Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hello Family...

Sounds like you are all having a very crazy day... All my prayers are with you. Please tell Trei and all those people that I love them and that they are in my every prayer.

Brennen! How was your birthday? I though about you all day. What a stud you are. I love you buddy and hope that you were able to feel just a little of how truly special and great you are!!

Well it was a great week this week. We are in Mar Del Plata right now with the Zone Leaders. We have a meeting tonight and a district meeting tomorrow. Then I am doing divisions in Miramar with an Elder Mickles - a zone leader. I am little nervous because I am left to find everything on my own and all those things. I still can not really teach and have people understand me. But he is a boss and will help me. He is a great leader and friend to me.

So I keep a little book of all the things I want to right home for the week so it is easier to gather my thoughts and write. Lots of times there is a ton of kids in these cyber and techno places where we write - music blaring and I forget some of the things I wanted to write. But sometimes they play good American songs~ ha ha

This week we had two investigators in church. It was testimony meeting and I just loved it!  Both of these investigators (Jose and Patricia) are getting baptized. Patricia is getting baptized next week. And my man Jose the following week!  He is so prepared and teaches me actually. I really love him. He has a great family and I hope that his family will follow suit! They are very Catholic and not very receptive to the lessons. We went out to his farm and I made a cool video and took some more pictures. I will figure out how to send a DVD with all my pictures and some time.
I did divisions this past week with an Elder who does not speak English. He is 26 and is such an example ~ such a sacrifice for him to be here. Truly a miracle. I learned that I can never give back enough to the Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that I have. He just blesses me again and again. I learned this is the best two years FOR my life.  Yesterday after I bore my testimony, a hermana came up to me and said something along the lines of how “she wishes my family could have heard the meeting and how important you all are to me”.  I show people pictures of you and they all say the same things about how absolute fantastic you are. They say things like “Your Mom and Dad are so young" “All blonde kids”… all good looking… so know that... haha!! This week was a bit of a humbling one. I want to understand so bad but it is such a slow process. It is so frustrating for me some days. I understand church talk, but anything else is above my head. I know it is possible and I know I will do it.
Mikesell, Dad,  Mom, and Grandma Clegg - thank you for your letters. They all meant so much to me. I was able to print out Dads, Mikesell, and Grandmas. (I will print Moms now and read all of it tonight) . But I read your letters while we were waiting in the laundry mat and I just started to cry. To hear of the blessings and the hard work you are all receiving and doing. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you. PLEASE PLEASE know that you are all the most important people in my life and you are my center. I am so glad our family is centered on Jesus Christ. I love each of you so much. Thank you all for your prayers. I am happy and love it here. I miss you but work hard to become the person that I need to become. Because I have been given much I too must give.

Dad- I bet you have had a crazy day. You are in my prayers. I pray you travel and  stay safe. I love you... What a rough day to lose an employee in such a tragic way. Thank you so much for your email. I have a lot about he scripture in Ether 12:27 this week. What a great peace and blessing it is in our life to be centered on Christ. He makes days like the one you are having much easier. I love you Dad.

Mom- Thank you so much for the pictures. I feel bad about the money stuff. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.  I honestly don’t remember anything about an amount. I think I paid like $300 in tithing or something like that. I love you!! Use the address in my call packet. I messed up on the address for Brennens birthday.

Mikesell, Brennen, Alex, Harrison, and McCall ~ I love you all so much. I don’t have as much time as normal - so I am rushing. I love you and pray for each of you individually. Stay safe and learn and do lots in school.  You are all the best!!

All my love... My prayers are with you. Stay safe... I will talk to you next week.

I love you so much.

Elder Clegg

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