Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hi there people that I love so much!!

Thank you so much for your emails this week! I felt your prayers more than ever and am so grateful for them!!
Emails from:
Emily- Thank you so much for your emails and the great pictures of the Festival of Colors. That was truly wonderful! I sure miss you and thank you so much for taking the time to write. I love it here and I love the opportunity to be a missionary. Thank you for your sweet example. You are a dear friend to me. I hope the preparation for Redfish goes well.
Family: Thank you all for your emails!! I hope that Grandma Clegg and Alex all had a wonderful birthday. I prayed for them hard and I hope they were both able to feel very loved!!
Life here in my new area is going well. Santa Rosa is very different from Miramar. There have been a lot of changes here… SO we are the first missionaries in several weeks. The people here are so wonderful and the best part is there is like three or four FAMILIES with kids and Dads and Moms!! It is awesome! They don’t have great assistance, we had better in Miramar, but the families are stronger. I am super excited to be here. Elder Yost got sent up to my old zone in Mar Del Plata. I have been in his area before during divisions. He will love all the missionaries and people there. In our house we have Elder Hansen, Elder Henry - who is brand new, and Elder Knuteson - all from Spanish Fork, Utah! In my district the other two elders are Elder Sondregger from Merdian and Elder Solares from Argentina. They are all studs and I love them a lot. Tonight at two in the morning me and the Zone Leaders and the other District leaders are going to Bahia for a leadership conference and I am excited to see some mission buddies and to learn from President. He is the best!
We decided to stick out this little house and just but a bunk beds and a closet and a table. It is getting better. We had five investigators at church on Sunday and we have found a lot of new investigators as well. This week we just had to rely on old registers and knocking on doors. The city has a very different feel. There is like a WalMart here and the people are a lot better off. I miss my small and quiet Miramar. But it is growing on me. I sure do miss those people. It has been hard. I have cried reading the sweet letters that they gave to me when we said goodbye…. but I know it will all get better and I love the people here also.
I think I forgot to tell you about a story that we had last week. I was outside the church in Miramar and a man walked up with sunglasses out of a minivan and said, " Hello Elder, Where you From?" Turns out a whole family from Salt Lake City and traveled down to Argentina to see their son who works for the US Government. Their last name is Clayton. But they were in Miramar because the son was in Miramar in 1999. They all had on BYU gear and everything. It was the strangest thing! I am on a very slow computer and so I will try to send the pictures next week.
It has been a really good week and I have really felt your prayers. I am reminded of the story of the people of Alma and Limhi in Mosiah and how they dwelt with hard times. That story has always helped me in Mosiah 21-24 and with conference I have been well prepared for a stretch.
It sounds as if you are extremely busy. I am glad to hear that Brennen finished the job of Drivers Ed Class and now is ready to take the wheel. What a stud!
Dad- Thank you for your words. I have come to feel the power of the Sacrament on my mission like never before. I just feel so, so good after church and it is indeed a tender mercy. I am excited for things to get moving up at the fish for you. I will be there in spirit when you are shoveling off those roofs. I will treasure that time I had with you last spring. It is a lot hotter here and my summer has been extended for a few more weeks at least. I love you with all my heart Dad. Thank you for your prayers. I have never found so much comfort in saying prayers for each of you every morning and night. I can’t start or end my day without it. Have a great week and be safe in all things.  YOU the MAN. Siga Adelante Pops
Mom- You are so sweet to jump on the call for shoes. You asked what I need / want for now and my birthday - I beg of you - All I want is for all of you to send me something hand written for my Birthday. If I need anything I will ask for it and space here is very limited. I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness. I love you so much Mom. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all that you do for me. I hope that you have a wonderful week - and are able to do the things that you desire to do. The things you do each day will live on forever and the legacy that you and Dad are making is truly incredible. I love you with all my heart. Hey, not too long and we can hear each other’s voices! Your Birthday and Mothers Day all in one! I love you so much Angel Mother! 
Mikesell- What a busy week you had. I love hearing of your testimony of seminary in your letter. That was very special to me. You are very blessed. When is prom? What day is graduation? That is just so crazy!!! I love you Mikesell with all my heart. You have so many gifts and are going to do so good. I hope your tendon heals up soon so you can go dominate. There are lots of runners here and it makes me think of you and also makes me want to run. You are an incredible spirit. I love you and keep strong!
Brennen-  You are an official driver and class is done! What a stud. How was your tennis meet? Thank you so much for writing me each week. You have been so dedicated! I love you buddy. Keep strong in your teams in life and hold to that iron rod with all that you have! I love you man. Keep it up!! You look so grown up in Moms pictures.
Alex--- Hey big 13 year old!  What a stud. How does it feel? How are you doing in AAU basketball? How are you progressing in the Book of Mormon. Please read that book. It will have a profound effect on your life...more than anything else in your life.  I miss you bro and love you so much. I hope you got my letter ok and the bracelet. Your’e the man!
Harrison- Hey little buddy. I sure love you and miss you. How is school? Is it getting hot there in Jerome? How is Copper?  Are you getting excited to go to Redfish? I bet!!! I love you little man. Keep up the good work. I bet you are growing so much!!
McCall- I love you so much Little Angel. I heard you were quite the kick in Vegas-  that is really fun!! I am excited to hear all of your stories and to see this humor with my own eyes and ears. What is your favorite thing to do right now? I love you Cally. Have a great Family Home Evening tonight!!!
Well Fam - Words don’t cut it for how much I love you and how grateful I am for my mission. I love my mission.... I have such tender and special feelings for the past nine months and the things that I have learned. Tell everyone you know about this message and what we have been blessed with. Tell the youth to do this too…. It is not easy, but boy how sweet are the blessings. This time is sacred to me and I just feel the weight of my future on my shoulder. I am just filled with joy now how good my life is going to be because of this short time to be on a mission. It has changed my life forever. SERVE OTHERS. Help people find who Jesus Christ is and what it means to make and keep covenants.  You all are so special and please tell all  the family hello for me. Tell them that I love them and all the great families in Jerome. Tell Elder Gilbert congrats for me and tell him to do what he can for Spanish now, but mostly to make sure that when he enters the MTC he does not come back for two years. There are way too many stories about Elders who do not make it. I love you all!!
Have the best week ever!
This is real....
I love you and will be praying for you!!
Elder Austin

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