Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

"What did you learn today?"

Good Afternoon!

What is happening under those stars and stripes?

Letters from:

Libby Baum- Thanks for the good laugh. Thank you so much for the kind letters and the sharing or your experiences at school and your testimony. It sounds like life is going well. Have a great week. You are awesome!

And the good old emails form the valiant family members – You all are so good to me!

Well, here it is again. I cannot physically believe that it is Monday again. Time went by really fast this week to me. It sounds like you all had a really great week this week and that everyone is “living the dream” and are doing good things. I am glad that Mom and Dad were able to get some getaway time / planning time in.....Glad Hailey had so much snow!

My week was really good. Marta Diaz was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It was a really neat experience. She is an Grandma of Gold!  The second we knocked on her door and she was ready. It was a great blessing. I am not sure how often a missionary finds someone as her!  The other picture is of the first counselor here in Miramar, he is divorced but just a clydesdale. His daughter, Martina, was baptized also. It was a great day! 

Lissette however freaked out and didn’t come. She is going through a complicated divorce and it is hurting. Some days are better than others for her and I think she got cold feet. She still is open to church and will come some more she says and hopefully her heart will soften. I was going to baptize Lissete and Elder Yarger was to baptize Marta. Nevertheless, it was a great day! 

Our ward mission leaders invited a couple form their ward in Mar Del Plata and it was crazy she has family ties to Mesa, Arizona. You will have to ask the Ellsworth’s if they know any members named “Julio and Laura Nauman”. I didn’t get to talk to them too much because of the craziness of running around for the baptism and everything. Small world...huh? 

We had a great lunch with two investigators named  “Ezequel and Natila”. They are really kind people. I hope they can progress. They are planning on getting married in March and they told us that on their own… so that was pretty awesome!  They don’t like commitment though and are not promising church attendance or anything. Love ‘em till they come!  It was a good week. Elder Ochsenbien (my old comp) had his birthday and it was the same day was our ward mission leader – the one who comes down on Wednesdays and go does visits with us. We laugh a lot and work hard. Good people in the world as them are amazing to watch. They give it all. Other than that it was pretty much a normal missionary week.  It has been really hot this week!   Mom- you asked about Jose…  he has not come for a while. It is really sad. He is working 7 days a week right now for the farm and it keeps getting robbed. He is sleeping outside in the corn field with his gun. I hope he can come soon. We visit with him and he knows of our love for him and he knows where he should be. As for exercise - none of the three Elders much care for exercise - but they are good sports and one of them always comes outside with me so that I can run.  Life is good!

Dad- I was really glad to hear that you had a good time with Harrison at his game and that your time with McCall on Saturday went well. That is really a special thing.  Those one on ones are the best! I hope that you have a fun time with Grandpa Clegg up at “the fish” tomorrow.  It should be really pretty and fun.  I think of Redfish and imagine what it looks like with a blanket of snow.  I loved what you said about goals and the importance of a habit and routine. There is quote from Aristotle that ways something like “Excellence is not an act but a habit; therefore we are what we repeatedly do.”  I actually did the same thing with my goals for the year. Just tried to focus on the “day to day”. I sure love you Dad. Thank you for your insights from your Sunday school class and your testimony. I miss you. Have a wonderful week. I hope that things are going well with Redfish. Love you Dad ~

Mom- I loved your email this week. Sounded like you are dominating the world and that is typical. I sure love your drive. It is something that so many people lack. You were able to get so much done this week! You are truly superwoman! Yes, I believe the next transfer is that weekend. I read a scripture this week that I am sure you know about but you will to look it up anyway. Goes along perfect with your letter.   D&C 18:19.  I loved that quote you said in your journal. (The two best days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. Mark Twain) You know who you are and what you want to do while on this earth and in your lifetime. I believe the difference between the man at the top of the mountain and the man at the bottom really is the man on top has gratitude. You truly have a grateful heart. I sure love you Mom!  I think I will get the package next week. We don’t have district meeting this week so we won’t go up there to Mar Del till next week. I hope that you have an awesome week! I sure love you and just can’t say enough how grateful I am for you. You are truly an angel. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for serving so many. You are an inspiration for me! I will bust it out here and think of you~  Love you.

Mikesell- I love hearing about your friendships and the boy stuff.  You are a good sport. I am with Dad - if you were not so gorgeous and “happy” then it wouldn’t be a problem. Ha-ha. I am glad to hear that your week was good. Thanks for the email you typed from McCall.  Still no BYU response to anyone huh? They get later and later each year in their responses it seems…but soon the wait will pass. Full moon this week! I hope that you are enjoying all the fun times of school. How is the “work out stuff” going?  Cross fit sounds pretty intense.. I love you Mikesell and I love your letters so much. Your future is so bright. Go get me tiger!

Brennen- Hey stud, thanks so much for your email! It was great to hear from you. I hope that you enjoy your last games this week. I can’t believe your season is almost over. That is crazy! I hope that you have had a good time and that you have learned a lot. I hope you can read that talk this week. How is the Quorum doing?  Well my bro, grab to the iron rod like never before, two hands with everything you got. You are the man. I love you so much. Keep up the good work. I am glad to hear that you have such good friends ~ that will be a great blessing to you during high school. I love you! Have a great week.

Alex.- Hey man! I hope you got my other email that I sent just to you! _I sure love you bro. Go get them at Stuart today!  I can’t remember their mascot for the life of me. I know they are green and black.. maybe Bruins like Twin... anyway - go get em. I love you! Keep doing good things. God bless you brother. You mean a lot to me.

Harrison. Hey buddy, congrats on the basket!! However, baskets are for the weak. I will bring you back something awesome from Argentina if you take a charge and have an aggressive foul this week! Tell Dad he is corrupting you with all this “Ill buy you a blizzard if you make a basket bologna!”  haha! Have a great week. Keep being awesome. You are courageous!  I love you!

McCall- This will be my last letter to you as a six year old! I couldn’t believe your teeth you had in the picture Mom sent me!!! Wow!! What a looker you are. I love you McCall and miss you very much! I think you will get my letter in time before your birthday. I get to email you next week on your actual birthday - day! How cool is that!? I love you. I loved the story about you bearing your testimony in church yesterday. That is so special. Thank you for sharing that. You will be very blessed. …And YES ~ Heavenly Father does answer prayers!

Well, I love you all so much. I hope this is the best week ever for you. I write in my  journal every day and I have changed the way I write to see what Heavenly Father wanted me to learn this day. It is fun to pull lessons out of life. I love the scriptures and I love this Gospel. Most of all I love Heavenly Father. I love you all!! I am so glad to hear how each of you are growing and doing the good things!! Have a wonderful week!

Tell everyone I love them and tell Elder Lott good luck in SLC.  It will be good to be close to Drs until he is stabilized and well.  That is a sweet mission, one of the highest baptizing in the world I think! So glad he is getting to go to back into the field!! I love you all!! 

Thank you also for the political update!


Elder Austin

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