Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello my favorite people!!
How are all of you? It was another great week here in Miramar!!!

Sounds like you are all doing awesome!! Glad you were able to go out to Busterback! Please tell President Boren, the Forsgrens, and especially the Oveson family hello for me.

We did a lot of work out it the fields this week and found some really solid investigators. One’s name is Jose and he went to church this Sunday and that was pretty spectacular. He has a lot of questions about the Second Coming and we promised him that if he went to church his questions would be answered. Funny how the next day the lesson in Gospel Fundamentals was on the Second Coming. Little miracles like that happen daily here. I was teasing my companion because He was giving a talk in Sacrament so I told him he may have to address the Second Coming.  Also we have a family with a single mom. She quit her Job so she could come to church on Sundays. We fasted with her to find a new one and she has had couple interviews. She will be blessed if it is God’s will.  I think it is. She has two kids - your age Brennen and Alex. They kind of remind me of you. They have already been baptized. We have a date scheduled with their Mom the 22nd of Oct. We have like 12 baptismal dates set up right now - but probably only like 2 of those will come through. People don’t much care for going to church here. You have to come to Church three times before you get baptized. Elder Perez is such a stud. He is a good sport to put up with my lack of Spanish. The Elder is a scripture wizard. I would be very lost without him. We did some awesome cleaning today and our little house is looking good. Not quite Grandma Crouch, Clegg, and Mom’s status of cleaning but close. 
Crazy to think that you started fall and we started spring huh! It rained a lot this week but now it is starting to get pretty nice.
We went to Mar Del Plata twice this week. One for our weekly district meeting the other for a baptismal interview. It is a very touristy place and HUGE! I am glad I am in good ole Miramar.We walked Centro a little today and it was fun . They have some neat little shops. I will have some cool little things for you all when I get back.

Mom - I will try and answer some of your questions form last week.  We do have church debit cards, but my personal card works also. I won’t ever use it except to get money for souvenirs and personal things. We get 700 pesos a month. The exchange rate is like 1 to 4. . I will get my iPod back when I leave the mission. You will have to let me know when Brennen gets his letter. I have no idea how long that will take to get to Idaho.

Dad-  Thanks so much for you email. I skimmed it and I am excited to read it tonight. It sounds like you all did not go the BYU game. But is also sounds like that was a good thing with construction and having to be in Boise the next day. Ouch Cougs on last weeks game! Rogers testimony will be put to test on that one! Ha ha. I love it...Tell all the faithful employees up there I love them. Oh I thought of a book for  maybe next year for the employees. It is called the “Travelers Gift” by Andy Andrews. Great book and entertaining. Google it.  I love you Pops. I think about you all the time and your days back in Spain.

I am so excited for conference this weekend! I don’t think I will be able to watch Saturday or Priesthood session. But Sunday for sure. Please keep me updated on what I miss! Dad - I as thinking about our good memories at Priesthood session. I told Elder Perez about them. Good times!! My first one back we will go together again. I will be thinking of you all during conference. Hopefully they will have it in English here.

Mom - Tell the Pearson’s and Steel Congrats! Tell Andy Lott that I love him and will be with him is spirit. Can’t believe ten years and no boys to go to Priesthood with him. I love you so much Mom. I love prayer so much and it is such a comfort for me. I pray for you so much!! I feel yours also. I have a lot of growing to do! I hope that you get feeling a lot better. I love you so much Mom.

Mikesell   How are you? Thank you so much for your email. What a busy week and life you are having!! Great job at Bob Firman!.Challis meet will be great -  I am excited for you all… and jealous! XC team at Redfish huh? Fun times.  I loved what you said about trusting in the Lord. Just do your best and trust Him with the rest! (thank you Tony Horton) I just skimmed your letter but I will read it tonight. Thank you for sacrificing you precious time to write. You are too kind. I am doing great. I love you Mikesell! You are such an Angel. God bless you!!

Brennen the Stud - Hey man thanks for your email. I hope you get feeling better. You will get super strong with Body D. It sounds like you are growing a lot. Keep at it. Going back to the MTC for Spanish sounds really nice. Who is your teacher? I will read your email and maybe you said that already. I love you man. Keep at it. I bought your birthday present today. You just will have to wait a little longer my friend. Good thing you are patient!!

Alex... Dude that picture of Jimmer and Lindsay is nuts!!  Sounds like you are rocking the XC... keep at it stud!! My shirts are loosing there whiteness too. Ha-ha I love you man. Thanks for the email and the sports update. Keep them coming. God Bless bro.

Harrison - My Man!!  I miss you so much. It sounds like you are very happy. Keep working at school! I love you so much buddy. Glad you can have some friends come and play this last week. Thanks for your prayers.

McCall - hey you Angel!  How are you? Long days at school huh!? First grade is different than kindergarten for sure.  That is a hard adjustment. Keep working hard. I love you so much Callie. Have fun in Jerome while you are there and then have a ton of fun while you are in Redfish also! I love you Call!

Mikesell - one funny story. This week a boy saw us coming and sprinted inside and shut the door. He was a chubby little kid and to see him move that fast was just hilarious. I was laughing so hard. It would have been better if he screamed MORMONES!  ha-ha

I read a great scripture in DC 136 : 32 this week about how humility opens and eyes and ears. I really need that. Look it up.

I love you all!!  Time is flying and we got to make it count!! Thank you so much for everything. Have a great conference. weekend. I know this is true. I know that God does love everyone! Thanks so much for your prayers.

With all my love. 
Elder Clegg.

Nate Yost –
Oh my gosh!! Congratulations on being called to the best mission in the world!! Well at least for you and I and the other 200 hundred missionaries here in Bahia Blanca!! I am so excited for you. Sounds like I will see you here some time next March or April. You asked me what to do to prepare. My answer would to be first follow the example of that sister of yours, and also get into Preach My Gospel like crazy.  That book is amazing and of course, the Book of Mormon. As far as the Spanish, that has been my hardest part. I would just try to learn the basics as much as possible try talking to native speakers. You will do so great. I am so excited for you man!! God speed to you and May the Lord bless you as you continue to prepare. Strengthen your testimony as much as possible. Do the hard things. Love you my (future brother). You will be in my prayers.  Love Elder Clegg.

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