Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 15, 2011

The awaited day is here! I have so been looking forward to be able to write you all back. Mikesell and Mom, I got your dearelders. Thank you so much! They mean the world to me. Brennen thank you for the email. Dad, I got a email form of your dearelder, but not a paper form. I hopefully will get that this afternoon. I haven't been able to read all of your letter yet Dad because I wanted to be sure and have enough time to write you all.
This week has flown by, but at the same time has felt like a year.  We are learning so much and by 9:30 when we get back to the room my mind is just spinning. But I am being blessed and I know I am learning alot. The hardest part has been learning the language. I told my district that in one week, we have now passed everything that I ever learned in about a year in a half of high school spanish. It is true. :)  I will try and answer some basic questions, Dad, I really hope I can read your email today and I will reply via snail mail this evening.
I got a package from the Putnams this week and that was a great blessing. It had goodies in it and I loved it, so did my  roommates. :)  I also got a dearelder from Rachelle and that was really nice, she shared some great words of wisdom, I also got a letter from Amy and this morning one from Tricia and Lindsay. Letters are a wonderful thing. :) They are coveted around here.
So your prayers were answered this week. That Elder decided to stay. I will tell you breifly about it. After our district meeting last Sunday he got in front of us and told us why he was leaving, basically he said he did not have a testimony. The district then gave him a blessing , his companion did a awesome job. He got his address and were planning on not seeing him for a while, he is from Kentucky. He went to devotional after that , the elder met with some of the MTC district presidency. He came in the devotional late and sat a few seats down from me. His plan was to fly out the following morning. I was listening to the devotional when I got a tap on the shoulder and a note was handed to me that said " Elder Clegg, looks like you are stuck with me for the next two years"  I looked at him and said "no way!" he shook his head yes and I wanted to literally jump for joy. Your prayers were answered, thank you. That was the greatest miracle I have ever seen. I get emotional just thinking about it. He is planning on staying for another month and then making his final decision. I pray he comes to love it here. We get gym time everyday here, not at set times though, it is different everyday. I usually run and then play volleyball. Frisbee is a no go. It has been a trial of my faith!! :)
Mikesell! Have fun at BYU this week, I will take comfort in the fact that we are only like a mile away from each other.  I love you so much you will have a letter when you get back. Thank you for your letters.
Brenndn, thanks for your letter. I hope that your week went well. I sure miss you , I love you and am glad you want to be the best Brennen. You are the MAN!
Alex, Scout camp huh? Good work!!  I hope you learned a lot about yourself and got some work done.
Harrison, I love you buddy! I will get those pictures of my companion to you as soon as I can, either this week or the next!
McCall, I  miss your hugs Cally.  I love you so much.  Well I only have five minutes.
I love you all so much. I pray for each of you indivdually at least three times a day. I have felt the blessings of your prayers. I hope the whole family is doing well.  Thank you for your support. I will try and send some more snail mail where I am not so rushed and can answer more questions. I just cant say how much I love you all. I am doing well and am very happy. I appreciate your letters and support so much. Last Sunday I really missed you all but had a very comforting spirtual experience. I will tell you about via snail mail. God bless you all. Tell the crew hello.  The Atonement is real!!!!
I love you all.
Love, your son, brother and missionary Elder Clegg

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