Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011

Received Letters from:
Scott Maughan
Amy Ellsworth

Emails from: 
The Wonderful Crouch´s (Blair)
Grandma Del the Angel
Ethan The Man Lopez
Mom, Dad, and Mikesell (I love you)

Ahhh.... I won´t lie when I say that this hour that I have to write each of you is one of my favorite hours of the week. I am on cloud nine when I walk out of the internet cafes because I have been able to hear from you all and write you.

McCall!! Quit growing right now! Two Teeth out in one day!!! Wow! You look so grown up, I could not believe it... I am serious!! Every one looks really grown up in there treasure hunt picture. How fun... That is one of my favorite memories. Thirteen years of treasure hunts at Redfish when things are all closed up for Brennens birthday- a lot of good times!!  I put three pictures on, one was with Elder Mickles my zone leader when we did exchanges here in Miramar. He has been a brother to me. He left this transfer to be a zone leader in an another part of the mission. I will greatly miss him. He has had a huge influence on me.

The other, good but sad news, is Elder Perez, my companion is now a zone Leader in  Olivadria.  I have a new companion from Lehi, Elder Ochseinbein. He was born in Bear Lake and calls Idaho his home. He is great. He actually went through a struggle with cancer and went home for awhile and came back out. He only was 4 more transfers left in the mission. A transfer is every 6 weeks. Our next one is about Thanksgiving time. So the next weeks will be a strug fest, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to grow. I am now in charge of getting us around the city and relations with branch member’s things like that. It will be a growing time -such has been my mission experience thus far!

We also had interview with President this week too... That was really nice, he is such a great man. I understood him too (mostly) so that was nice. We spent a lot of time at the zone leader’s house in Mar Del Plata. It was a week filled with a lot of traveling. It is about a hour ride one way to Mar Del, all along the coast and it is really pretty. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday. But Satan is good. I am not sure exactly what happened but the woman Patricia got a boy friend after being divorced for a whopping two months and he was a terrible influence.  She has skipped out on two three interview appts and the baptism. We will see what is going on. Hopefully Jose will continue to progress. He did not come to church this week. However, we have had some great lessons with him this week. Heavenly Father must really love us to give us our agency.

Just some house keeping items... Mom, I don’t need anything. I would love some pictures of all the adventures of you all that I can “hold and look at”…and hand written letters. That is all I really ever want. If you can just send one of the old ipods with church music, it would be great and if you put a charger with it, if you can find a cheap small ihome thing that would be perfect, but I do have speakers. Oh and also if you could put some Peter Breinholt on the Ipod that would be great, his mellow stuff, and the Narnia song “The Call” by Regina Spector. These are just “wants” - I am doing just fine.

Just to be clear on my address...

Elder Austin Hayden Clegg
Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission
Chacabuco 1755
8000 Bahia Blanca
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mail room code: 575

And just use normal postal service.  They told us not to use Ups or Fedex or anything. I don’t know what the pouch mail address is but that works for letters, not sure about packages. Or you can just send a normal international stamped letter. I think those are a little faster... Thank you so much..

Oh one mission for you all on Facebook. We have a member here who lost her Grandsons contact. He lives in Florida, Orlando -ish...  his name is Carlos Ramon Torres. He is about 25. If you could just do one Facebook search for him and tell him Flora Jaurez, his Grandma wants his contact info. And then send me his address and phone number.  I told her I would try... It is kinda a needle in a haystack deal but it is possible. Thank you..

Dad- What a crazy week! That heart to heart with Trie will be great. What happiness keeping the commandments (and just the law) brings. What knowledge we have. I love you Dad, with all my heart. Thank you for your letter. I loved skimming it and look forward to reading it tonight. Dad, I miss you... But we will keep on plugging on!

Mom- It is funny you should say you that - because I missed you “extra” this week too. I  have doubted myself and my ability to learn the language this week. I sometimes just feel so overwhelmed. It will come and this hard time will be a blessing with hindsight. I will just keep on keeping on. I love you so much Mom!!  Yesterday was “Dia de Madres” here yesterday. Talk about gratitude -  I love you - words don’t describe... Have a great week!! You are in my prayers.

Mikesell - You are going to rock it this week!  I have fasted for you twice, and pray everyday and night. Do your best and know that no matter what happens you are still Mikesell Clegg - the most incredible 17 year old in the world!! What more could you ask for? Congrats on the Designated Student Award! What a stud! Just keep working. I love you so much. I miss you. Sadie’s is coming and Districts this Wednesday... Rock it sis!! I will be praying for you 24/7 please know that. I love you. I miss you!!

Brennen -  When I get home I am going to tell you so many great things to help you be prepared for your mission. I am excited - we are going to practice it all! haha. Brennen you are such great young man. I hope you can run at Districts and Cross Country has been a great experience for you. Tell Nordy I love him. Weird to think basketball is coming around the corner. I love you bud. Great job in school!

Alex -Hey Man I love you so much! How is life? Sounds like you and Alex and the potato gun with its adventures have been so awesome! Sounds like you are doing well in school too.  Keep pushing your self and do all the small important things. I love you so much man, but not as much as Heavenly Father. You can truly do anything buddy! You have potential for such greatness. You all do. I love you! How is BYU doing? BSU?

Harrison - Buddy. How is life? How is school? Sounds like you are killing it! Great job. Keep being happy and loving others my man. You are such a stud. Keep it up! I love you Harrison. Un ambrazo amigo.

McCall -All I want for Christmas is my two front bottom teeth! Wow you are so gorgeous! Just like your Grandmas, Mom, and Sister. I love you so much Cally. I miss you. You are such a great person. Keep being happy. Do you still remember the handshake?

Well, my family life is well. Heavenly Father loves us and gives us challenges to help us grow. Never doubt in Him or yourself. I miss you all. But please please know how much I love each of you… with all my heart!! I have come to appreciate prayer so much. May you have a wonderful week!!!! The weeks go by really fast!!  I know this is the work of Heavenly Father!

Mikesell, Go get em this week!

I love you all so much....You inspire me every second of everyday.

I love you

Love Elder Austin

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