Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello! Great to hear that you all have had a wonderful week. I was really happy to hear that Mark and Cynthia and family were up at Redfish!!! That made me really happy! I bet it was sad to say goodbye to Cassidi -- She has been a wonderful nanny and friend. Glad Julie and the girls could come up as well as Brennens friends. Wow what a full house you have had!  Dad - For sure lets do Braxon. I have the goal to climb five peaks next summer, but that can wait. I met a Hermana Squire this week who knew Landon from High School. She went to Lone Peak. I am also glad to hear that Mikesell is doing well and that she could enjoy the weekend with the wonderful Putnams. That was so nice of them to allow her to share in their family time. Sounds like everyone is doing well and that is the greatest blessing that I could ask for... How is Grandma Daw? I have been really praying and thinking of her and Grandpa.

This week was one to remember. Mon- Thur was a mad house of getting ready for Elder Viñas. Full of organizing the sleeping arrangements and travel of 100 missionaries to Mar Del Plata and 120 missionaries to Bahia Blanca. The office was been really busy. We also prepared a presentation, and that was awesome to talk to half of the mission in Mar Del Plata. We left for Mar Del Plata on Thursday with President and Hermana and that was great to be with them.  We spent that whole night moving tables from churches and getting everything ready for Friday Morning. I was able to see a few families that are from Mar Del Plata that we worked in Miramar, the family Isquidero. We slept that night in the car in the church parking lot because all the houses where full. I saw a ton of Elders and that was great. Elder Yost is doing great and it was really neat to see him. Elder Viñas is awesome, we got to talk with him (us 4) for like twenty minutes alone and asked him questions and that was... unreal. I asked him how he got a knowledge of scriptures like he has and he gave some great advice. The two conferences were awesome. He talked a lot about the Atonement, and the difference between Doctrine and the Application. An example he used was how there is the doctrine that families can be together forever through temple ordinances, an application of this doctrine is FHE. He talked about how application changes, not doctrinal. He is so wise and I am still digesting everything that I learned a little.
                          Elder Yost and Elder Clegg - (He is from Burley, ID and is our nanny's brother!)
In all of this we were extremely blessed to still have a little time to teach Nelly and she was baptized yesterday. President and Hermana Parreño were there and it was so special. Nelly is so sweet and after her baptism she turned to the audience and said ¨thank you brothers, thank you” and was so emotional.
                                                               Baptism of Nelly
I cannot tell you how much I have loved my time with Presidente and Hermana. The love that they have is incredible. Hermana, is not human. She has a love that is only comparable to that of my Grandmothers and my Mother. She is something else. President, is quiet and is very wise and has a ton of love and knowledge. It is incredible. It all is such a blessing!!

Also yesterday my Branch Presidents family from Nechochea were here because President set apart there daughter, that was so good to see them and to talk about Necochea.  She is going to Costa Rica and we took her to the airport this morning. It was awesome. A tender mercy for me. 
Dad- I am way excited to knock out that hike. I will enjoy it until then. Thank you for your advice on planning and everything. I will take all that I can get. I love you and I hope that the smoke in the air goes away that you are able to enjoy the week with the family before school. I love you.

Mom- I love you so much. I am so glad that you are doing well. This week will be a very busy week for you and I will be praying for you. I hope that all goes well. I don’t know how you do as much as you do. Thank you so much.

Mikesell- I am so glad that you are doing well. I hope that you are loving every second!! Enjoy it you will be glad when Cass and everyone gets down to Provo too!  I miss you and hope that you are staying strong. Tell the RMs to keep walking. I love you!!

Brennen- I hope that you are excited for school. David and Rio really are so great and I am so glad you had such a great summer with them. I love it.  Are you going to run this year?  I love you bud. 

Alex- I love you and keep being awesome!!  Keep being great and I hope that you are able to enjoy registration…school is right around the corner!

Harrison- How is life? I sure love you and hope that you are excited for school!! Are you reading much?

McCall-I love you and I hope that you are reading a ton. Jerome is right around the corner!  A big kiss!

Mom and Dad-  Happy Anniversary yesterday!!  Your letter is still in my hand…I will send it this week. I promise! I love you both so much and I hope that you are able to get away this week. I am so grateful for you both and hope you know that your annivarsary is one of the most important days in the year for me. I love you both!!!

I studied weakness this week and found the following scriptures...

2 Nephi 10:17 
Eter 12 :26-28 ,37
2 Cor- 12: 9-12
Jacob 4 7
D & C 135:5  136 32-33
D&C 1:28 

I love you all so much!!!

Hey , Mom  Elder Caicedo is a great missionary friend who wants to go to BYU and he wants to know some info about immigrant studying at BYU.  If you could send the info for how to apply he would really appreciate it.

Also I am sending a letter with yours for Bryan Harper, if you could send that to him.
I love you all so much. 
Have a wonderful week!

Elder Clegg

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