Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hello Family!  Another Monday is here!

Emails from:

Grandpa and Grandma Daw- Thank you so much!! I am glad you got my letter and it was great to hear that you had a good time with my family. They love to go over on Sundays so much. I love you both very much and am very grateful for your legacy. You are special to me!

Papa Arlen and Grandma Del-   The email meant the world to me and was great to hear how things are going. I really appreciated your thoughts and words. Thank you for taking the time to write. I love your letters.  I love you both! Merry Christmas!

Grandma and Grandpa Clegg- Thank you so much your sweet email! I am so extremely happy for the women in your ward who is choosing to be baptized. Tell her she is making the best decision of her life as she continues to honor the covenant she is about to make. I love you both and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Tricia Cox- Ha-ha I love you emails so much! I appreciate so much hearing how life is going for you and of your experiences. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas Tricia!! You are Terrific Tricia!!!

The Oveson Family! - Thank you so much for the wonderful email. It was so great to hear how everyone is doing and of all the adventures in your lives. I miss you all very much. You are all the best! Have a very Merry Christmas! All my love.

And the faithful family emails as well. Thank you so much!!

Picture of my view out the bus window to Mar del Plata, twice a week. Tough life huh?

Greetings from Argentina! It sounds like all is well at home and that is was another wonderful week for you all. I love to hear about everything.  Please send my love to Rachelle and Scott. I am very happy for them and glad that you were all able to have a good time in Utah for their wedding! Also very glad Brennen was able to ball it up!!  Mikesell, sounds like everything went really well at your college trip. Danielle is engaged huh! Wow that is awesome!! What a lucky guy! That will be great.

Well, it was another great week here. No baptisms, so it can only be so “good”, but it was as good as it can be other wise.  We found a couple who is golden. But like 95% of Argentina  - they are not married so we are going to be working with them to be able to baptize before the end of the year. Jose is so close. We had some great lessons with him this week AND he went to church. He just needs to pray for his own sure knowledge and up he goes.   His wife is great but doesn’t want anything to do with the church as to now but I know she will with time. Jose will be the leader. He is such a stud; he offered to take the couple home in his car after church. He just is struggling to do the prayer part... it is going to happen and if not it is his agency.  He had a crazy lesson with this member, she doesn’t believe in about half of the doctrine and it got a little heated. As we were leaving my companion talked about how it is better that one person go inactive then a whole branch to perish. With the reference to Laban and Nephi.  That made me laugh a little.       
I had a good week of studies this week. Some scriptures that stood out were Alma 58:37.  I thought about personal accountability. It was great. Other than that I feel like I became a real missionary this week because I got bit by my first dog, got  my first rocks thrown at me by little angel 10 year olds, and learned my first couple of swear words. When I can’t understand a single word in the conversation that usually means there is a rare use of vocabulary that is being used and that was interesting! haha I truly love everyday as a missionary!  Tomorrow I will send your Christmas letters and some little things. Hopefully they get their in time. 
So real quick  I want to talk about something that I learned in my study this morning. I decided to call it 
" The six steps of complacency according to Captain Moroni"
1. Alma 60;14 " Slothfulness and neglect towards others"  Msh 4:16-23
2. Alma 60;19 "Surronded by security"  Msh 4:6,7,27
3. Alma 60:20 "Have ye Forgotten"   Msh 4:11-12 Msh 3:34
4 Alma 60:21  "While we not make use of means" xc Msh 2:11,23
5. Alma 60:22 "Surronded by idleness" Msh 2:24-26
6. Alma 60:12  "Because of their wickedness" Msh :5:5-8
I wish I could explain more but I want to write to you each of you individually as well. But I cross referenced every attribute of compliancy with the teachings from King Benjamin.  

Whoever has family home evening lesson tonight…you got your lesson!  You are welcome! haha.

Dad - What a neat tender mercy you and Mikesell had at BYU on Friday!  UVU sounded great too!! This week I have done your challenge on “only gratitude” in my morning prayers and I have really enjoyed it. Thank you for that insight. How is all the preparation for the ward party going? This Friday huh!? I am sure it is busy and good. It will be awesome and I am really excited to hear about it. No snow huh!? I guess the Redfish storms missed everywhere else. I don’t have any snow here either. Ha-ha. Actually there were some pretty crazy rain and wind storms this week. We didn’t have power for 5 hours one night, but luckily we have gas stoves and all that so was not a big deal. I love you Dad!  I hope that you have an awesome week! Thank you so much for your example and prayers. I feel them. I am working hard to conquer this language so I can help other find the peace and joy they are missing! You the man.  !Siga Adelante!

Mom- Thank you so much for your email! They are always so great! I am glad to hear that you had a great week. Sounds like it is the “busy normal”. You are such an angel. This is a busy time of year for you because you serve so much. Pretty much like all the other times in the year but...I am glad to hear your still at your spinning class and daily exercise. How is your knee? I am so sorry I forgot to answer your questions about the money last week. I really am so sorry but I don’t remember anything... like nothing. I wish I cold pull something. Vanished in thin air it sounds like. Don’t worry about money for the calling card. I will figure it all out just give me the number of Muldoon. I remember your cell as a back up number if the phones don’t work so that is all good. I am excited for that! By the way every time I show a picture of the family here they always compliment about how pretty you are and how young you and Dad look.  I love you so much Mom! Have a great week. You are in my every thought and prayer and I feel close to all of you in spirit!

Mikesell- I so loved your email this week and what you said about agency. What you said how Heavenly Father expects us to make our own decisions is so true. Ask Papa if he has a copy of the talk that he gave up at Stanley a couple of years ago.  I think he would have titled it “It mattered not to me".  Agency is so important. Remember you have the ability to receive revelation for these things though, some scriptures to help are D&C 8; 2- 3 and Moses 6: 61. You will make the right decision. I will be praying for you and I know that it will be awesome.    I am looking forward to hear about everything .You are such a stud and I am so proud that you are able to have this trial about who to run for in college.   Not many have that question…so be grateful. I love you so much! I can’t believe you talked about the moon. I seriously looked at it and thought that a ton this week! haha.We are close in Spirit Sis. I love you so much.   Live the Dream! You are in my every prayer beautiful. Love ya!

Brennen the B-baller:
Sounds like you did great in all your games! I am so proud of you!  I am glad you enjoy it and that is most important. Keep working to get out of your comfort zone and having fun. Attitude and effort. I love you man. Keep being a stud. I hope that you are enjoying seminary. Have a great week and have fun against Kimberly on Tuesday! I love you.

Alex Hey man!
How was your week? How is ball going?  How do you like your calling?  Are you enjoying Christmas time? So the Cougs got the ducks - that is great! I love you man.  Keep being awesome. Have a great week. Keep being a leader! God speed bro.

Thank you for letter. I just loved it.  I am excited that you get to  play some ball! Dad is the best coach ever. You will learn so much. Go out there and win!  I love you Harrison. That is really funny about Elfly.  He is  a sillly man! I love you bro. Have a great week!

McCall! I love you so much! Thank you for your email. That is great about Boots. Is he is puppy?  I am glad you have such a good friend in school.  Have a great time during this Christmas season. I love you so much. Have a great week sis! 
 I am  excited to hear your voice on Christmas day!

 Well everyone I love you all so much!  Have a great week. We will keep on keeping on! You are all the best! I am so grateful for your continued protection and success. You are all incredible. Tell everyone hello and that I love them!


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