC  this year? You and Brennen are going to tear it up this year. Work hard for Del!!!
 Harrison- you are such a stud little man. I hope that you are happy and know how much I love you. We are going to do some way fun things next year. Start making a list okay? Are you going to do good in school this year? How is your reading coming along?
 McCall- I sure love you chica!  How are those teeth coming in ? Do you know who will be your teacher this year?  I love you sweety. Keep up the good work. Have a great week and remember who your favorite brother is…
 Well, may you all have a wonderful week, filled with great times. I love you and before you know it I will be writing again.
Thanks for your examples and please stay strong to that which we stand for in all that you do. Be grateful....
All the love in the world,
 Your son, brother, and grandson,
Elder Austin

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