Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Family,

My thoughts and prayers have been with you this week especially the last couple days, knowing that Mikesell was going to school and the hard time that would be. I have prayed for you all sincerly and hope that all is well. Time passes and these times make us stronger.

I loved to hear that everyone is doing well.  I can´t believe that the summer is winding down a little. It has been a nice week here. I don’t think spring is here yet, but it kind of feels like it.

This week in the office, to be honest has been the craziest and fastest week ever!!  Ill try and sum it up..

Monday- Was a really special day. The day was spent getting everything ready for the Family night with the leaving Elders. That was a really special night to be with President and those great Elders and Hermanas. It was a really special time.  I love having so much contact with President now.

Tuesday- We took all the Elders to the airport and said my last goodbyes to my comp Elder Connolly. it was so weird to watch them get on the plane. They were so happy yet, peaceful with their missions. It was great and a really sweet moment. I love those Elders.

Wednesday- We had two sets of emergency transfers in the mission, so this day was filled with terminal funs and other fun things. I had my first day in the office.

Thursday- We traveled to Mar Del Plata. I was able to drive a little. We drove through Miramar and Necochea. That was great, I wanted to see all those wonderful people that I love. We got back late and that was the day.

Friday- We had a 3 o clock terminal fun to pick up some elders.

Saturday- I finally got to work in my area. We have an investigator named Nelly that will be baptized the next week. She is great and I am grateful for her. She has like 65 years.

Sunday-Got to know the area and the ward. It was a good day.

This week Elder Vinas from the Seventy is coming. Friday we get to give a presentation with him. We will be in Mar Del Plata and then back in Bahia Blanca on Saturday.  It should be a great week.
This week I read about the Title of Libery. I was studying wiht the question about how do I help myslef stay focused and help other Elders stay focused on their purpose as missionaries. I was reminded that the Title of liberty was just that. It was the reminder of the why, and then the covenant to always remember. How great is that! I love that. I loved my studies this week.

I still feel a little overwhelmed and not sure why I got this call. But I am really grateful and love it. I am learning a ton. My companion is great and it is great to have a companion from Argentina I love it.

I just heard that we have to go the airport because an Elder is going to be leaving to his real mission in Venisula because his visa came in.

This week I will see Elder Yost for the first time.
Dad- I love you!  I hurt with you saying goodbye to Mikesell. She is something special.  I know this will all pass. Keep strong. I love you.

Mom - Thank you so much for your letter. I miss you.  Thank you for the addresses. You are an angel. I am so glad you are with Mikesell for these first days and such a crazy time for her. Drive safe!

Mikesell- I love you so much. Be looking at the moon. I know that you are going to do so great!!

Brennen- Keep it up. You are the leader now. Fall sports? I love you so much buddy.

Alex- You said that you having a little harder summer. I love you and I know that this will help you grow. Keep the faith and a happy attitude. Keep doing good things. I love you so much!

Harrison- I love you man thanks so much for your letter!! Have a great  week. Big hug little man. Keep praying for Mikesell.

McCall- I love you so much Cally. Oh how you must miss that big sister. Pray for her and she will be praying for you. Call her a lot. I love you Cally

Sorry my letter is so rushed. I love you all with all the energy of my soul. May Heavens richest blessings be yours.

I know that Heavenly Father can make weak things strong.

Thanks for your prayers.
I love you and I love Heavenly Father and our Savior.
Have a great week.
All my love,

Elder Austin


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