Monday, September 5, 2011

September 2, 2011

Hello the people that I love the most! What is happening? Sounds like everyone is having a awesome last week of summer!  Please give Kim a hug for me today at the wedding in Rexburg today and tell her congrats! Brennen and Mikesell - I hope your meet went extremely well. I got lots of great letters this week. First off, I guess I need to apologize to Grandma Clegg -I have recieved all of her dearelders. I have loved them so much!! It sounds like in my letters that I  not very clear that I did recieve her dearelders. Also Dad, be sure and tell her that the email you gave her is correct. Mom, I got the wonderful package last Saturday. I loved the letters and treats!!  Thanks for the shirt and the thermals... and most of all thank you so much for the shoes. This whole week I have gone to bed excited because I get to wake up and go run in those bad boys! I just love them! Mikesell and Brennen thank you for your dearelders. Mom thank you so much for the quotes and the letter. Just can't say enough how much I loved that!!  Dad- thank you so much for your letter. I loved that picture... just about made me cry...oh those ultimate frisbee days at the park in Stanley. And what a great article about the lodge!! I loved that as well. I also recieved a letter from Papa Crouch. I can not tell you how much i treasure that - and all the letters. I am so grateful for advice and the examples and kind words of all of you at home. It means the world to me. Oh, I also received a letter from Scott Maughan. It sounds like he is doing reall well in Brasil! Love that Elder.
So this week has been just a about as good of a last week as I can imagine. I have grown really close to my teachers and I love them.
So get ready for why this week has been awesome....lots of reasons!!
We had the incredible privilige this week to hear from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland....What a tender mercy to hear from him the last devotional here. It was so incredible. He talked about several very important things... a lot about love.. about what we represent as missionaries... how his mission changed his life. You all know how Elder Holland sounds when he speaks with power... I will try to send some of my notes with you in the two packages that I will be sending to Jerome tomorrow with some things that I will not need.
The second great thing was being able to see Aunt Cathy and Uncle Kevin and the other now Elder Clegg. What a fun treat! I hope that you have been able to see the pictures or will soon. I love Hayden and it has been fun to see him.
Dad- I have been thinking so much about that scripture,and when you shared it is was neat. In Msh. 4:30 I think King Benjamin also talks about the blessings that come when we draw closer to Heavenly Father and recognize that we are weak, but that we can be quite strong with him. I hope you have a great week. I love you so much Dad. Thank you for your letter. It meant so much. Have a great week and I will talk to you on Monday! Thanks for the digits ha ha!! I do remember our phone number thank heavens! Love you Pops.
Mom- thank you so much for the letter, package quotes ect. I cherish every letter from you. Thank you for all the updates, the insights on gratitude. Are you ready for the madness to begin going to Jerome? I guess it has been going all summer:) I love you so much and am so looking forward to talking on Monday! I am sending home just some stuff that I won't be needing and to keep my bags under the weight limit. I love you with all my heart Mom. May you continue to be blessed! So looking forward to talking to you on the phone at the airport! Oh - and in the packages will be all my letters to the President here at the MTC. I thought that would give good insight to my experiences here.
Mikesell- What a sweet article about you in paper. Keep working hard and staying humble:) How are you feeling about the big senior year? You are going to love it! Yes it does go by oh so fast - but just enjoy it. Thank you for your letters. I love them. You are in my every prayer. Remember we are never far in spirit! I am glad you had fun at the football game. I will talk to you Monday!!! Love you so much
Brennen- Hey Stud - how goes the battle? As you told me of your first race experience I couldn't help but think of my first race.  It was so hard, so hot, and I flat out hated it. But as you get stronger you will come to like it more. Never walk, always go until you feel you will die. Sounds hard and it is, but you will do great things I am sure. Listen to Coach Nordquist. Tell him hello and that I love him. He is outstanding in all aspects of his life. Love you bud - excited to chat.
Alex- Que pasa amigo? how is your XC going? You had a good last week. It is so awesome the three of you were together with Grandma and Grandpa. Those are some of my most favorite and cherished memories with them. How is your running going? I am sure you are loving it. 7th grade I cant believe it. Have a good year. Make good choices - especially when it comes to friends. Set the standard for what type of person you are going to be for the rest of you school. How do you want to be remembered? I think you will be remembered as the stud athlete you treated everyone with kindness and never met someone who wasn't your friend. Be like Brennen. you already are. I love you Al.. Keep being your awesome self. Tty soon
Harrison- Dude a whole week with Mom and Dad at Redfish!! How awesome! Are you ready for school?  I bet you did some really fun things. I get to hear your awesome voice so soon! Love you buddy. Have a great week
McCall- Hey sweetie! How are you? I am also excited to talk to you on the phone in a couple of days! Its going to be so fun! I miss you. Sounds like you have had a great week. Keep being awesome. Say goodbye to the squirrels before you go to school!  :) They are going to miss you.
Well, I am planning on calling at about 10ish or so on Monday morning. I will call the Cabin. I am looking forward to that. I am sorry for all the spelling errors ext. I am typing fast because I have to get back to our infield orientation workshop. We had a new district come in this week and we hosted them, that is the biggest job as zone leader.
Remember that you who you desire to become is who you will be. Set those high goals and really want it and go for it!! I am nervous but very excited. I speak Spanish like a two year old or worse, but I have learned a lot. I will make it as I humble myself and rely on my Father in Heaven. I am aware that the next month or two it probably going to be my hardest in my life. I know I will emerge a better missionary. I will never loose my attitude and optimism. I love you all with all my heart and I will talk to you soon. May you be blessed always.
Love, Austin
Elder Clegg

I will write more via snail mail tommorrow, I hope you got my pictures!

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