Monday, May 28, 2012

Hola Querido Familia,
What an incredibly busy week you all had!!! Thank you so much for taking what little free time you do have and write me. I am so happy to hear that everything went so well with graduation, Brennens Patriarchal blessing and all the tournaments and races. We were all greatly blessed!!
I received letters from Ethan Lopez - Thanks so much Ethan! Your letter was very kind and I am glad to hear that you are doing so well.  I look forward to seeing you down the road also. Thank you so much for your wonderful example. I miss you bro - hope finals went well and that summer will be great for you!
The Oveson Family- I honestly cannot tell you how much I loved your letters! Margaret - you should seriously consider writing a book!! What a great experience that you had in the "Flashing red light zone”.  Thank you so much for your letters!! I miss you all and I hope that all is well. I am sure it is beautiful and that the cattle will arrive shortly if not already. Have a great summer and thank you all so much. Thanks for the sweet letters KY and Logan!!
Well, it was a great week. Really I learned a lot and grew much I feel like. I love times when I can see where I am at and have huge desires to do better. Last week we had a meeting for the district meeting just in our zone right after I sent you the email last week -  it was a great meeting. On our way back I was looking at my clock and it was 8:30pm. I figured the bus would pass by our house at about 8:45….which only gives us about fifteen minutes to work.  I was pretty pumped from the meeting and thought how I want to be the type of missionary that really does that kind of thing. The bus was a little late due to traffic and we literally walked in the house at 8:55pm. I asked my comp if he wanted to go knock on just one more door right by our house. I told him if nothing happens tonight for sure Heavenly Father will see our efforts and we will be blessed down the week. He is great so we said a prayer… half smiling because we knew it was crazy ...SO as we shut the door it literally was 8:57 so we had three minutes before we had to be back in unless we got into a house within three minutes. As we rounded the corner heading out of our complex the other Elders were coming in. Right behind them was a neighbor who we had contacted before… he is a college student our age and was really nice. He were just getting back from his church. I went up to him and shook his hand and within thirty seconds he invited us in. I looked at Elder K and just smiled. We talked for 25 min and we were back in the house by 9:30. I testify to all of you that God sees our little efforts and wants to give us faith building experiences. I was just taken back with gratitude for that experience.
Another experience that we had was on Friday. We made a jeopardy game for a ward mission activity, for Friday night. That day I had an interview with an investigator from the other Elders in our house who was scheduled to be baptized on Sunday. We went there and he was not there so we went on splits to wait for him to get back home (well he never did come home and was not baptized, send your prayers for him) but as we were on splits we went to a family that Elder Hansen and I had found on splits about a month ago. They are doing well but haven’t come to church. We had a great lesson with them and they told us how they wanted to come to church but wouldn’t be able to this week because he had to work. I rather gutselly told them that we would love to come by to get them up for the activity tonight. We persuaded them after a while and then we had the closing prayer and we actually were able to set baptism dates with them also. They came to the activity and they loved it and he actually kicked my trash in a pushup contest for one of the categories. It hurts me to tell you that. I was so stoked because I have been doing pushups every morning without missing a single day for almost 11 months but he just whooped me. Man... But it was great.
It was a sad end of the week when the other elders were not able to baptize there investigator. I am learning a lot about how to help people be motivated and really see what it means to have that tag on your chest. It means more and more to me.  I love this work and just want to scream to take out every one of natural man and complacency out of me. But I am grateful and happy.
This week is a big week. The familia Garcia gets married the 1st and baptized the 2nd. I am so excited and really just feel like a dream to be able to have found such a great family. I want them to stay in this so bad. I have faith that they will.
Dad  - It sounds like the race went well and I hope that everything was well marked this year!! haha That was great!! I am excited for you to have this summer. I think it is going to be a really great one and that a lot of lives are going to be touched and a lot of good is going to be done. I was thinking how wouldn’t it be neat if you all could have the goal to try and help an employee reach the waters of baptism this year. Maybe just all be looking for someone who seems really prepared and then pray for some way to share, without any complications with the boss / employee situation. I sure love you Dad and you sound so good!! I loved hearing about your state track experience. I sure appreciate all that you do for everyone. I thank you for your motivation and all that you do. I love you and will keep praying for you. Have a great week and enjoy Harrisons B-day. Love you Pops!!
Mom-  Feeding 600 people in one weekend… ouch. Probably not your record though…even a close second if I remember right…? Wow… what a week!! I hope that this week you can be a little more settled and get some last minute things down. Sounds like you will be hitting the road a lot this week. I hope the kids can step it up this week and help you. (Hint, Hint) How are you feeling?  Lots of emotions the last week…Mikesell graduating… maybe you haven’t had the time to take it in. I am so glad to hear about Brennen’s Patriarchal Blessing. I thought about that a lot this week. Mom, I love you so much. Thank you so much for your email and your words of encouragement. You are pretty on the ball!! I hope that this week is great and if the Clegg cousins are still there tell them Hello for me and that I love them. I love you Mom. Have a great week and thank you so much for your awesomeness. You are the best!!
Mikesell -Wow, there she went. You looked so great in all of your pictures - thanks for sending them. I am glad you got your letter just in time for graduation! I sure love you and am so grateful for the person that you are. I hope that this summer is a great one for you. Sounds like you had a lot of fun last week. I sure miss you sis. I love you and am super excited for this summer for you. It should be a lot of fun.  Work hard and go get that vision this summer. I love you Mikesell.
Brennen - How are you buddy. What a special experience that you must have had. I am so grateful that you were able to get your Patriarchal Blessing. You will cherish that day for ever. You know in Dad´s blessing it talks about how his children will be special spirits reserved to come forth in the last days and you live that perfectly in every way. You are such a good kid. Stay strong and work hard this summer. I am super excited for you. I sure love you brother and keep being the great person that you are. Have fun up there in that little piece of heaven. I am glad that you enjoyed Marsh Valley Tournament!!
Alex-  Hey man, so your Ipod got stolen!? At mutual - that is a bummer… but maybe it will be a good little experince.  It sounds like you played really well. That is awesome.  I sure love you man and I pray for your daily. I hope that this is a growing summer for you in every way. It will be lots of fun. I sure love you Alex. Keep being a great example buddy. You the Man!
HARRISON- THE BIG 9, are you soooo excited for your birthday!? I am... I hope that you have a great day and that you can have lots of fun and remember how loved that you are. I sure miss you buddy. Keep being awesome. What are your big plans for this week? Have you jumped in the lake yet? I love you buddy. Keep saying those prayers!!
McCall- I hope that you love this week so much!! I love you and miss you. I still remember your cute face from Skype on Mothers Day. I hope you can play a lot but be a good little helper and that you will have a fun week. You are getting so big!  This will be a great summer for you. I love you Cally. BIG KISS...
Oh the weather here is actually still surprisingly nice. I love the autumn here.
Papa and Grandma Crouch - I just saw your email come through. I am way excited to print it out and read it. Thank you so much and I love you both!!
Tonight I have a 5 hour bus ride to Bahia for out last leadership conference with my beloved President. I am excited for that.
I will keep trying to be the missionary that all of you think that I am.
I love you all and have a wonderful week. All my love ---
Elder Clegg

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