Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello there Family!

So great to talk to you yesterday!!! I so enjoyed it and can’t tell you all how GREAT it was to see you all and your bright faces. It was strange to be honest. It really made me see that you are all doing  so well and that really, you are all still YOU! 

Thank you so much for the packages. I now have two shoes and am wearing them and loving them! I loved the hand written letters so much it was so great to read those and thank you so much for taking the time to write them. I really appreciate it. I also got a letter and a small “Preach my Gospel" in Spanish that was really great from Amy. That was really nice of her. My guess is she probably won’t read this on the blog now that she is on her mission.  I will send a letter though.

Thank you so much Grandma Clegg for your sweet email. You are so thoughtful to do that. I hope that you had a wonderful Mothers Day! Please tell Grandpa Clegg and Uncle Alan I love them and hello. I hope that Grandpa is feeling alright. I will be praying for him a lot.

Also Papa, thank you for your letter!! Happy Mothers Day Grandma Crouch! I sent you a letter and it should be getting there this week. I love you both so much and thank you so much for your example. You have influenced my life in so many, many ways.

So this last week was wonderful. An amazing highlight was obviously talking to you all. It was a little harder week in the sense that is was harder to find investigators and we lost some investigators, but through all of that we have the amazing Garcia Family and the Ochoa family that are progressing very well and are stoked for baptism. This Saturday the Ochoa family will be baptized and so your prayers are appreciated for them!! Satan throws everything at them the last week. The family Garcia is going to be married June 1st and be baptized June 2nd. Sergio asked if Elder Knuteson and I could do the ordinance. He loves learning and is so prepared right now. I feel so blessed to have them as investigators. I love that family so much. I am so excited for the 2nd!! I love all the Elders in our district and zone.  We will be getting hermanas (sister missionaries) in our zone and I am excited for that because they add such a special spirit to the work. The Elders act more like elders when there is Hermanas around. Ha-ha!!

Dad- You looked just awesome yesterday. It was so good to see you and to hear your voice. I am excited for this year for you at Redfish. I am confident that it will be the best one yet. I am glad you can just kind of “escape” the political scene for the summer. I am glad I am out of it. It may get pretty ugly. I have some serious passion for that stuff and the country that I love. I hope you have a great week up at Redfish. I can’t thank you enough Dad. Thank you for your prayer yesterday with the family and for the leadership and example that you provide in the house. You are truly “the Man”. Keep at it and I hope that your heal up nice and good soon! Love you pops, keep classy.

Mom- What an amazing woman that you are. I thought about today the story you told me with Grandma Daw. That is so you to think of that even on your birthday. What a blessing that experience was. Life is just precious isn’t it? When we are living right we are just blessed beyond reason. I loved that line “if hands could talk” that you talked about.  Oh hey, one funny story… about a week ago I broke a shovel helping an investigator take out a root system. You will have to tell the Oveson’s.  Some things never change!! They will get a kick out of that. Mom I love you so much. Thank you with all my soul for who you are. I hope that yesterday you were able to feel just a hundredth of the love that God and people around you have for you. I love you much Mom. Have a great week and thanks for everything. I don’t need anything….and you were right on the shirt size just so you know. (16 and a 34-35) I love you Mom!!

Mikesell- Oh what an angel you are. You looked so beautiful yesterday and I hope that your graduation went really well. I miss you so much. I am so excited for your adventures. Use this week as a missionary tool for Jazz while she is staying with the family and keep your head up. I am sorry you were not able to run in districts or state. I hope you heal soon. There will only be one state champ for the most important things. Keep your chin up and face that future with a blue eyed fire. You rock sis. I love you so much. Thank you.

Brennen- I am still blown away at you. You looked so good yesterday! Wow. You are a young man of honor. Keep it up. I hope that you have a great week and can keep helping Mom. I love you man. Keep at it. Thank you for your example. We are all in the fight together.

Alex- Great to see you buddy!!  You looked so tall and your face was all thinned out and grown up - all of you. I love it. What a great brotherhood. You got the world in your hands buddy. Have a great week and do the important things and love one another. 

Harrison. -  Ha-ha “I didn’t do it!” That was the best line ever. Thank you for that buddy. When I asked “How is your testimony” you instantly thought of getting up and saying your testimony in church. A testimony is your relationship of friendship with Heavenly Father. But it is good to share your testimony also. I love you buddy keep being awesome. Have a great week.

McCall- You looked so grown up and good. You are just a little angel. I hope that you have a good week pretty girl. Keep being awesome. I love you!

Well if your could all read in Mosiah 4 : 11- 15 this week that would be awesome. Also 1 Nephi 16:11-13 to me that talks all about attitude and effort. I would love to expand but my time is up. I love you all so much. I know this is the Gospel of Christ and that obedience does bring blessings of all kinds.

I love you all! Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Austin

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