Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Hello the people that I love the most!

What a week you have all had! Incredible!!
Letters received:
Trei Cook- Dear Elder- Thank you so much.. It meant the world to me brother.
Libby Baum
Hayley Clegg
Trish and the emplyeees
Bishop Prince
Kim Yost
Grandma Clegg

I loved all of them and will read them this afternoon. Thank you all so much!! I loved them with all my heart. Excited to read over them all ~ Letters are the best!!!
Mom – Answers to your questions:
Do you sleep in your sleeping bag every night or only when you travel up for meetings?    Always use it, glad I have it but wish it was smaller haha Just kidding!!
Are you electric plugs normal there…? Look like our outlets?       Yes, still need a converter but not to shabby....
Plumbing…? Hot water? Up to speed in technology?     Yes have plenty of hot water, it is kind of like the early 90s technology wise, every place is so different…
Lots of trash on ground there? In Mexico there is tons….      Yes trash and dogs everywhere
What are your Mission Pres rules about “outside books” other than scriptures and Jesus the Christ? I have an amazing book on the scriptures and the law of attraction. You have mentioned many scriptures from the book.      No rules on this, I would love to read it, but only able to on Pday.
Retainer?      I have it and all is well. Pray I don’t ever lose it.
How many missionaries total are in your mission? 200? Sisters? Any driving? Bikes    About 200, bikes in some areas. Only the office Elders drive. Buses are everywhere, take taxies a lot also.

Please tell Grandma Daw Happy Birthday For me!! 92 years old! I love her so much. I have been meaning to ask for their address for like three weeks. Papa Arlen has a birthday coming up this month. I have a letter written and will send it soon.
So this week was great, we had divisions again and I always learn so so much. I was with Elder Murrilo de Chile. He is our zone Leader. I am writing early because my companion is going to Bahia tonight and I am doing divisions again - with Elders that have less or the same amount of time as me. It should be quite the experience. I am excited. We will get back to Miramar Thursday afternoon. It is kinda hard to be away so much with our investigators but all is well.
So this week was really great! Yesterday was Stake Conference and President Defletson spoke with his wife.  It was great. The Mar Del Plata Stake is really strong and it was a good time. We had one investigator there.  One story: I was in Mar del Plata and my companion was with Jose teaching him with another Elder and our Branch president. They were teaching the Word of Wisdom and apparently President of the Branch talked about how is actually was just fine to drink tea and how he didn’t pay tithing until he was a member for like two years. I am sure that helped a lot with Jose. Hum… It is hard to have true success when the Branch President is a little shaky....but I love them and they are trying to do their best.
A great experience was really special for me this week: It was Saturday, at probably the same time you were running in State Mikesell and it was about the same time that you wrote to me about that in your letter. That prayers are truly answered! We had a lesson with a less active member who has a 40 year son who has had a stroke. She was sharing her testimony about prayer. We were sitting on the front porch of her house with her son. I could feel the sun on my face and I could not help but cry. I thought about how Heavenly Father loved her and heard her prayers and hears my prayers and my families prayers. It was one of those moments that is hard to put words to but the feelings will never leave. I want each of you to know that I pray with energy for you every day. It is work and I love it.
There was lots of little miracles again this week. I am happy. Sometimes discouraged with my Spanish but I know that I am here to testify of what I know, not just to learn Spanish. (Thanks Bishop Prince). This week should be normal... I thought a lot about the scripture in Romans 8: 28 that ... Read that and I testify that it is true.  Look at each of our lives.  Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.  
Dad- The fearless hunter!! Shooting a bear - Haha what a fun story!! I cannot believe the damage that bear did! I am glad you went up there! That is scary with Mom up there alone. For some reason I can just picture you doing this. Haha…I am sure Kent Gunnell would love this story. Our best success is from our porches.  I hope that you are feeling better. I love you so much Dad. You are my hero. Have a great week and enjoy the basketball game this weekend. I will root for DIxie maybe for this one. Kinda hard...not BYU!? How great to see Landon play!
Mom - Thank you so much for the packages. I really don’t need anything. I hope that it was not too expensive. I will let you know when I get them. It will be a little while I think. Thank you so much. What a trooper you are. It sounds like things with the Fish our slowing down, but you are still just as busy. I hope that all is well. I love you so much. Mom… the greatest blessing of my mission so far has been the love that I have for my family and how I will do anything to honor them. I hope you have time to exercise, temple, and all of those things that you want to do. You serve others so so much. I love you Mom. You are in my every prayer. Have a great week!!! We are never far in spirit.
Mikeseellllll!!!! WHOA! Third!! What a superstar!! I am so proud of you sis!! Sounds like you ran with heart and that is what matters. I am so happy for you!! What are you going to do this week with no practice??? Thank you so much for your experience with prayer. That has been the theme of my week.  Keep working in all that school stuff. Sounds like you are doing well. Be happy with your efforts!! Mikesell - I love you so much and I am so grateful for the friendship that I have with you. I think about all of you always right before I go to sleep. I am so very proud to call you my sister.
Brennen- Hey Stud- all I hear about you is how awesome you are and what a great young man you are!!  I know that though.  I sure love you man. You are such a great example to me. I miss you buddy. Keep doing the important little things. Thanks for the email.  I love your sense of humor. You the man...
Alex- Hey little man...How is life. For some reason this week I thought about when we would play basketball in the kitchen with the basket on the door. I miss that bad. You better be practicing or I am going to dom you!! I mean I do like 15 mins of ab work out every day.. haha. Actually - I am scared to play you. My comp hates running so to keep the peace and I run back in forth in our tiny kitchen and it is just not the same. I sure love you Alex. You are such a great young man. Keep being you and loving other people. You can achieve those dreams!
Harrison... Oh my amigo I love you so much. You need to learn how to type so you can write me. I hope that you are doing well. How are your friends? Friends are important. I love you Harrison. Don’t forget the Harry Way. Keep kissing Alex and he will kiss you too. Love you buddy.
McCall - I love loved your Oreo story. That is my sister!!!  They have Oreos here thankfully. They also have lots of that kind of stuff. How are you? You look so grown up every picture I see of you. I love you so much Callie. Hayley Clegg told me in her letter that you told her that Jesus is your best friend... I love you Call and am so grateful for your example.
Well my family... Life Is well! Life is  a process of learning and growing. I know that hard times make us stronger and that with hindsight everything gets better. We push through with prayer, set goals, and try our very best until we succeed. We will persist until we succeed. Please know how much I love Heavenly Father and this work, and please know how much I love each of you individually.
Have a Wonderful Week! I love you so much. Enjoy your first week of  WHAT…  November!!? That is so crazy! Happy Halloween. I almost forgot about that!!
I love you!!
Elder Austin

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